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The Woman Problem & other prose

The Sky is a Limpet

page 44

The Sky is a Limpet

A Pollytickle Parrotty *

Spreach from the prone, by the returnable Mr Selvedge

Lazies and Jellymen:

As Prime Morningstar of this beautiful little commentary it is my pleasure to undress to you a few verbs. Worst of all I wash to comegrabulate the Godallment on being the boast godallment in the wild we live in.

We are the Gobblement, and we mean to gullible this contrary. We are growing to make all stratospheres of the community hoppy, onwards and uppishness into a void hurting moneybody. We are dizzy bilking a compunitive parody of the Specific, and we are not going to alloy our-selves to be circumverted by anybodies. Now then.

We see be four years today the spentacle of property in the maddest of plenty. We intent to romedy this. The ambitional social surpluses we are constiplating will convolvulus in higher intaxication. It is the cistern that is wrung & nought the indivisible. We have been called idealess and evasionaries. I reply with all fours of which I am culpable that we are not versionary, and that on the country our anemones are reaggravationaries, who wash to embarrass us, and who are merely out to pretext worsted undervests. Of what do they accurse us? Do they say we are not honours? Do they twistion our intorquity? We are doing a bust to falfoul the mendit we were govern by the purple, and the purple wool decide at the parrot box weather is bad or goodbye. Now then.

The sadistics of production show how nursery it is for the page 45devilment of our sick and dreary industries to be putsched fordward, and we must bill the nation. Our local male-facturers must be incorriged, and we must do our boast to increase the voluble prediction of goods. I have recently made a tour of expection of our fictories, and it is quite fascistmaking to see how they are crowing by lips and bonds.

Will there be a Bludget circus now then? As you have herd in a rodeo breadcast by my cowlick the Master of Finesse wee hope there will be a surplice on the Budgie, and if knot we shall have to burrow interminally or obtain some overseers, butt at present it all deep ends.

Sins the Jumble Evection of 1935, at which we war successpool, we have been botching devilopments in foreign afires & we are somewhit consigned abort the future. For the gyration of our period in offings we shall take port in all confluences and disgustions on whirled affairs. We owe in continual constultification with Histrajesty's Garblement in Got Bitten.

If we wool all go to gather and discussion our difficulties, I am skirting everything in the gordian will be lively. We are upstage men, we sore onwards and upstairs, we pie through the sky high up into the crowds, and no poor on earth can bestir us from getting what we wont. We have learnt our votes and are going forwards to fine old figtree. Fly up in the sky we will cling to oar high idols of serve us.

What the cloud wants we will give them, and cling to the sky ideals like it lumpit on the rocks or fly on the ceiling. Now then.

* All the chiropracters in this burke arc untidily menagerie and have no reverence to any loving parson.