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The conquest of Mount Cook and other climbs : an account of four seasons’ mountaineering on the Southern Alps of New Zealand


page xiii


Mount Cook from the Silberhorn Frontispiece
Facing Page
Panorama of The Hermitage Valley 34
The Red Lake, Mount Sebastopol 34
The Hooker Valley and Mount Cook 42
Mount Malte Brun and Aiguille Rouge 50
The Tasman Glacier and Mount De La Beche 56
Mount Cook from the Red Lake on Mount Sebastopol 60
The Hooker River and Mount Cook 64
The Mount Cook Bivouac on the Hooker Side 68
Mount Copland 74
Mahinapua Creek, Westland
Photograph By Dr. Teichelmann
Mount Hercules Road, South Westland
Photograph By Dr. Teichelmann
The Muller Glacier and Mount Sealy 90
Mount Tasman from the Summit of Mount Cook. Westland in the Clouds 104
The Tasman Glacier and the Malte Brun Range from the Summit of Mount Cook 110
Mount Cook from the Tasman River 110
The Head of the Tasman Glacier 114 page xiv
Mount De La Bèche and the Tasman Glacier 114
The Haast Bivouac, Mount De La Bèche, the Tasman Glacier 122
Mount Tasman ArèTe 128
Panorama from the Summit of Mount Green 138
The Tasman Glacier from the Malte Brun Hut 148
The Blue Lake Stream 148
The Rocks of Mount Nazomi 156
Mount Cook and Mount Nazomi 164
The South-West Face of Mount Ruareka 166
The North-East Face of Mount Tasman, Showing Last Part of the Ascent 172
Looking Down La Perouse Glacier
Photograph By Dr. Teichelmann
North-West Rocks of Mount Cook from Mount Dampier 182
Mount Sefton 192
The Western Face of Mount Cook 198
The Highest Peak of Mount Cook from the Middle Peak 202
The Middle and third Peaks of Mount Cook from the Highest Summit 202
The North-East Face of Mount Cook 204
Mount Cook and the Hochstetter Icefall 206
Mount Cadogan and Mount Du Faur from the Hooker River 212
The Footstool and the Copland Valley 220
A Bush Road in South Westland
Photograph By Dr. Teichelmann
The East Face of Mount Sefton, Showing Line of Ascent on the First Traverse 224
Panorama of the Southern Alps from Mount Kinsey 228 page xv
Mount Cook from Mount Sefton 228
The Hooker River and Mount Sefton 230
The Second Summit of Mount Sefton 230
North-West Ridge of Mount Sefton 236
The Footstool from the Hooker River 240
Mount Du Faur and Mount Cadogan 240
Aiguille Rouge 242
Ice Cliffs and the Hooker River 244
The Hermitage After the Flood 244
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