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Experiment 6

My Fair Lady

page 54

My Fair Lady

The dawn will come too soon
My dear, too soon for me
To testify before the moon
Our sudden inequality.
I thought we could be equal,
You and I; together lie,
Or walk in stormy weather
Ever on - is this the sequel?
Knowledge is pain, but more
The parting: I must ascend
The end to seek, the upper stair.
In vain my sulky wings beat air
When hooded by your loyalty.

But come up with me,
Come now, it's day beyond.
The sun's no busy fool, nor fond
Embarrassed parent, but wiser
Than the moon and stronger,
Life giving to the moistened pinion,
(Not Sweeney's dying sodium flame
But morning's minion). Will you come?
But can you, or shall I drag down, must climb
Down, divided now but some-
How hope the sun will pass,
Like shadows in a looking glass,
Till day is done? Another time
May never be - dawn comes once more
For you alone. Dappled falcon soar!