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Polynesian Researches

XXII. Concerning Wild or Stray Pigs

XXII. Concerning Wild or Stray Pigs

There are no pigs without owners. No one shall hunt pigs on the mountains, or in the valleys, under the pretext that they are without owners. The wild pigs in the woods (or ravines) whose owners are not known, belong to the people of the valley. When the original proprietor is known, though the pigs may have become wild, they are still his. If one of such pigs be destroyed, (or eaten) it shall be paid for; the parties who took it shall make restitution with a pig equal in size to that which has been destroyed. The man who is obstinate in hunting pigs on the mountains or in the valleys, on the pretext that they are pigs without owners, he is the same as a thief; and as is the thief's, such also (shall be) his punishment—that (which is) written in the second law.