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Experiment 2

Saturday 6 O'Clock Train

page 13

Saturday 6 O'Clock Train.

Girls after hockey laughing
Uncontrollably in relaxation,
Sticks crossed, feet up, white socks on red leather,
End of the carriage to themselves completely,
Muscles aching from the greatest joke
We never heard of, they have forgotten.

Girls after hockey leaning
On each others' shoulders absolutely
Whacked. Admittedly not stunners: skirts and
Jerseys askew and their hairdo's undone.
Faces easily forgotten seem
Hard to forget now, what with the laughter.

Girls after hockey laughing
At the thought of mudlark runs that made them
Splash like shoals of flatfish, laugh to moaning
- Hungry and drunk with adrenalin fever -
So hilarious to be alive,
Too tired to care for ladyfied living.

Girls after hockey looking
At each other with discrete amazement
Hearing who is engaged; then the dark one
Glances away from her friends who check over
Boys who may be at the dance tonight
Or may not be there.

- Gordon Challis.