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Fulbright in New Zealand


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Acknowledgements 7
1 A Love Affair with New Zealand 9
2 A Kiwi on the Campus 26
3 Captain of the Chalkies 39
4 The Last Living Moa 52
5 A Return Air Ticket and a Little Prestige 65
6 A Process of Global Enlightenment 74
7 The Other Side of Sunrise 91
—Number of Participants by Country 104
—Board of Directors — New Zealand Members 105
—Board of Directors — United States Members 106
—New Zealand Research Scholars and Lecturers 107
—New Zealand Graduate Students 109
—New Zealand Exchange Teachers 114
—New Zealand Educational and Vocational Development Grants 115
—New Zealand Cultural Grants 116
—United States Research Scholars and Lecturers 117
—United States Graduate Students 121
—United States Exchange Teachers 123
—United States Cultural Grants 124
Bibliography 125