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The conquest of Mount Cook and other climbs : an account of four seasons’ mountaineering on the Southern Alps of New Zealand


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Du Faur:
The Conquest of Mount Cook
p.21 L.21 fourth: actually Green's fifth camp
p.23 L.5 Aiguille Rouge: read Mt Nathan
p.34 L.30 Mount Tasman is the highest point of the dividing range, not Mount Sefton as stated.
p.40 L.11 6,000 ft — more like 3,000 ft
plate facing p.50 Aiguille Rouge: read Mt Nathan
p.122 LL 29 & 30 Green's bivouac 200 ft higher. This was the bivouac used by Mannering's 1887 party.
p.127 L.1 western: read eastern
L.11 the Silberhorn is 10,756 ft
plate facing p.148 for Mount de la Beche read Glacier Peak, with Mount de la Beche to its right.
p.166 L.12 Mt Ruareka should be Unicorn
L.33 Staughn Glacier: Stauchon Glacier
plate facing p.166 Mount Ruareka should read Mt Unicorn
p.167 L.21 for Ruareka read Unicorn
p.168 L.1 for Ruareka read Unicorn
p.179 L.17 Actually Green's fifth camp
p.241 LL 21 & 22 for Aiguille Rouge read Mt Nathan

Compiled by the Publisher

from Mr G. E. Mannering's annotated copy of

'The Conquest of Mount Cook'