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Experiment 13

Stop Inside The Sun

page 36

Stop Inside The Sun

O Mary, Mary compromised
how does your godling grow?

There is forever makes a wink in dance
as rubric to the waiting snakelady's
wordide face that ramrods the soldier's breast.
The Footloose Kid, eponym.

Firts germ spilled in the ear by
singular conjunctions of
cormorants, for her hole had
shrunk to a mouse's lip —
by the antlered eater
of forest gods then,
eventual deliverance, a
Tuscan madonna's umbilicus
yoked suburban the neck
of the unholy detritus
fat in her gut: birth of blood
where the sun had strangled the sea.

So sired of essence and tauscratch
of the Old God of the Flies, a sense of sulphur
patched in the child's longlegged locust eyes plagued
new Egypts of the native brain.

The Footloose Kid's threebloked nightmare
and instinct of self cried to be off with
the croak of Uranus, urgent elf with his bullock
Father gunned down at high noon of belief.

Acharge the moon's conventual cycle
his women circumgo night betimed
the prickle with which episcopalian
desertchrist femaled his queer sex.
To confirm auction of the member
his tear's mad heat was monthly staunched
by a thineared stag of the cult...
for this worm in the grass, unlike
a lizard's rag was not germinant.
page 37 The soothsaid godling teats a black
sow in the Sea of Dreams.
A raven fixed to a stone there is
with three screws and the mind's forbidden bone
that every cue of the sun's millenium
gathers enough leaves to incinerate
in the earth itself completely.

Alan Brunton.