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Experiment 13

Husband And Wife

page 6

Husband And Wife

And you dangle your 'old flames' before my eyes,
Like the apple before the donkies nose,
And tell me how much more men they were than me.
And all I can say in defence is that you knew them first
And why didn't you marry them instead?
God knows, you say, they asked you enough times.

And you say you were confused. Which brings me to the point.
I'll tell you why you married me and not one of your 'old flames.'
Because they put you on a pedestal and kissed your feet.
When all you wanted was to be treated like a woman.
And I treated you like that woman.

Brought you down off that pedestal, where you were lonely.
But then you found there were stones down off that pedestal,
And not only ankle-deep grass to carpet your feet.
And I dragged you over some of those stones
Because I felt you'd been on that pedestal too long.
So now you wish to be back on that pedestal again.

Rowley Habib.