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Experiment 6

The Angry Young And One Other

page 53

The Angry Young And One Other

'I've time on my hands and I'm feeling blue,'
Scowls the angry young man - with nothing to do.
'I've read all the weeklies from cover to cover,
Snubbed the neighbours and cursed my mother.'

'The old man's past caring, and Almighty God
Has cleared the streets with his Sunday rod.
I've a shine on my shoes and an itch in my toes,'
Snaps the angry young man with nowhere to go.

'We were promised a future as big and bright
As the Palaise do Dance on a Saturday night,'
Shouts the angry young man - failing to touch
The juiciest apples at the top of the bush.

'I must find a girl - she needn't be new
But she must be mine, she must be true,'
Cries the desperate young man - as he carefully hones
A knife, called loneliness for her lovely bones.