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A Strange Friendship: A Story of New Zealand

Sampson Low, Marston & Co,'s Announcements for the Coming Season

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Sampson Low, Marston & Co,'s Announcements for the Coming Season.

Crown Buildings, 188, Fleet Street, London, October, 1873.

The Authorized Version of the Four Gospels. With the Whole of theMagnificent Etchings on Steel, After the Drawings By M. Bida.

The drawings, etchings, and engravings have been twelve years in preparation, and an idea of the importance of this splendid work may be gathered from the fact that upwards of twelve hundred and fifty thousand francs, or fifty thousand pounds, have been expended on its production, and it has obtained for M. M. Hachette the Diplome d'Honneur at the Vienna Exhibition.

The English edition will contain the whole of the 132 steel etchings, and in addition some very exquisite woodcut ornaments.

The Gospel of St. Matthew will contain 41 Steel Etchings.
The Gospel of St. Mark will contain 54 Steel Etchings.
The Gospel of St. Luke will contain 40 Steel Etchings.
The Gospel of St. John will contain 27 Steel Etchings.
Size, large Imperial quarto.

It is intended to publish each Gospel separately, and at intervals of from six to twelve months: and in order to preserve uniformity, the price will in the first instance be fixed at £3 3s. each volume. This uniformity of price has been determined on the assumption that purchasers will take the whole of the four volumes as published; but, as it will be seen that the Gospels of St. Matthew and St. Luke contain more etchings and more letterpress than St. Mark and St. John, and are therefore proportionately more costly in production. it must be understood that at the expiration of three months from the first issue of each of these two volumes, the price (if purchased separately) will be raised to four guineas. This extra charge will, however, be allowed at any time to all bona fide purchasers of the four volumes.

The Gospel of St. John, appropriately bound in cloth extra, price £3 3s., will be the first volume issued, and will be ready for publication shortly.

Specimen pages of text and etchings may be seen on application to any bookseller in town and country, who will be happy to register the names of subscribers, either for each Gospel separately, or for the whole of the Gospels as published.

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Important Announcement.
Dr. Schweinfurth's Travels and
Discoveries in Central

From 1868 to 1871.

Translated by Ellen E. Frewer. With an Introduction by Winwood Reade.

Messrs.Sampson Low & Co. have the pleasure of stating that they have completed arrangements with the celebrated African Traveller, Dr. Georg Schweinfurth, for the exclusive right to publish his new work, entitled—

The Heart of Africa.
Or, Three Years' Travels and Adventures in the Unexplored Regions of the Centre of Africa.

This is unquestionably, in a scientific point of view, one of the most valuable contributions to a knowledge of the Natural History, Botany, Geography, and River System of Central Africa that has ever appeared; but its chief interest will consist in the personal adventures of the author amongst unknown tribes, and wanderings in lands hitherto unexplored. The Doctor carries his reader into a veritable wonderland, full of peculiar customs, and where his experiences have been of the most eventful nature. The district explored embraces a wide tract of country extending southward from the Meschera on the Bahr el Ghazal, and betwixt the 10th and 3rd degrees of north latitude.

The present work cannot fail to be of most unusual interest to general readers; inasmuch as it will include adventures in an unknown country amongst cannibals and pygmies, the discovery and exploration of twenty-two hitherto quite unknown rivers, the wonderful land of the Monbuttoo, his reception by King Munza, horrible cannibalism, fights with natives and struggles with wild animals, adventures on rivers, on mountains, and in jungles; and, in short, experiences of the most novel and startling kind that could be imagined in an unknown and savage country.

The work will form two volumes, demy 8vo., of upwards of 500 pages each, and will be illustrated by about 130 woodcuts from drawings made by the author—comprising figures of different races of men; animals, domestic and wild; remarkable fish and snakes; varieties of trees, plants, and fruits; landscapes; forest scenery; watered plains; episodes of the journey; cannibal feasts and dances; fording rivers; villages and huts; night encampments; meetings with chieftains; weapons of war, &c. &c.; with maps and plans.

It is proposed that the work shall be published in England and America (in English), and in the respective languages of Germany, France, Russia, Italy, &c., simultaneously, and arrangements are now in progress for this purpose; and the Publishers hope to have it ready for publication during the present Autumn.

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Special Notice.

New Story for Youths by H. M. Stanley.

My Kalulu,” Prince, King, and Slave.

A Story from Central Africa.

By Henry M. Stanley,

Author of “How I found Livingstone.”

Crown 8vo., about 430 pp., with numerous Graphic Illustrations, after Original Designs by the Author. Cloth, 7s. 6d. [In October

For the convenience of those who did not care to pay so high a price as 21s. for the original Edition ofMr. Stanley's first great Work, it is now offered, in a new and elegant binding, with a revised Introductory Chapter, at 10s. 6d. In this form and at this price it will form an excellent School Prize or Christmas Present.

How I Found Livingstone.

Including Travels, Adventures, and Discoveries in Central Africa, and Four Months' Residence with Dr. Livingstone.

By H. M. Stanley.

Numerous Illustrations by Mr. J. B. Zwecker, Mr. John Jellicoe, and other Artists, from Mr. Stanley's own Sketches, with Maps of Route, Physical Features, &c. Twelfth Thousand. New issue, in new binding, gilt edges, extra cloth, 10s. 6d. [Now ready.

Magnificent Work on the Pottery of all Ages and all Nations.

History Of The Ceramic Art:

Descriptive and Analytical Study of the Potteries of all Times and of all Nations.

By Albert Jacquemart.

Author of the “History of Porcelain,” “The Wonders of Ceramic,” &c.

Two hundred Woodcuts by H. Catenacci and J. Jacquemart, 12 Steel-plate Engravings by Jules Jacquemart, and 1,000 Marks and Monograms. Translated by Mrs. Bury Palliser. In 1 vol., super royal 8vo., of about 700 pp., cloth extra, gilt edges, 42s. [Nearly ready.

In One Volume, Demy 8vo., cloth extra, price about 16s.

The Land Of The White Elephant;
Sights And Scenes In South Eastern Asia.

A Personal Narrative of Travel and Adventure in Farther India, embracing the countries of Burma, Siam, Cambodia, and Cochin-China 1871–72).

By Frank Vincent, Jun.

With Map, Plans, and numerous Illustrations.

[Nearly ready.

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New Works by the celebrated French Writer, Jules Verne.

The Fur Country; Or, Seventy Degrees North Latitude.

A Story of remarkable Adventures in the Northern Regions of the Hudson's Bay Territory. Crown 8vo. with upwards of 80 very graphic full-page Illustrations. Cloth extra. Uniform in size and style with “Twenty Thousand Leagues under the Sea.” Price 10s. 6d. [In October.

From the Earth to the Moon; And a Trip Round it.

With numerous characteristic Illustrations. Crown 8vo. Uniform in size and price with the above. Cloth, gilt edges, 10s. 6d. [Ready.

Around The World In Eighty Days.

Square crown 8vo. With numerous Illustrations. Uniform in size and style with “Meridiana,” by the same author. Price 7s. 6d. [Nearly ready

One Vol., Demy 8vo., cloth, with numerous woodcuts and a map.

The Wild North Land:

The Story of a Winter Journey with dogs across Northern North America.

By Captain W. F. Butler,

Author of “The Great Lone Land.” [In November.

A Whaling Cruise To Baffin's Bay And The Gulf Of Boothia.

With an Account of the Rescue, by his Ship, of the survivors of the Crew of the “Polaris.”

By Captain Markham, R.N.

One Volume, demy 8vo., with Map and Illustrations, cloth extra.

Now Ready, in One Volume, demy 8vo., with Maps and Illustrations, cloth extra, 16s.

The Threshold Of The Unknown Region.

Secretary of the Royal Geographical Society. [Now ready.

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In Preparation for Publication in December.

In Two Volumes, Royal 8vo., cloth extra, numerous Woodcuts, Maps, and Chromolithographs.

The Second North German Polar Expedition In The Years 1869–70.

Of the Ships “Germania” and “Hansa,” under command of Captain Koldeway,

Edited and Condensed by H. W. Bates, Esq., Of the Royal Geographical Society.

Important Work on Peru.

Two Years In Peru; With Exploration Of Its Antiquities.

Map by Daniel Barrhra, and numerous Illustrations. In 1 vol., demy 8vo., cloth extra. [In the press.

New Work on Morocco.

Adventures In Morocco, And Journey South Through The Oases Of Draa And Tafilet.

1 vol., crown 8vo., Map and Portrait of the Author, cloth extra.

[In the press.

Magnificent Work on China.

Illustrations Of China And Its People

Being Photographs from the Author's Negatives, printed in permanent Pigments by the Autotype Process, and Notes from Personal Observation.

The complete work will embrace 200 Photographs, with Letterpress Descriptions of the Places and People represented. In four volumes, imperial 4to., price £3 3s. each volume. The First Volume, containing Fifty Photographs, was published in the Spring; and the Second Volume, containing Photographs as below, is now ready.

Subscribers ordering the Four Volumes at once will be supplied for £10 10s. half of which to be paid on receipt of Vol. I., and balance on completion of the Work. Non-Subscribers' price is £3 3s. a Volume.

Volume III. is in active preparation, and will be Published before Christmas.

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A most beautiful Christmas Present.

Woman In Sacred History.

Illustrated with 15 chromo-lithographs and about 200 pages of letterpress forming one of the most elegant and attractive Volumes ever published. Demy 4to., cloth extra, gilt edges, price 25s. [In November.

New Work By The Rev. E. H. Bickersteth.

One Volume square 8vo. . with Numerous very beautiful Engravings, uniform in Character with the Illustrated Edition of Heber's Hymns, &c., price 7s. 6d.

The Reef, And Other Parables.

By the Rev. E. H. Bickersteth, M. A., Author of “Yesterday, To-day, and for Ever,” &c. [Nearly Ready.

Carl Werner's Nile Sketches,

Painted from Nature during his Travels through Egypt. Facsimiles of Water-colour Paintings executed by Gustave W. Seitz, with Descriptive Text by Dr. E. A. Brehm and Dr. Dumichen. Third Series. Imperial folio, in Cardboard Wrapper, £3 10s.

Beautiful Work for Winter Evenings. Dedicated, by Permission, to His Royal Highness, Prince Leopold.

Illustrated Games Of Patience.

By the Lady Adelaide Cadogan. Twenty-four Diagrams in Colours, with Descriptive Text. Foolscap 4to., cloth extra, gilt edges, 12s. 6d.

The Royal Pastry And Confectionery Book

(Le livre de Patisserie). By Jules Gouffe, Chef de Cuisine of the Paris Jockey Club. Translated from the French and adapted to English use by Alphonse Gouffe, Head Pastrycook to Her Majesty the Queen. Illustrated with 10 large Plates printed in Colours, and 137 Engravings on Wood, after the Oil Paintings and Designs of E. Ronjat. Royal 8vo., cloth extra. [In the Press.

Important New Work by Professor Guyot.

Physical Geography.

By Arnold Guyot, Author of “Earth and Man.” In 1 Volume, large 4to., 128 pp., numerous coloured Diagrams, Maps and Woodcuts, price 10s. 6d., strong boards.

History Of The American Ambulance,

Established in Paris during the Siege of 1870–71. Together with the Details of its Method and its Work. By Thomas W. Evans, M. D., D. D. S., Ph. D., President of the American International Sanitary Committee, &c., Author of “La Commission Sanitaire des Etats Unis: son Origine, son Organisation et ses Resultats,” &c. In 1 Volume, Imperial 8vo., with numerous Illustrations, cloth extra, price 35s. [Now Ready.

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Preparing for publication in one handsome small 4to., cloth gilt edges, price 15s.

Phynnodderree, And Other Tales:

Fairy Legends of the Isle of Man. By Edward Mc Aloe. To be profusely Illustrated with upwards of 120 Engravings on Wood.

The Posthumous Works And Unpublished Autographs Of Napoleon Iii. In Exile.

Collected and arranged by Count de la Chapelle, Coadjutor in the last Works of the Emperor at Chislehurst. 1 Volume demy 8vo., cloth extra, 14s. [Now Ready.

Recollections Of The Emperor Napoleon I.

During the First Three Years of his Captivity on the Island of St. Helena Including the time of his Residence at her father's house, “The Briars.” By Mrs. Abell (late Miss Elizabeth Balcombe). Third Edition. Revised throughout with additional matter by her daughter, Mrs. Charles Johnstone. 1 Volume, demy 8vo. With Steel Portrait of Mrs. Abell, and Woodcut Illustrations. Cloth extra, gilt edges, 10s. 6d. [Now Ready.

English Matrons And Their Profession;

With some Considerations as to its Various Branches, its National Value, and the Education it requires. By M. L. F., Writer of “My Life, and what shall I do with it,” “Battle of the Two Philosophies,” and “Strong and Free.” Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 7s. 6d. [Now Ready.

“All States among which the regulations regarding women are bad, enjoy scarcely the half of happiness.”—Aristotle.

Special Notice.The long-desired Map to Mr. King's Work has now been added, and also a Chapter of entirely new matter. (Dedicated to Professor Tyndal.)

Mountaineering In The Sierra Nevada.

By Clarence King. Crown 8vo. Fourth and Cheaper Edition. Cloth extra, with Map and Additional Chapter, 6s. [Nearly Ready.

A Chronicle Of The Fermors; Horace Walpole In Love.

By M. F. Mahony (Matthew Stradling), Author of “The Misadventures of Mr. Catlyn,” “The Irish-Bar-sinister,” &c. In 2 Volumes, Demy 8vo., with Steel Portrait. [In the Press.

Military Life In Prussia.

First Series. The Soldier in Time of Peace. Translated (by permission of the Author) from the German of F. W. Häcklander. By F. E. R. and H. E R. Crown 8vo., cloth extra, 9s. [Now Ready.

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University Local Examinations.

St. Mark's Gospel.

With Explanatory Notes. For the Use of Schools and Colleges. By George Bowker, late Second Master of the Newport Grammar School, Isle of Wight. 1 Volume, foolscap, cloth. [In Preparation.