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Polynesian Researches

XXVIII. Concerning Voyaging in Large Companies

XXVIII. Concerning Voyaging in Large Companies

When a member of the reigning family, or a governor or other man of rank or influence, shall project a voyage to another land—such as those from Raiatea or Tahiti, visiting Huahine—it is right that he select steady men, such as are of the church, or have been baptized, not im moral and mischievous men, that cease not from crime; such should remain in their (own) land. But if these voyagers continue to bring troublesome persons, when they land upon the shore, the magistrates shall admonish them not to disturb the peace of the place, nor wander about at night. If they do not regard, such disturbers shall be bound with ropes until their masters depart, when they shall be liberated.