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Experiment 8



'Where is the new messiah?' you scream,
as you run frantically down the corridors
of your unconscious mind.
'Where is he to be found?' Screaming,
running till you
into the
grey, neurotic pit of morning.
page 42 And the next night,
and the next,
until ...

'The messiah,' you call, and the voices answer
'To the left.'
And to the left you go
and to the right you go
following the voices
question and response.
"To the right!"
scream the voices.
"To the left!"
scream the voices.
Where Is The New Messiah?
'In the first door.' Chanting of basses.
'No, no. The second.' The tenors.
'Wrong, wrong, not that door - the third door.' Volume of altos.
But the clear soprano -
'The fourth door is the right door.'
And you enter the room.
Subconscious yells, 'Empty!'
Four part harmony:
behind the door. (sopranos)
Behind the door. (altos)
Behind the door. (Tenors)
Behind The Door. (Basses - Voluminous)
and your reflection is in the mirror.