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Experiment 3

[Editorial in Experiment 3]

page 2

This issue of "Experiment" is the third in its history. History changes and some things come to an end and other things begin, eventually to disappear. Literary periodicals, like "Hilltop" and "Arachne" have within recent years come and gone;Their successor is "Experiment". How long it will live rests in the hands of newcomers to the College who take an active interest in literaty activities. Like their magazines, our literary societies have not had a continuous existence, so there have been periodic revivals. The latest was towards the end of 1955, and a new literary periodical was included in the scope of the activities of the new society. Perhaps indicative of the enthusiasm of the group, who have since turned their ideas into reality, is the fact that the original name planned for the society was somewhat euphemistic "New University Wits", but the innate conservative attitude of the inaugural meeting substituted the plainer name of the Literary Society. The enthusiasm remained. The results you see before you in the existence of this magazine and in the flourishing society itself. What will be the results in about three or four years hence are in the hands of those newcomers to the university who are sufficiently interested in literature to support the society actively. Lack of support is the only reason for the death of college clubs. It is nevertheless evident that many students are interested in literature – a number large enough to support and run a permanent society. If the interest is sustained and new ideas are suggested from time to time, there is no reason why this ideal should not be attained.


The copy for this issue was encouraging. We are sorry we had to reject through lack of space some promising material, especially prose. But John Gamby's long short story seemed so good as to justify its inclusion, despite its length. Copy – verse, stories, translations, reviews, and critical or social comment – should be noe submitted for "Experiment 4" which will emerge early in the second term.