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Experiment 11


page 440


A Dramatic Dialogue

Champion Today we have the bad news.
Today we have the sad news.
Today we have the dreaded news.
I fear to tell youse, for am I so sick:
But Sir Winston Cuckoo is dead -
... dead with holes in him!
Chorus boo hoo
Champion With all mine five ribs do I grieve!
So weep ye for old Winston
Whose dark days shone in 18 ninety 7
For ... all I see now is holes, in him
And maggots up his widely-sniffing nose.
Chorus Poor Winston Poor old Winston
Champion We acknowledged him (sob)
---Winny Apple Less---
And now to sing his funeral song

musical notation

Chorus "Little Winnie's dead
So shove him in the coffin
For you dont get the chance
Of a funeral often."
The Mourners Encore!
page 450
Chorus and Champion together "Little Winnie's dead
So hurry up and bury him
Bear him off to Heaven
To be eaten by the seraphim."
The Mourners Encore!
Chorus "Catch a Winston £@%=£@ ⅞ $$
Wash him in some +&=?⅞ $
Hang him on a line to dry."
Champion Saddened us....
hath the death of Winston.
O Winnie was our big fat king.
Now he is dead.
Boo hoo.
Chorus Booo
Champion When young, I used to play London Buses with him. I would be the driver, he the conductor. O what sad, sad, sad memories!
Winnie where are you?
Winnie, where is the lighthouse of your cigarette end?
Chorus Poooooooooooooooooooooooor Winnie.
Champion Sēe mēe wēep, Winestone!

The End