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Experiment 7

Beatnik 1960

page 17

Beatnik 1960

My prison of clay ringed with the gorse of your heart
Crown of the king of the Jews
Je me suis leve du neant
And wish that you had too
Twin of soul if not of birth
But the sword of sex lies between
(Like the ambassador who beds a queen)
Damocles, Damn Ocles
Metempsychosis in inoperancy
Round and round went the dirty big wheel
Scholarship is dusty
Beckett's read, Shakespeare's dead
Ionesco lost his head
With which I listen to Hindeminth at Paraparaumu

One o'clock, two o'clock, three o'clock, damyou
You trod on my toe
Civitas Dei kicks in my womb of brain
There is not room for both of us
Et cum ad flumen advenisset, iuravit
John the Baptist and JKB
Revelations and a cage wide open for criticism
Student apathy and lethargy

To be drowned in wine
That of the binge and of the host
(But made in Hawkes Bay, even if it was by monks)
Get thee to a nunnery
And the black fellow murdered her because this other
joker you see pinched her handkerchief and he
went grey and we all streamed out into old
Courtenay Place and missed the bus and so had
fish and chips in the bus shed and an old bitch
said 'Wouldn't you like to eat that somewhere

I live alone in the depths and darkness of the sludge of my brain
'You know my dear it positively oozed up between our toes!
Laudate, laudate, laudate.
Me, inqui.