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Collected Poems


page 129


Cupid's a small boy dawdling home from school.
He won't learn anything. Teacher says he's a fool.

He spits and chews gum, and pulls the wings off flies.
He dips the little girls' plaits in the ink, and tells lies.

Cupid's a ragged urchin rattling his stick
along the tin fence where the old lady is sick.

He cheats at his lessons, and throws stones in the street.
He's rude to his mother, and never washes his feet.

Open your doors and let him steal,
give him the cake that will spoil his meal.
Let him go dirty, hair full of lice,
everyone knows that he isn't nice.
When you catch him robbing your orchard tree
give him some toffee and let him go free.
Give him his bird with a broken wing,
his bows and arrows, his piece of string,
give him his top, and his mangy pup,
for Cupid's the lord of our world, and will never grow up.