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Experiment 6

The Beautiful Girl

page 7

The Beautiful Girl

If we combined the dyes of every eye
before familiarity could still
their individual verve;
if we could match the slightly varied arch
of many eyebrows, whilst surprised,
to fit one perfect curve;
if we, completely candid street photographers,
could take one day some sample random snaps
could ply one negative upon another
to make the girl we'll meet some day perhaps
to make the composite, impossible,
the-best-of-all-exaggerations face,
it would be you.
the formula most frequent in our dreams,
the girl-next-door-but-one, you who now
seem puzzled, chew
your nails, not conscious of it, out of character.
Yet we expect the goddess whom our praise has made
and you must strive
after your image magnified, in timelight skewed.
Will you be always faithful to our adoration,
believe our myth
and not be disappointed ? We make of you,
who are too near the norm, our pet exception;
we spoke the truth
yet made you far too good to be believed in
even by yourself, leave alone by both.