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The Woman Problem & other prose

The Sun is Shining in Great Baffin Land

page 77

The Sun is Shining in Great Baffin Land

Sir James Shelley and Dr J. C. Beaglehole served as New Zealand delegates at a recent session of Unesco. News item.

The string section is perhaps a bit—

We are all internationalists today, Beaglehole. Mind you, I'm not ashamed of being an Englishman born and bred. Did what I could for the colonials—would have done more if I'd had more time.

problem of subject races is a thorny one    we must not shut our eyes to the difficulties arising from different standards of living and different cultural levels    every avenue must be explored until ultimately

An orchestra of 150 implements, Beaglehole. A dream, you may say. But unless we dream dreams we can never make them come true.

Chamber music is perhaps just as—

One comes back always to the broadcasting medium. What an instrument, Beaglehole! Our grandfathers would have been astounded at what has been accomplished already. Yet we stand only upon the threshold of the future.

we have the strongest grounds for hope    here in this assembly today we see gathered together the representatives of fifty-seven nations dedicated to the supreme task of raising cultural standards over

This is fine stuff, Beaglehole. But if they'd only let me speak I think I could tell them a thing or two about how to put their ideas into practice. Action, Beaglehole, that's what we need—action.

Quite. But—

Broadcasting, Beaglehole, broadcasting. There we have page 78the nub of the matter. Immense power for good, you know. Could transform the face of the world.

No doubt. On the other hand—

I told them so in London. They weren't inclined to listen to me, unfortunately. Might have been the salvation of the world. 'Let nation speak unto nation,' I told them. Spoke for nearly an hour. My finest hour, I think.

developing a programme for the discussion of ways and means of organising a series of world gatherings in order to draft proposals for setting up a number of committees to discuss the problem thoroughly

The spoken word, Beaglehole. 'Think in megacycles,' I told them. A gift from the gods, if men would but use it wisely. I had a plan to put before them, a comprehensive scheme.

Possibly they were to—

Exploit the full potentialities of the medium, I said. An enormous development possible yet, you know. We're only at the very beginning of the thing, Beaglehole.

there is in truth but one lack of cultural integration    conferences such as this can do much to assist but we must have even larger gatherings in order that we might with greatest efficacy and

Take music, Beaglehole. The universal art, you know, where the soul of man finds its completest and most characteristic expression. Let's have exchanges of conductors, for example. One suggestion I made was that Tyrer and Toscanini should exchange for five years. Tyrer could teach them more than they realise. And the benefit to Toscanini—

already been made for the full proceedings of this current session to be broadcast over a world network and to be translated into 153 languages    including volapuk    we may look confidently to the future for

Let's slip out for a bun and a cup of tea, Beaglehole, and I'll let you have my views about how these things ought to be run—and certainly would be run if they had the right…

(Transmission interrupted. Land-line from Darwin to Alice Springs broken— chewed through by a dingo)