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Collected Poems



If evil comes close, and is more than a rumour,
you must have recourse to your sense of humour.

Recall, when your cup of sorrow fills,
that laughter is sovereign to cure all ills.

You'll find nothing better to serve as an ointment
for wounded vanity or disappointment.

If you're black with rancour, and chock full of guile,
you can cover it up with a cheery smile.

If you've swindled a friend, or betrayed your love,
a hearty laugh will fit like a glove.

The salesman's greeting, the consumptive's cough
can never hurt if you laugh them off.

If you're thinking too closely of the hereafter,
gain peace of mind with a deep draught of laughter.

There'll be no Judgment, have no doubt of it,
but if there should be, you can laugh your way out of it.

Laughter is sovereign to cure all ills.
Only honesty stabs and kills.