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Experiment 12

Poetical Manifesto

page 5

Poetical Manifesto


How to Appreciate Obscene Verses on Shit House Walls

Please note outside factor colouring my opinions:-
My private psychosis.
Good poetry can be many things.
Among others, it is the accurate distillation of an emotion.
This is why my poetry is bad.
(Good prose is the accurate distillation of life as a whole:-
This is why my prose is bad).
It has meaning, almost always different for the poet and the reader.
This last is the way it should be.
It is the by-product of a science called Aesthetics.
A by-product of a science is not an art, not art.
it is too abstract to be Art. Not so.

It is essentially meaningless,
like all striving towards Art.
Poetry is a way of saying nothing;
good poetry is a clever way of saying nothing.
"Sound and Fury"
Poetry is cursed with philosophy's disease:-
and to a worse degree
All this is essentially meaningless.
This is the way it should be.
For myself :
My poetry has meaning for me/ the hell with you
Ask yourself for explanations,
Don't bother me,
I'm too busy being an egotist
My poetry has beauty for me/ the hell with you etc.

How to appreciate good poetry:...laugh
How to appreciate obscene verses on shithouse walls: laugh.
Good poetry is music.
There are no good poets
They are all muscians