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Experiment 13

Should I Presume

page 32

Should I Presume

First love is still within, the last to come.

Recall those Sundays all kissed away
in the hot fern, among cooling dunes,
with no ground gained, small recompense;
(nerves rubbed raw, senses alerted)
until first time willing — O soft hand
guiding yours to rituals of initiation.
Such a touch should have been savoured,
but only kindled flash fires soon to ash.

First love is still within, the last to come.

Should I presume to touch you there,
to trigger that quick response? Or must
we conform to conventional rules, play
farcical roles with that serious intent
of near-passe temptress, fast-aging boy?
Since honesty remains (frequently lost
along with virginity) lean down to life —
beds are for two, graves for single sleepers.

First love is still within, the last illusory?

Robert Thompson.