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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



Lacey, F., Stratford 175
Lacroix, Rev. Father C., Taihape 636
Laidlaw, J. S., Hawera 254
Laird, A. S., Wanganui 613
Laird, J., Wanganui 613-614
Laird, J., Wanganui 618
Laird, J. P., Wanganui 614
Laird, J. & Sons, Wang 614
Lake Hotel, Pohui 420
Lamb, W. G., Masterton 741
Lambert, F. H., Stratford 175
Lambert, W. H., Palmerston North 673
Lambert, W. H., and Co., Palmerston North 673
Lambess, T. R., Bulls 644–765
Lampitt, F., Wanganui 615
Lane, E., Argyle 508
Lane, J., Argyle 508
Lane, J., Palmerston N. 692
Lang, J. T., Palmerston North 687-766
Langholm Hotel, Mangaweka 635
Larcombe, Councillor C. A., Patea 257
Large, J. S., Napier 317
Latham & Co., Woodville 572
Laurie-Rhodes, A. V. 515
Law, J., Palmerston North 678
Law and Bowman, Palmerston North 678
Law, J. K., Manaia 217
Lawrence, A. E., Woodville 571-572
Lawrence, B. C., Waitara 134-135
Lawrence, J., Napier 406
Lawson, A., Dannevirke 549
Le Cocq, T. W., Waip. 518
Le Fleming, W. H., Otak. 214
Lealand, D. A., N. Plym. 92
Lealand, P., N. Plymouth 92
Leatham, Dr. H. B., New Plymouth 67–82
Lee, F. A., Ngaire 189
Lee, F. A., and Co., Ngaire 189
Leech, C., Inglewood 154
Lees, A., Normanby 222
Lees and Mountfort, Wair. 428
Lees, T. R., Wairoa 428
Leevers Bros., Napier 384
Leevers, A. R., Nap. 384-385
Leevers, T. J., Napier 384-385
Leevers, W. H., Nap. 384-385
Lehmann, E. C., Napier 361
Leigh, E. H., Woodville 572
Lenz, W., Masterton 742
Lepine, J. F., New Plym. 74
Lepper, C. M., Taranaki 66
Lepretre, Father, Wairoa 425
Lett Bros., Masterton 736
Lett, W., Masterton 737
Levin Carriage Factory and Engineering Works, Levin 709
Levin and Co., Foxton 698
Levin Co-op. Dairy Factory, Levin 710
Levin Express and Carrying Co., Levin 712
Lewin, W., Eltham 194
Lewthwaite, J., Taranaki 45
Liepst, A. F., Hastings 448
Liffiton, Councillor E. N., Wanganui 592
Lightbourne, R. C. D., Taihape 636
Lile, A., Inglewood 156
Lile, W. J., Inglewood 153
Limbrick, W. L., Waipawa 498
Limpus, C., Patangata 495
Linthorn, W. G., N. Plym. 105
Linton Flax Mill, Palmerston North 690–691
Linton Public Store, Palmerston North 689
Linton Rifle Club, Palmerston North 667
Lints, W., N. Plymouth 98-99
Lister, D. McG., Martinb. 758
Little, J., New Plymouth 112
Little, J., and Co., New Plymouth 111
Livingstone, H. A., Kaim. 158
Lloyd, E., Dannevirke 557
Lloyd, E., and Co., Dannevirke 557
Lloyd, R. V., Palmerston North 671
Loader, W., Woodv. 574-575
Loasby, D. P., Greytown 749
Locking, Dr. B., Napier 367
Lockyer, F. H., Nap. 359-362
London Dental Co., Wang. 599
London Dental Institute, New Plymouth 82
Lonergan, W., Waitara 139
Long and Barden, Wang. 605
Longdill and Co., Taihape 638
Longdill, C. P. W., Taihape 638
Longstaff, G. M., Tarurutangi 130
Lound, C. P., Napier 351
Lovejoy, T., Palmerston North 679-680
Lovell and Christmas, Hawera 245
Lowry, T., Fernhill 482
Lowry, T. H., Fernhill 482
Lusk, H. B., Napier 366
Luxford, Councillor S. W., Palmerston N. 665
Lyon, Rev. T. H., Stratfd. 170
Lytton Street Public School, Feilding 647