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Experiment 9


page vi


One Wonders on reading many of the contributions to Experiment, if the student body is as purposeless and decadent a bunch of neurotics as some student writers make it seem. The rape, violence, vomit, and vituperation, if it exists in such concentration, is undoubtedly exciting at first observation and startling to read, but has the effect of shutting the mind with a shudder rather than awakening it to an evil—if this was the intention of those writers. It seems doubtful, too, in this day and age, that those who suddenly find creation "all crap", are happy to die, in their disillusion, of consumption. Ennui or suicide would seem more convincing.

The foregoing characteristics are not typical of this selection because the technical presentation of such attitudes was not, generally speaking, of a sufficient standard to print. There were exceptions to this in contributions which, although well written, through too explicit a statement of difficult subject-matter, had to be rejected. It will be interesting to see if the feminine section of the fiction writers will in future move out of the vomit and vituperation or sentimental love story ruts and produce something crisper in style, more finished in technique, and possibly less slight in content.

Poetry contributions were many and various in subject and treatment. Here a word could perhaps be said to the masculine section of the poets: possibly you could write better poetry if you were cynical or biting, rather than sentimental over your disappointed loves. More decision about the feelings aroused may assist compression of thought.

These comments are only part of a general editorial impression. The volume of material submitted was gratifying and made exciting reading. The quality, however, especially in the short story line, meant that only a small amount of the material reached publication. Rejected authors are requested not to fling their compositions into a drawer with a curse, but try again—rewrite or try another subject. Like many another exercise, practice, combined with experience and a close observation of the life around you, will be invaluable.