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Experiment 2


page 2


I met a child in the park one day
Sailing his boat on the lake.
He said, "We sail from Pirate's Bay
As the light begins to break.
We voyage out beyond the sky
And leave the world in our wake".

It foundered on the salt sea-spray.
What is there left to say ?

I met a girl on the beach one day
With the sun on her yellow hair.
The beach umbrellas gaudy gay
Set her beauty off, and there
She said, "Oh, I could fly away,
For my heart is as light as air".

Now the beach is empty, winter grey.
What is there left to say ?

I met a man in the pub one day,
Who said, "My world is a rose
On the tree of Heaven. No decay
Can touch it for, as it grows,
Beauty the conqueror of clay,
All the joys of the heart unclose".

Now his rose is withered away.
What is there left to say ?

- Charles Doyle.