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Experiment 11

About The Contributors

page 630

About The Contributors

Niel Wright wrote the editorial.

Jack Richards once recited aloud the following piece:


Peter Wilson is thought to live in Australia. He is not a student. Nitz neither is Michael Heath. Neither is Paul Protheroe. Neither is Polly Plumar.

Slurlu Huba is a Pakistani-born Wellington greengrocer at present completing his PhD in dendrochronology.

J S Bim ( )

George Thompson is believed to be a security agent for the Bolivian government.

Sheryll Wright, Sharlene Wright, both go to Te Aro School.

J S Hales is the great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-great-grandson of the late J S Bach.

Tipu lives in a tepee.

Thricnan Melan Aucnin burned the cakes.

Dennis List comes Foil-Wrapped for your protection.

Kathy Lutton is a terrible glutton.

One day she sat down and ate a whole leg of mutton all of a sudden.

Julie Brook was killed by a crook who strangled her with a picture hook.

Anon is in general an unknown quantity, but could perhaps best be described as a Jingly.

page 640

If you think you can do better than this-here is a place to try and send to the Literary Society, Victori a University Students Association, Box 196, Wellington,for publication in various future publications.


All mistake in this magazine are not necessary on purpose.

and the end.