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Experiment 12

The Senses That Are Lost

page 34

The Senses That Are Lost


Sans eyes

Sans ears

Sans everything

There is sand in those caverns of your eyes.
I shudder and see blinding yellow grains
Like the corncubes you cannot see
In your ears are marl and chalk
From labour cast in by the din of life
And your body is sunk low in this (soft sands of luxury).
Your skin is encrusted with age shells
Concentric markings, your years enfold you
Strained is your face with anxiety care
So much to tarnish it, so much to bear
Bare now your feeble arms, let them helpless fall
In your mouth there's no reply
Just the flapper of your tongue
No charge from chords
Have ceased to engage
The melody of life, played the last age.