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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Professions and Trades

page vii

Professions and Trades.

Accountants, Agents, and Auctioneers.

Aldridge, J. J., Taihape 638
Ashton, W. M., and Co., Wanganni 601
Atkinson, A., Hawera 238
Atkinson, A. H., Feilding 648
Balfour, T. W., Napier 372
Barry, J. T., and Co., Feilding 648
Bauchope and Webster, New Plymouth 87
Bewley and Griffiths, New Plymouth 87
Bond, Newcombe and Co., Wanganui 601
Boyes and Walsh, Eketahuna 728
Brice, Broad and Co., Marton 626
Brown and Co., Feilding 648
Central Labour Agency, Wanganui 602
Couper, J., Napier 373
Cowern, W., Hawera 239
Datson, J. C., Eltham 193
Ferguson, J. H., Napier 373
Fraser, J. A., Hastings 460
Gatenby and Thompson, Wanganui 600
Gilmour and Pattie, New Plymouth 87
Gillies and Nalder, Hawera 238
Gurr, N. L., Dannevirke 552
Hirst. J. W., Hawera 239
Hoadley, C. B., and Son, Ltd., Napier 373
Holloway, Hogan and Caddy, Ltd., Wang. 602
Horner, E. C., Patea 266
Howell, R. E., and Co., Masterton 735
Hudson and Marriott, Levin 708
Husband Bros., Pahiatua 718
James, S. H., Stratford 173
Jay, T. M., Hawera 238
King, N., New Plymouth 88
King, N., Stratford 173
Lambert, W. H., and Co., Palmerston N. 673
Latham and Co., Woodv. 572
Longdill and Co., Taihape 638
Mackay, E. O., Feilding 649
Major, C. E., Hawera 239
Maxton, Mark and Co., Greytown 751
McGarry, W. H., and A., Eltham 194
McGlashan, A. J., Hast. 460
McKay and Co., Waipuk. 518
Mills, C. T., New Plym 88
Mitchell, Griffith and Co., Pahiatua 719
Mitchell, J. K., Patea 266
Moffatt, W., and Co., Palmerston N. 673
Monteith, H., Woodville 572
Morison, J. D., Stratford 174
Murray, F., Weodville 572
Mynott, J., New Plymouth 88
Newman, W. L., New Plymouth 89
Nicol, J. R., Masterton 735
Nolan, Tonks and Co., Hawera 238
Otterson and Pickering, Wanganui 603
Park, Mountfort and Co., Wanganui 603
Paterson, Mossman and Co., Napier 374
Percival and Messenger, Inglewood 150
Phillips and Greaves, Wanganui 603
Prior and Caldwell, Feilding 649
Rae Howard and Co., Foxton 697
Ravenhill and Co., Palmerston North 673
Read, S. E., Wanganui 604
Richards and Jones, New Plymouth 89
Rodgers and Co., Palmerston North 673
Ross and Co., Masterton 735
Rose, W., Dannevirke 553
Russell, H. F., New Plym. 89
Saunders, J., Wanganui 604
Shaw, W. J., and Co., New Plymouth 90
Smart, D., Levin 708
Smith, F. G., and Co., Napier 374
Stewart and Corrigan, Manaia 217
Stewart and Corrigan, Stratford 174
Sussex and Co., Hawera 239
Thompson, J. H., Stratford 174
Tipping, S. K. S., Waipukurau 518
Todd, R., New Plymouth 90
Vickers, A. T., and Co., Taihape 638
Watson, F., New Plymouth 88
Webster and McKellar, New Plymouth 91
Webster, W. D., New Plymouth 90
Wells, B., New Plymouth 90
West Coast Farmers' Trading Association, Ltd., 246
Wilson, J., Waitara 138
Wilson, T. E., Taihape 639
Wilson, T. E., Waverley 623
Young, E. E., and Co., Feilding 649

Agricultural Implement Makers.

Cook, A. F., and Co., Hastings 468

Architects and Surveyors.

Doherty, H. J., Taihape 639
Finch and Lamb, Dannevirke 553
Jenssen, R. Dannevirke 553
Maisey, J. A., Wellington 91
Messenger, F., N. Plym. 91
Rough, J. W., Foxton 698
Sole, T. G., N. Plymouth 91
Sollitt, G., Hastings 460
Templar, A., Eltham 193
Varnham and Rose, Masterton 735
Wilson, J. G., Woodville 573


Anderson, H., Palmerston North 674

Bacon Companies.

Hawera Bacon Factory, Hawera 244
Inglewood Co-op. Bacon Curing Co., Ltd., Inglewood 152
Stratford Bacon Curing Co., Ltd., Stratford 178
Taranaki Co-op. Bacon Co., Ltd., Fitzroy 126

Bakers and Confectioners.

Currin, M. A., Hawera 239
Ellingford, Mrs. M., Stratford 175
Grant, A., Palmerston North 674
Hughes, G. W., Waitara 138
Keen, J. P., and Co., Hawera 239
Lacey, F., Stratford 175
Lambert, F. H., Stratford 175
Lawrence, B. C., Waitara 135
Lealand, D. A., New Plymouth 92
Martinborough Bakery, Martinborough 758
McIntyre, J., Waipawa 503
Mills, G. W., Mangaweka 632
Pateman, H., Dannevirke 553
Stagpoole, J. J., New Plymouth 92
Stevenson, E. H., Manaia 218
Thomson, J. W., New Plymouth 92
Warren, R., Hastings 460
West, J., N. Plymouth 92
Williams, W., Taihape 639
Wilson, Miss C., Strat. 175
Young, A. L., Manaia 218


Bank of Australasia–
  Eltham 193
  Hawera 237
  Manaia 217
  Masterton 734
  Napier 369
  New Plymouth 84
  Palmerston North 671
  Stratford 172
  Wanganui 600
Bank of New Zealand—
  Dannevirke 551
  Eltham 193
  Hastings 460
  Hawera 238
  Levin 708
  Napier 369
  New Plymouth 84
  Palmerston North 671
  Stratford 172
  Wanganui 600
  Woodville 572
Bank of N. South Wales—
  Dannevirke 550
  Eltham 193
  Hawera 237
  Inglewood 150
  Napier 369
  New Plymoutn 83
  Palmerston North 671
  Patea 266
  Wanganui 600
National Bank of New Zealand—
  Inglewood 150
  Manaia 217
  Napier 369
  New Plymouth 84
  Patea 266
  Stratford 173
  Waipawa 502
  Waitara 138
  Wanganui 600
Union Bank of Australasia, Ltd.—
  Napier 369
  New Plymouth 84
  Palmerston North 671
  Stratford 172
  Wanganui 600
Savings Bank, New Plymouth 84

Barristers and Solicitors.

Adams, H. E., Patea 265
Atkinson, H. T., Hawera 236
Bell, Gully, and Cooper, Palmerston North 671
Bennett, A. G., Manaia 217
Caplen, H., Hawera 236
Clarke, H. O., Patea 265
Collins, C. B., Marton 626
Cotterill and Humphries, Napier 366
Cresswell and Gleeson, Napier 366
Crump, T. B., Eltham 193
Ebbett, G., Hastings 458
Fitzherbert, W. L., New Plymouth 80
Fookes, T. C., Stratford 172
Foy, J., Hawera 236
Govett and Quilliam, New Plymouth 80
Graham, J., Feilding 648
Halliwell, H., Hawera 236
Hamerton, G. D., Patea 265
Harper and Harper, Levin 707
Hughes, R. C., New Plymouth 81
Hutchen, D., N. Plymouth 81
Kennedy and Lush, Napier 366
Kirk and Stevens, Otaki 714
Malone, McVeagh, and Anderson, Eltham 193
Malone, McVeagh and Anderson, Inglewood 150
Malone, McVeagh, and Anderson, Kaponga 199
Malone, McVeagh, and Anderson, N. Plym. 81
Malone, McVeagh, and Anderson, Stratford 172
McCarthy, B., Hawera 236
McDavitt, J., Opunake 205
Park, W., Levin 707
Prenderville, J., Eketahuna 727
Standish and Kerr, New Plymouth 81
Thomson, H. J. M., Inglewood 150
Townsend, C. M., Waitara 138
Wake, F. W., Stratford 172
Weston and Weston, New Plymouth 81
Wright, H. C., N. Plymouth 81

Bee Farmer.

Lenz, W., Masterton 742


Amore, E. F., Urenui 144
Grant and Barclay, Norsewood 537
Hancock, R., Tariki 160
McDonald, E., Taradale 437
McDonald, J., Dannevirke 561
Pothan, R. J., Wairoa 428

Brick Works.

Arnmoho Brickworks, Wanganui 614
Emeny and Lampitt, Wanganui 615
Griffin, J., Napier 375
Kendrick Bros., Wang. 614
Patea Steam Brickworks, Patea 268
Quin, A. A., Hawera 244
Sedgbrook Brick and Tile Works, Wanganui 615
Waitara Brick Works 142
page viii


Newbegin, E., Hastings 461
Mangatainoka Brewery, Pahiatua 720
White Swan Brewery, Hawera 240

Booksellers, Stationers, Etc.

Aitken, C. C., Masterton 741
Aitken, W. L., Palmerston North 689
Bain, T., Dannevirke 563
Bowler, W. H., Hastings 471
Cannell, K. L., Eltham 196
Carman, H. G., Eltham 195
Craig, J. W., Napier 392
Dashwood, H., Taihape 641
Deane, H. E., Patea 268
Drake, F., Inglewood 153
Hall and Son, Hastings 471
Hedges, A. E., Taihape 642
Maclean, A. H., Feilding 657
Walker, A. G., Feilding 657

Brick and Tile Works.

Cement Pipe Co., Ltd., Masterton 741
Wairarapa Brick, Pipe, and Tile Works, Carterton 747

Brush Manufacturer.

Reid, E. D., Wanganni 616

Builders and Contractors.

Bacon, F., Masterton 736
Bennett, G. T., Martinborough 758
Benton, W., and Sons, Featherston 754–758
Bluett, C. A., Pahiatua 719
Daniell, C. E., Masterton 736
Douglas, G. H., Levin 708
King, D. T., Carterton 745
Lett Bros., Masterton 736
Mead, J. J., Eketahuna 728
Prentice, J. P., and Sons, Masterton 737
Spencer Bros., Shannon 704
Swainson and Bevan, Levin 708
Tait, J., Masterton 737
Wallis, A. R., Carterton 745


Andrews, F. J. H., Normanby 222
Arnott and Sons, Palmerston North 674
Baigent, L. H., Kaponga 200
Barraclough, D. S., Hawera 243
Batson, C. W., Palmerston North 686
Blackbourn, C. W., Palmerston North 674
Bond, R. W., N. Plymouth 93
Brighouse and Pawson, Dannevirke 562
Britten, J., Waipawa 504
Brooking, W. F., New Plymouth 93
Bull Bros., Napier 375
Burton, A., Wanganui 604
Campbell, H. H., Hastings 461
Carter, S. W., Shannon 705
Christiansen, C. H. and Sons, Dannevirke 558
Clark, J. J., Waitotara 622
Cliff, A., New Plymouth 93
Coleman, R., and Son, New Plymouth 93
Coles Bros., Onga Onga 511
Coles, E., Wanganui 604
Collin and Hall, Palmerston North 686
Cross, J. W., Woodville 574
Curtiss, J. W., Stratford 178
Dailey, S. A., Hawera 244
Easton, C. T., Foxton 698
Fairhurst, J. H., Dannev. 553
Feilding Cash Meat Mart, Feilding 656
Gamlin, A. B., Inglewood 152
Gerenhoeffer, E., Inglewood 152
Goslin, G., Feilding 656
Griffin, J., Napier 375
Guy Bros., Rahotu 207
Hartnell and Smith New Plymouth 94
Heald, R., Feilding 649
Higgins, J., Napier 389
Home, W., Bulls 644
Johnston, G., Hastings 461
Jones, G. and W., Midhurst 162
Jones, G. and W., Tariki 160
Klenner, A., Waitara 140
Lile, W. J., Inglewood 153
Manawatu Meat and Cold Storage Co., Ltd., Palmerston N. 687
McChesney, J., Marton 626
Mott Bros., Napier 375
Mouldey, W., Palmerston North 674
Newton, C. H., Hawera 240
Pacey, E. A., Hawera 240
Rossiter, W., Patea 267
Russell and Son, New Plymouth 94
Scott, J. L., Dannevirke 553
Short, W. F., N. Plymouth 94
Sims, J. G., Wanganui 604
Snell, W., Dannevirke 563
Stanley Bros., Hastings 461
Taranaki Butchery, Patea 267
Walsh, C. B., Stratford 179
Watts, W., Feilding 650
Whittington, H. K., Hawera 240
Wilkinson, W., Feilding 650
Winlove, J., Waipuk. 518


Hall, G., Lepperton 131

Carriers and Contractors.

Amner, W. A., Napier 393
Ayton, C. G., Waitara 142
Chivers, A., Fitzroy 128
Fly and Young, Masterton 741
Giles, T., Inglewood 155
Hayward, W., Toko 187
Jury, M. J., Stratford 181
Lane, J., Palmerston N. 692
Levin Express and Carrying Co., Ltd., Levin 712
Nolan, T. F., Bulls 644
Orbell, J. W., Martinb. 761
Pahiatua Carrying and Forwarding Agency, Pahiatua 725
Smith, A. J., Palmerston North 692
Tottenham, H. P. L., Hastings 473
Whyte and Co., Wanganui 617


Bates, J. W., Hastings 459
Burt, F. J., Eketahuna 728
Cunninghame, J. R., Taihape 637
Eton, E. G., Masterton 733
Gillespie, J. R., Hastings 459
Gordon, J. V., Masterton 734
Halse, H. V., Greytown 751
Hawke's Bay United Friendly Societies Dispensary, Napier 368
Leigh, E. H., Woodville 572
Napier Pharmacy, Napier 368
Ridd, C., Eltham 193
St. George, L. G. Y., Otaki 715
Stohr, E. B., Stratford 172
Tait, R., Hawera 237
Thomas, C., Napier 369
Wallace, W. K., Hawera 237–763
Williams, A. J., Napier 369

Civil Engineers.

Stewart and Son, Greytown 753

Coachbuilders and Wheelwrights.

Aitchison, W., Martinb. 758
Anderson and Sons, Dannevirke 554
Aplin, A. C. S., Feilding 650
Bett, John, and Co., Ltd., Palmerston North 675
Browning, W. A., Palmerston North 675
Champion and Blaramberg, Taihape 639
Hastings Coach Factory, Hastings 461
Honnor and Clark, New Plymouth 95
Jenkinson and Co., New Plymouth 95
Levin Carriage Factory and Engineering Works, Levin 709
Macintosh, W. B., Levin 709
Manawatu Carriage W'ks, Palmerston North 675
Mangaweka Steam Carriage Works, Mangaweka 632
Pearce, G., Waitara 138
Pollock, W. H., Stratford 175
Premier Coach and Carriage Factory, Mangaweka 633
Retter, F. W., Eltham 194
Symonds, W., Hastings 462

Coal Merchants.

Amner, W. A., Napier 393
Gibb Brothers, Dannevirke 558
Holt, R., Hastings 473
Law and Bowman, Palmerston North 678
Neilson, R., Wanganui 606
N.Z. State Coal Depot, Wanganui 606
Preddy, J., Carterton 745
Stubbs, G. H., Waitara 139
Westport Coal Co., Ltd., Wanganui 607

Co-Operative Stores.

Central Co-op. Stores Co., Ltd., Stratford 179
Co-operative Stores, Marton 627
Dannevirke Co-op. Association, Ltd., Dannev. 564
Stratford Farmers' Co-op. Association, Ltd., Stratford 170
United Farmers Co-op. Association, Ltd., Wanganui 616


Farndon Coopery, Clive 443

Cordial Manufacturers.

Bulls Cordial Factory, Bulls 643
Carson and Co., Palmerston North 676
Coker, W., Wairoa 426
Dixon, J., Masterton 737
Hamilton and Guy, Palmerston North 676
Johnston, H., Stratford 175
Long and Barden, Wang. 605
Motley, J., Woodville 573
Newbegin, E., Hastings 461
Pahiatua Cordial and Mineral Water Factory, Pahiatua 720
Plowman, W., and Son, Dannevirke 555
Steffenson, C. O., N. Plym. 96
Swan, J. G., and Co., Wanganui 605

Cycle and Motor Engineers.

Adams, Ltd., Palmerston North 684
Betts, C. E., Kaponga 200
Busby, A., Eltham 195
Canning and Co., Napier 383
Central Cycle Works, Napier 383
Cole and Donnelly, Eltham 195
Dayton Cycle Agency, Otaki Railway 713
Donald and Eastwood, Eketahuna 729
Garrett, G. H., Feilding 655
George, A., N. Plymouth 104
Harding, E., Woodville 574
Harkness, B., Stratford 177
Hawke's Bay Motor Co., Ltd., Napier 394
Martinborough Cycle and Motor Garage, Martinborough 760
Nonpareil Cycle and Motor Co., Palmerston North 684
Nurton, W. W., and Co., New Plymouth 104
N.Z. Farmers' Motor Co., Ltd., Feilding 658
Oates and Co., Napier 383
Okey, Son and Arnold, Ltd., New Plymouth 104
Osmond Cycle Works, Masterton 740
Paget, T. L., Stratford 172
Persson, J. A., Rongotea 694
Phillips, J., Levin 711
Price, P. C., Hawera 243
Reynolds, E., and Co., Napier 383
Reynolds, E., and Co., Ltd., N. Plymouth 104
Reynolds, E., and Co., Ltd., Palmerston N. 685
Scott, Motor and Cycle Co., Ltd., Palm. N. 685
Sinclair, T. D., Hastings 468
Skeates and Bockaert, Ltd., N. Plymouth 104
Symonds, H. A., Hastings 468
Wairarapa Cycle and Motor Works, Carterton 747
Watson and Neville, Feilding 655
Wellington — Wairarapa Motor and Cycle Co., Ltd., Masterton 740
Wyeliemirski, W., Napier 384

Dairy Industry.

Alpha Dairy Factory, Ormondville 535
Auroa Cheese Factory and Creamery, Auroa 213
Awatuna Co-op. Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Awatuna 198
Ballance Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Pahiatua 720
Bell Block Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Fitzroy 127
Cardiff Co-op. Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Cardiff 184
Connett, J. S., Bell Block 129
Dannevirke Co-op. Dairy Factory, Dannevirke 555
Heretaunga Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Hastings 462
Hillsborough Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Hillsborough 128
Hurworth Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Fitzroy 127
Joll's Auroa Creamery, Auroa 213
Joll's Skeet Road Creamery, Okaiawa 220
Kaupokonui Co-op. Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Kaupokonui 214page ix
Kohai Dairy Farm, Aorangi 622
Levin Co-op. Dairy Factory, Levin 710
Mahoe Creamery of the Mangatoki Co-op. Dairy Co., Mahoe 185
Makuri-Pongoroa Dairy Co., Pahiatua 720
Makuri Road Creamery, Toko 186
Midhurst Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Midhurst 162
Mills' Co-op. Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Mokoia 234
Ngaire Co-op. Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Ngaire 188
Normanby Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Normanby 222
Norsewood Co-op. Dairy Factory, Norsewood 536
Nuhaka Dairy Factory, Nuhaka 433
Pembroke Road Creamery, Midhurst 162
Pihama Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Pihama 212
Rongotea Co-op. Dairy Factory, Rongotea 694
Shannon Dairy Co., Palmerston North 676
Skeet Road Creamery of the Pihama Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Pihama 212
Tawaka Dairy Factory Co., Ltd., Martinb. 759
Tawhiti Creamery, Hawera 240
Timaru Creamery, Tataraimaka 210
Toko Factory, Toko 186
Waipuku Creamery, Waipuku 161
Wairoa Dairy Factory Co-op. Co., Wairoa 426
Warea Co-op. Dairy Co., Ltd., Warea 208

Dairy, Refrigerating, and Electrical Engineers.

Holben and Kirk, Palmerston North 682


Balfour, A. B., Greytown 751
Burnard, A. V., Palmerston North 671
Clarkson, H., Masterton 733
Cole, N. S. C., Palmerston North 671
Crump, H. D., Hastings 459
Dransfield, S., Carterton 744
Farmer, G. M., Otaki 715
Forte, C. H., N. Plymouth 82
Frost, H. W., Napier 368
Gray, A., New Plymouth 82
Gray, J., Hawera 237
Greenwood, J. C., Wang 599
Harris, H. V. C., Napier 368
Hosking, R., Masterton 733
Hunter and Johnston, Hawera 237
Hunter and Johnston, Patea 266
Hunter, S. B., Stratford 172
Jackson, H. E., Carterton 745
Lloyd, R. V., Palmerston North 671
London Dental Co., Wanganui 599
London Dental Institute, New Plymouth 82
Reston, F. W., N. Plymouth 82
Rothenberg, A. H., Masterton 733
Stocker, G. K. J., Hawera 237
Swan, W. H. C., Masterton 733
Taplin, C. N., Palmerston North 671
Tripe, J. S., Eketahuna 727
Williams, A. M., New Plymouth 82
Wilson and Davies, Napier 368
Wilson, H. A., Hawera 237

Drapers, Tailors, Etc.

Adams, R. A., and Sons, Patea 266
Ambury Bros., New Plym. 97
Blyth and Co., Napier 376
Bradford Woollen Co., Dannevirke 557
Buckrell, J. J., Wanganui 605
Campbell, A., and Co., Pahiatua 721
Durward, W. F., and Co., Palmerston North 677
Egmont Clothing Co., Stratford 176
Excelsior Drapery Co., Eltham 194
Glasgow House, Martinborough 759
Griffiths, G., New Plymouth 98
Hamill, P., Masterton 738
Humphrey, C. H., Mangaweka 634
Johnson, M., Hastings 463
Kirkcaldie and Stains, Ltd., Napier 376
Lloyd, E., and Co., Dannev. 557
Marks, L., N. Plymouth 98
McCay, F., Masterton 738
McKibbin and Pike, Eketahuna 729
Melbourne Clothing Factory, Stratford 176
Murray, A., Greytown 752
Paterson Bros., and Co., Hawera 241
Paul, J., and Co., Wang. 606
Plumtree, F., Stratford 176
Red House, Napier 378
Rich's Drapery and Outfitting Warehouse, Havelock North 477
Robinson, R. H., Inglewood 151
Robinson, R. H., Stratf. 176
Smith, C., Ltd., Masterton 738
Spence, W., Hawera 241
Sutton, A. H., and Co., Feilding 651
Thompson, J. P., Napier 378-379
Veitch and Allan, Greytown 752
White, J. W., Hastings 463

Electric Light and Power Companies.

Hawera County Electric Light and Power Co., Ltd., Hawera 246
Hawera County Electric Light and Power Co., Normanby 223
Inglewood Electric Light and Power Co., Ltd., Inglewood 154
Stratford Electric Supply Co., Ltd., Stratford 180

Engineers and Blacksmiths.

Hopkirk, J., Hawera 242
Nicholas, C. T., Hawera 242
Richards, W. L., Palmerston North 684
Taylor, W., Hawera 242
Vulcan Foundry, Napier 384

Engineers and Surveyors.

Dix and Marchant, Wang. 604
Kennedy Bros, and Morgan, Napier 374
Muir, A. G., Wanganui 604
Orbell and Mackay, Strat. 175

Flax Mills.

Herston Flax Mills, Foxton 699
Kowhai and Cornwall Flax-mills, Foxton 699
Linton Flax-mill, Palmerston North 690
Oroua Flax-mill, Palmerston North 691
Potu Flaxmill, Foxton 699
Seifert, A. and L., Flax-milling Co., Ltd., Palmerston N. 691
Swainson and Bevan, Ltd., Levin 708
Tasman Flaxmill, Takapau 532


Abbotsford Station, Waipawa 504
A Deane, J. R. B., Takapau 529
Apley Station, Nelson Bros., Puketapu 414
Baird, J., Argyle 506
Baker, C. J., Hastings 473
Bayly, Bros., Toko 187
Bayly, F., Toko 187
Bayly, H., Toko 187
Bayly, J., Waitara 143
Beachen, J. P., Onga Onga 512
Beamish, N. H., Makaretu 533
Bennett, J. S., Taradale 437
Beyers, H., Argyle 506
Bicknell, J., Puketapu 415
Birch, W. J., Marton 628
Black, P. L., Urenui 145
Boothman, W., Ruakituri 432
Bowling, W. J., Onga Onga 513
Braeburn Station, Porangahau 526
Bremer, F. A., Okaiawa 220
Bridgman, W., Hastings 474
Brittan, —, Kaimata 158
Brooklands Estate, Puketapu 415
Broughton, W., Fernhill 481
Brown, C., Havelock N. 479
Brown, G. M., Ngaire 189
Buchanan, J. S., Patangata 494
Burgess, J., Warea 208
Burwell, A. E., Kahmata 158
Campbell, H., Hastings 474
Campbell, S., Pihama 212
Canning, A., Tariki 160
Capper, G., Kaimata 158
Carlyon, A. S. G., Tikokino 510
Carlyon, H. T. F., Waipawa 505
Carmichael, D., Pohui 420
Carrick, M., Mangorei 131
Carter, J. W., Midhurst 163
Clifton Station, Clive 443
Cocker, A., Hawera 249
Codd, C., Puketapu 415
Colson, G. A., Fitzroy 128
Conaglen, J., Pihama 212
Connor, J. J., Takapau 531
Coombe, J., Waitotara 622
Corkhill, W., Stratford 182
Couper, D., McL., Kuripapango 420
Cowley, J. W., Inglewood 156
Cox, T., Stratford 182
Coxhead, C., Otakeho 214
Crump, W., Tikorangi 143
Curtis, H. B., Inglewood 155
Dalton, J. B., Waverly 623
Davey, W. H., Hastings 474
Davies, R., Takapau 530
Davison, G., Palmerston N. 693
Donnelly, G. P., Fernhill 481
Downing, W. E., Takapau 529
Duirs, W., Mokoia 254
Dunnage, A. S., Puketapu 415
Earp, F., Egmont Village 157
Easton, A. and S., Foxton 700
Easton, F. S., Foxton 700
Elliot, G., Hastings 474
Evans, R., Kaikora North 489
Farndon Dairy Parm, Clive 443
Flaxmere Estate, Hastings 474
Fleming, J. S., Patangata 494
Fleming, M., Pungarehu 206
Fleming, R. J., Wanstead 524
Fleming, W., Onga Onga 513
Follett, J., Marton 628
Foreman, J. W., Tikorangi 143
Fountaine, T. F., Kumeroa 577
Freemantle, W. E., Onga Onga 513
Frethey, J. H., Kaponga 200
Gardiner, F., Foxton 702
Gibbs, J., Alton 255
Glegg, R., New Plymouth 116
Goldstone, W., Wairoa 428
Gollan, D. M., Patangata 496
Gollan, J. D., Norsewood 537
Goodson, C., Hawera 249
Greenaway, C., Hillsboro. 128
Hakawai Station, Puketapu 416
Halcombe, A. H., Urenui 145
Hales, T. C., Wimbleton 526
Hammond, H. G., Foxton 701
Hartree, H., Puketitiri 417
Hastie, W., Kaikora N. 490
Haverbier, H. A., Kaimata 158
Hawkston Station, Puketitiri 418
Herbert, C., Herbertville 527
Hill, W. J., Havelock N. 480
Holden, J., Tikokino 511
Honeyfield, W. J., N. Plym. 116
Horne, D. M., Woodville 576
Hoskin, A. J., Bell Block 130
Hukanui and Pakaututu Stations, Puketitiri 418
Ingley, A. J., Onga Onga 513
Inglis Bros., Makaretu 533
Jackson, W., Takapau 530
Janett, F., Takapau 530
Jenkins, E. F., Kaimata 158
Jenkins, T., Eltham 197
Jenkins, W. F., Urenui 145
Jensen, A. T., Hatuma 528
Jones, D., Tariki 160
Kahuranaki and Kohinurakau Stations, Hastings 475
Kelsey, W. rf., Tariki 160
Kittow, W., Patangata 495
Kiwi Estate, Wairoa 429
Knight, J., Kaikora North 490
Lambess, T. R., Bulls 644
Lane, E., Argyle 508
Le Fleming, W. H., Otake. 214
Lile, A., Inglewood 155
Limpus, C., Patangata 495
Longstaff, G. M., Tarurutangi 130
Lowry, T. H., Fernhill 481
Mackie, A., Onga Onga 513
Mangapoiki Maru Maru 431
Mason, M., Te Aute 487
McDonald, A., Kuripapango 419
McKay, L., Argyle 507
McLeod, J. A., Takapau 532
McPhail, R. M., Palmerston North 693
McTaggart, N. E., Lepperton 132
Mekhalick, V., Pahiatua 719
McKinnon, J., Mohaka 421
McKinnon, J. M., Turiroa 422
Meter Station, Puketapu 416
Meyer, J. M., Whenuakura 624
Milne, D., Petane 413
Milson, J. S., Feilding 661
Mitchell, A., Wanganui 617
Moeangiangi Station, Wairoa 429
Moore, G. F., Kai-iwi 620
Monteith, J. H., Hastings 475
Morgan, E. J., Inglewood 157
Morris, F. J., Tapuae 211
Motuotaraia Station, Wanstead 525
Mouton, F. O. H., Maxwelltown 621
Muhleisen, G. J., Onga Onga 514
Nelson Bros., Woodville 576
Nestor, T., Tikokino 511
Nilsson, G. W., Kaikora N. 491 page x
Okey, H. J. H., N. Plym. 116
Oliver, G. Y., Argyle 508
Ormond, G. C., Mahra 435
Otiramia Station, Puketitiri 418
Patoka Station, Puketapu 416
Paulsen, M., Takapau 530
Pepper, T., Patangata 496
Perkins, G., Maru Maru 432
Pettit, W. C., Onga Onga 514
Potts, A., Takapau 581
Priest, G., Te Aute 487
Puketapu Station, Puketapu 417
Putt, H., Bell Block 130
Ralph, D. Argyle 507
Rathbone, E. G., Waipawa 505
Rawlins, J., Omata 126
Rhodes, Mrs. L. M., Onga Onga 515
Rice, H. W., Onga Onga 514
Riverina Station, Frasertown 430
Roach, E. O., Argyle 508
Robinson, C. E., Foxton 701
Robinson, J. H., Foxton 701
Robinson, O. R., Foxton 701
Rood, A., Onga Onga 515
Rowe, T., Tarurutangi 130
Sargeant, J., Wimbleton 526
Satherley, G., Foxton 701
Shamrock Station, Puketitiri 419
Skerman, A. W., Waipawa 505
Small, H., Kaikora North 491
Smellie, T., Hillsborough 129
Smith, C. C., Makotuko 538
Speedy, H. A., Takapau 532
Spring Bros., Argyle 508
Springfield Station, Puketapu 417
Symons, C. H., Foxton 701
Tait, C., Manaia 219
Tait, J., Mohaka 421
Tareha, K., Taradale 438
Taylor, G. S., Kaimata 159
“Te Onepu,” Te Aute 487
Tiffen, F. J., Patangata 494
Tisch, G., New Plymouth 116
Tod, J., Kaikora North 492
Turamoa Station, Puketitiri 418
Wai Station, Nuhaka 434
Waldrom, J., Onga Onga 515
Walker, G., Nuhaka 434
Walker, G., Onga Onga 516
Watson, H. N., Waipawa 504
Watt, J. C., Hastings 475
Webster, S., Kaimata 159
White, W. H., Herbertville 527
Wiggins, J., Feilding 662
Williams, A. G., Norsewood 537
Williams, W. T., Te Aute 488
Williamson, J., Kakaramea 255
Wilson, E., Onga Onga 516
Wilson, L. H. F., Hatuma 528
Witherow, F. J., Patangata 497
Woodbank Station, Herbertville 528

Flour Millers.

Carter, C., New Plymouth 111
Marton Roller Flour Mills, Marton 627
Monteath, L. McL., New Plymouth 111
Sentry Hill Roller Flour Mills, N. Plymouth 111
Wanganui Roller Flour Mills, Wanganui 616

Freezing Trade.

Hastings Freezing W'ks, Hastings 469
Hastings Freezing Works, Napier 385
North British and Hawke's Bay Freezing Co., Ltd., Napier 385
Taranaki Producers' Freezing Works, Co., Ltd., New Plymouth 107
Tomoana Station and Freezing Works 387
Waitara Freezing Works, Waitara 140
Wanganui Meat Freezing Co., Ltd., Wanganui 612
West Coast Refrigerating Co., Ltd., Patea 267

Fruiterers, Etc.

Carpenter, F. W., Hawera 244
Greytown Fruit-growing Co., Ltd., Greytown 753
Inglewood Fruit Co., Inglewood 153
Tararua Vineyard, Masterton 741

Furnishing Trade.

Aitken and Evans, Feilding 652
Allen, C. R., Napier 379
Arthur, A. H., Hawera 241
August, E. J., Levin 710
Beaver, T., Dannevirke 558
Braund and Tunbridge, New Plymouth 98
Clark, S., and Co., New Plymouth 98
Clausen, A. E., Palmerston North 679
Drake, G. W., and H., Inglewood 151
Dugdale, C. P., Waitara 139
Foster, T. W., Carterton 746
Grinlinton, E. R., Woodville 574
Gordon, Channon and Co., Dannevirke 558
Heldt, F., New Plymouth 98
Hoar and Permain 746
Hulbert, J., Patea 267
Hyde, G., and Co., Master. 739
Malcolm Furnishing Co., Ltd., Palmerston N. 679
Newman, W., Napier 379
Nicholson, G., Napier 379
Pegden, W., Palmerston N. 679
Ritchie and Co., Napier 379
Somerville, F. W., Taihape 639
Stannard, A. C., Palmerston North 679
Taihape Furnishing Factory, Taihape 640
Universal Furnishing Co., Napier 379
Williamson, D. R. F., Feilding 652


Giddings, A. J., Masterton 741
Veale and Chatterton, New Plymouth 112
Woolley, A. W., Marton 627

Gas Companies.

Carterton Borough Gas Works, Carterton 744
Dannevirke Gas Co. 565
Feilding Gas Co., Ltd., Feilding 658
Hawera Gas Co., Ltd., Hawera 247
New Plymouth Gas Co., Ltd., New Plymouth 112


King and Henry, Master. 740

Hairdressers, Tobacconists, Etc.

Antiseptic Hairdressing Saloon, N. Plym. 98
Aynsley, W. J., Wanganui 607
Bly, R., Woodville 574
Brandon, J., Hastings 463
Bridges, L. E., Wanganui 607
Bullot, A. B., N. Plym. 99
Box, T. B., Wairoa 427
Campbell, D., Mangaweka 634
Davis, W. F., Palmerston North 679
Dixon, A. E., Waverley 622
Donovan, J. D., Hastings 464
Edwards, H., N. Plym. 99
Fraser, J., Carterton 746
Freeman, W., N. Plymouth 99
Gilby, E., Wanganui 607
Hall, H., Levin 710
Hooper, S. C., Dannevirke 559
Hughes, J. L., Masterton 740
Jensen, J. R., Stratford 177
Lewin, W., Eltham 194
Lovejoy, T., Palmerston N. 679
Mercer, P. A., Feilding 652
Mercer, T., Stratford 177
Parrant, J. L., Otaki 715
Price, G. H., and Co., Napier 380
Reynolds, A., Wanganui 608
Robertson, E. E., Feather. 754
Robertson, J., Greytown 752
Robinson, E., Taihape 640
Robottom Bros., New Plymouth 99
Ross, J. R., and Co., Nap. 388
Schlierike, W. H., New Plymouth 99
Wright, A., Martinborough 759
White, J. G., Palmerston North 679


Albion Hotel, Shannon 704
Argyle Hotel, Hunterville 631
Branch Hotel, Eltham 194
Caledonian Hotel, Napier 381
Carlton Club Hotel, Hastings 464
Central Hotel, Otaki 715
Central Hotel, Masterton 740
Clarendon Hotel, Palmerston North 680
Clarendon Hotel, Waverley 622
Club Hotel, Carterton 746
Club Hotel, Dannevirke 559
Club Hotel, Eketahuna 729
Club Hotel, Marton 626
Club Hotel, Pahiatua 721
Club Hotel, Palmerston N. 681
Commercial Hotel, Kaponga 200
Commercial Hotel, Palmerston North 681
Commercial Hotel Stratf. 177
Commercial Hotel, Waipawa 503
Criterion Hotel, Napier 382
Criterion Hotel, New Plymouth 100
Crown Hotel, Norsewood 536
Dudley Arms Hotel, Pahiatua 722
Egmont Hotel, Hawera 241
Empire Hotel, Feilding 653
Empire Hotel, Waipawa 763
Endymion Hotel, Feilding 653
Ern's Hotel, Taihape 640
Exchange Hotel, Havelock North 477
Family Hotel, Otaki 715
Fernhill Hotel, Fernhill 480
Ferry Hotel, Wairoa 427
Foxton Family Hotel, Foxton 698
Frasertown Hotel, Frasertown 430
Gretna Hotel, Taihape 641
Hastings Hotel, Hastings 465
Hunterville Hotel, Hunterville 631
Imperial Hotel, Waipawa 503
Junction Hotel, Bulls 644
Konini Hotel, Pahiatua 722
Lake Hotel, Pohui 420
Manaia Hotel, Manaia 763
Manawatu Hotel, Foxton 698
Mangatera Hotel, Dannevirke 560
Masonic Hotel, Napier 381
Masonic Hotel, Waitara 140
Metropolitan Hotel, Wanganui 609
Napier Hotel, Napier 381
Pacific Hotel, Hastings 466
Patangata Hotel, Patanga. 493
Post Office Hotel, Foxton 698
Post Office Hotel, Pahiatua 723
Provincial Hotel, Napier 382
Provincial Hotel, Wang. 610
Puketapu Hotel, Puketapu 413
Rahotu Hotel, Rahotu 207
Railway Hotel, Kaikora North 489
Railway Hotel, Palmerston North 681
Rangitikei Hotel, Bulls 644
Royal Hotel, Bunnythorpe 622
Royal Hotel, Featherston 754
Royal Hotel, Napier 382
Royal Hotel, Palmerston North 682
Royal Oak Hotel, Weber 567
Rutland Hotel, Wanganui 610
Sandford Hotel, Onga Onga 512
Stortford Hotel, Hastings 466
Taranaki Hotel, New Plymouth 101
Taradale Hotel, Taradale 436
Telegraph Hotel, Otaki 716
Terminus Hotel, New Plymouth 101
Urenui Hotel, Urenui 144
Victoria Hotel, Wanganui 610
Waimate Hotel, Manaia 219
Wairoa Hotel, Wairoa 427
Waitotara Hotel, Waitotara 621
Wanstead Hotel, Wanstead 523
Weraroa Hotel, Levin 711


Alliance Assurance Co., Napier 370
Australian Mutual Provident Society, Napier 370
Australian Mutual Provident Society, New Plymouth 86
Government Life Insurance, Napier 370
Mutual Life Association of Australasia, Ltd., Napier 371
New Zealand Insurance Co., Ltd., N. Plym. 85
N.Z. Government State Fire Insurance Department, Palmerston North 672
N.Z. Insurance Co., Ltd., Napier 370
N.Z. Insurance Co., Ltd., Wanganui 600
South British Insurance Co., Napier 370
State Fire Insurance Department, Napier 370
Wairarapa Saw-millers' Accident Insurance Co., Masterton 734


Kelly, G., Napier 373
Walker, J. H., Waitara 138


Bennett and Sutton, Hawera 242
Bone, F. L., Hastings 467
Calder and Drummond 560
  Dannevirke 560
Collinson and Son, Palmerston North 682
Hardy, J., Napier 382
Spurdle and Bond, Wang. 611
Ward, S., and Co., Stratford 177
Williams, H., and Sons, Ltd., Hastings 468
Williams, H., and Sons, Ltd., Napier 383


Royal Steam Laundry, New Plymouth 105
page xi

Leather Trade.

A.B.C. Boot Depot, New Plymouth 105
Bowron and Butcher, Napier 384
Coe, A. H., Wanganui 612
Cull, G., Wanganui 612
Dickson, T., and Co., Hawera 243
Direct Supply Cash Boot Co., Stratford 177
Dunbar, A., Feilding 655
Duxfield, A. H., Hawera 243
Edwards and King, Napier 384
Egmont Boot and Shoe Co., N. Plymouth 105–106
Frewin, R. J., Inglewood 152
Hannah and Co., Ltd., Palmerston North 686
Hannah, R., and Co., Ltd., Stratford 177
Horne and Elliott, Hast. 469
Johnston, A., Dannevirke 561
Jones, F., New Plymouth 106
Jordan, A., Stratford 178
Knight, S. H., Hastings 469
Leevers Bros., Napier 384
Loader, W., Woodville 574
Neagle, D., Taihape 641
Neagle, J., Dannevirke 562
Neill, W. J., Feilding 655
Onehunga Boot Factory, Hawera 243
Petherick, F. J., Hunterville 631
Ramson, M., N. Plymouth 107
Ransom, E. A., Dannevirke 562
Rickard, W., Palmerston North 686
Ries, H. M., and Sons, Dannevirke 562
Thacker, F. G., Wanganui 612
Universal Boot Depot, Stratford 178
Wills, T. W., Waipawa 503


New Plymouth Supreme Court, District Court, and Magistrate's Court 79
Stratford District Magistrate's Court 171
Taranaki District Law Society 80


Beattie, Lang and Co., Palmerston North 687
Bradford Woollen Co., Stratford 179
Drake, T. and Co., Inglewood 143
Executors of the Toogood Estate, Featherston 755
Feist, L. A., Pahiatua 723
Fraser, S. G., Waitara 141
George, J. C., New Plym. 107
Gurr, T. J. C., and Co., Wanganui 612
Lees and Mountfort, Wairoa 428
Lovell and Christmas, Hawera 245
McEwan, J. B., and Co., New Plymouth 107–108
Melsop, Elliott and Co., Palmerston North 687
Nash, J. A., and Co., Ltd., Foxton 699
Nathan, L. D., and Co., Ltd., N. Plymouth 108
N.Z. Loan and Mercantile Co., Ltd., Napier 390
Ross and Glendining, Napier 390
Sargood, Son and Ewen, Napier 390
Sargood, Son and Ewen, New Plymouth 109
Sturton, J. W., and Co., Pahiatua 723
Turnbull, W. and G., and Co., Wanganui 613
Welch, T. W., N. Plym. 109
Watson and Co., Woodv. 575
Williams and Kettle, Ltd., Napier 391

Monumental Works.

Wairarapa Monumental Works, Masterton 737


Collier and Colonial Piano Co., Ltd., Stratford 171
Dixon and Bates, Hawera 234
Gilbert, E. E., Wanganui 598-764
Lockyer, F. H., Napier 362


“Daily News,” N. Plym. 79
“Eltham Argus,” Eltham 193
“Hawera and Normanby Star,” Hawera 235
“Hawke's Bay Herald,” Napier 363
“Horowhenua Daily Times,” Levin 707
“Inglewood Record,” Inglewood 149
“Martinborough Star,” Martinborough 758
“Napier Daily Telegraph,” 364
“Opunake Times,” Opunake 204
“Patea County Press,” Patea 265
“Stratford Evening Post,” Stratford 171
“Taranaki Herald,” Taranaki 78
“The Bulletin,” Hastings 471
“Waimate Witness and Kaponga Advocate,” Manaia 217
“Wairoa Guardian,” Wairoa 426
“Waitara Evening Mail and Clifton County Chronicle,” Waitara 137

Nurserymen, Seedsmen, Fruiterers, Etc.

Aorangi Nurseries, Feilding 656
Balfour, W., Waverley 623
Benfield, W. T., and Sons, Wanganui 613
Betts, C. E., Kaponga 200
City Fruit and Flower Co., N. Plymouth 109
Duncan's Nursery, New Plymouth 110
Frimley Orchard, Hastings 470
Guthrie, W., Havelock N. 478
Havelock Nurseries, Havelock North 478
Hawke's Bay Nurseries, Hastings 470
Horne, J., N. Plymouth 110
Karoola Orchard, Havelock North 479
Laird, J., and Sons, Wang. 613
Mayo, J., and Sons, Palmerston North 688
Morshead Nursery Co., New Plymouth 110
Oxford Nurseries, Palmerston North 688
Premier Nurseries, Pahiatua 724
Rowe, W., Hawera 245
Sherwood Nurseries, Feilding 65
Simmonds, A., and Co., Napier 391
Sinclair, J. T., Wanganui 614
The Nurseries, Stratford 180
Terrace Nursery, Napier 391
Waterhouse, W., Taradale 437

Oil and Color Merchants.

Tingey, R. and E., and Co., Ltd., Palmerston North 677
Williams Bros., Napier 376

Oil Industry.

Moturoa Petroleum Co., Ltd., New Plymouth 109

Packing and Canning Company.

West Coast Packing and Canning Co., Ltd., Patea 267

Phonograph Dealers.

McDonald, J., Palmerston North 670


Collis, W. A., N. Plymouth 91
Gungall, A. F., Hawera 239
McAllister, J., Stratford 175
Wells, E. E., Patea 266

Physicians and Surgeons.

Barnett, E. C., Taihape 637
Bernan, H. F., Napier 367
Brodie, A. M., Hastings 458
Brown, G. H., Hawera 236
Cook, P. R., Masterton 732
Cowle, J. A., Masterton 732
Deck, E. J. D., Hawera 236
Edgar, J. J., Napier 367
Fergus, T., Wanganui 595
Fookes, E. F., N. Plymouth 82
Hatherly, H. R., Wanganui 599
Henley, E. A. W., Napier 367
Jenkins, E. S., Dannevirke 550
Leatham, H. B., New Plymouth 82
Locking, B., Napier 367
Maclagan, D. W., Kaponga 199
McCleland, H. A., New Plymouth 82
Moore, T. C., Napier 367
Mules, P. H., Woodville 572
Nairn, R., Hastings 458
Reed, J. L., Waipawa 501
Simmons, W. T., Patea 263
Sloan, H. R., Hawera 236
Somerville, J., Wairoa 426
Todd, A., Waipawa 502
Turnbull, R. B., Mangaweka 632
Walker, E. A., N. Plymouth 82
Westenra, F. G., Hawera 232-236
Whitton, T. B., N. Plym. 82
Wylie, D. S., N. Plymouth 82

Piano and Organ Builders and Dealers.

Davidson, J., N. Plymouth 95
Dresden Piano Co., Marton 625

Picture Framers, &C.

Allen, E. T., Napier 375
Beadnall, R. W., Palmerston North 676

Plumbers, Blacksmiths, Etc.

Abbott, J., New Plymouth 102
Cook Bros., Carterton 745
Griffiths Bros., N. Plym. 102
Okey and Rollo, N. Plym. 102
Roberts, J., N. Plymouth 102
Smart, G., and Co., New Plymouth 102
Tunbridge, H. H., New Plymouth 102

Plumbers, Painters, and Paperhangers.

Amor, G. P., Feilding 650
Bailey, T., and Co., Pahiatua 720
Burden, T. L., Hastings 462
Chinn, R. E., Inglewood 151
Creighton, W., Feilding 651
Feilding Plumbing Works, Feilding 654
Herd and Dickie, Wang. 605
James, C. R., Dannevirke 556
James, G., Dannevirke 556
Johansen, O., Wairoa 427
McConnell, T. B., New Plymouth 97
McLaughlin, J., Mangaweka 633
Menefy, A. O., Dannevirke 561
Meyrick, F., Palmerston North 683
Nash, A., Dannevirke 556
O'Reilly, D., Palmerston North 684
Osgood and Hancock, Palmerston North 677
Proctor and Proctor, Levin 710
Rees and Upchurch, Hunterville 631
Turner, G., Feilding 654

Printers and Stationers.

Bulletin Printing and Publishing Works, Hastings 471
Fisher, E. H., Feilding 657
Hatherly and Johnson, Wanganui 615
McKenzie, F. E., Dannevirke 564

Private Hotels.

Albyon House, Wanganui 608
Anderson's Private Hotel, Palmerston North 680
City Central Boarding House, Mangaweka 634
Commercial Exchange Private Hotel, Feilding 652
Criterion House, Wang. 609
Foster's Hotel, Wanganui 609
Inglewood Coffee Palace, Inglewood 151
Junction House, Marton 626
Langholm Hotel, Mangaweka 635
Parkville Private Hotel, Wanganui 610
Temperance Hotel, Taihape 641
Wanganui Coffee Palace, Wanganui 611

Refreshment Rooms.

Central Confectionery and Refreshment Room, Taihape 640
Feilding Refreshment Rooms, Feilding 654
Imperial Cafe, Hastings 467
Royal Cafe, Palmerston N. 682
Silver Grid Dining and Supper Rooms, Wanganui 609
Trocadero Dining Rooms, Hastings 407

Rope and Twine Manufacturer.

Ross, W., and Sons, Foxton 700

Sausage-Casing Works.

Oppenheimer, S., and Co., Clive 442

Sheep Dip Makers.

Murton's Sheep Dip Works, Napier 393
page xii

Ship Chandler.

Widerstrom, U. T. G., Napier 393


Levin and Co., Ltd., Foxton 698
The Tyser Line, Ltd., Napier 395
Union Steamship Co., Ltd., Napier 396


Betts, H. L., Stratford 180
Boase, F. F., Hawera 244
Forrest, C. A., Wanganui 615


Ballantyne, H. G., Puketapu 414
Beckbessinger, E., Waitara 141
Bennett, H. D., and Co., Taihape 642
Geo. Boggs, Greenmeadows 436
Bone, H. H., Patangata 494
Clark, G., Kaikora North 489
Cluett and Co., Toko 187
Colwill Bros., Greenmeadows 436
Copeland and Myers, Dannevirke 565
Cowie, J. P., Fordell 625
Davidson, F. C., Eltham 196
Denholm, W., Napier 392
Eaves, H. J., Otakeho 214
Ellis Bros., Taihape 642
Evans, W. F., Havelock North 478
Fox, J. S., Okato 209
Gapper, F. J. E., Kaponga 200
Gapper, H. C., Levin 712
Gilmour, J., Manaia 219
Glenny, R. M., Taradale 437
Grinlinton, R. E., and Co., Woodville 575
Herbert, A. H., and Co., Eketahuna 730
Hopkins, H. J., Stratford 180
Howitt, A. M., Patea 268
Howitt, W. K., Awatuna East 198
Hughson, T. P., Rahotu 207
James, C. E., Alton 255
Joll, H., Waitara 141
Jones, J., and Co., Eketahuna 730
Kernohan and Co., Wang. 616
King, C. H., Warea 208
Kirkham, A. J., and Co., Ashhurst 716
Lee, F. A., and Co., Ngaire 189
Leech, C., Inglewood 154
McKibbin, D. G., Woodville 574
McLennon Bros., Taihape 643
Mills and Adlam, Kaponga 200
Moa Farmers' Union, Ltd. 153
Newman Bros., Opunake 205
Nicholls, A. C., Inglewood 154
Nicol, J. M., Marton 627
Pain and Kershaw, Martinborough 760
Parkes and Brooker, Awatuna East 198
Phillips, W. F., Feilding 658
Pote, H., Bell Block 129
Proffit, J. D., Auroa 213
Roach, F. H., Porangahan 525
Roach, E. O., Tikokino 509
Roach, G. H., Hastings 463
Robbins, B. C., Hawera 243
Rowe, C. N., Urenui 145
Runeiman Bros., Havelock North 478
Seannell, B., Carterton 747
Smith, J., Hawera 246
Stevens, F. Palmerston N. 689
Sugden, A., Ormondville 535
Tayler, Scrivener and Co., Eltham 196
Thompson, C., Napier 392
Thornton, P. G., Clive 442
Tombs and Grubb, Palmerston N. 690
Walkley and Hill, Pahiatua 724
Ward, G. J., Palmerston N. 689
Wearne, R. T., Feilding 644
Whittaker, J., Masterton 741
Whittaker, J., N. Plym. 112
Williams, C., and Co., Levin 711
Williamson, J., Waitara 142
Wilson, A. H., Hunterville 631
Woodroofe, G., and Co., Palmerston North 690


Bannin, P. J., Greytown 752
Brunton, J., Hunterville 630
Carrie, W. H., Wanganui 605
Clark, A., Opunake 205
Craig and Co., Manaia 218
De Luen, A., and Co., Palmerston North 677
Elite Tailoring Emporium, Mangaweka 633
Etz, E. E., Dannevirke 557
Fieldes, W. A., Stratford 176
Greenwood, R. H., Wang. 606
Herbert, J., Patea 267
Holtham, J. J., Patea 267
Imrie, W. M., Carterton 745
Lonergan, W., Waitara 139
Mahon, A. J., Palmerston North 678
Martin, J., Napier 377
McMillan, R., Eltham 194
Napier Tailoring Establishment, Napier 377
Newberry, W. F., Waitara 139
N.Z. Clothing Factory, Dannevirke 558
N.Z. Clothing Factory, Napier 377
N.Z. Clothing Factory, Palmerston North 678
Osborne, A. R., Foxton 698
Parker, T., and Co., Napier 377
Patterson, J., Stratford 177
Percival, W. H., Feilding 651
Playle, E. J., Martinb. 759
Purcell and Overend, Ashhurst
Rawle and Co., Shannon 704
Reid and Parkin, Waipawa 503
Rodger, H., Hawera 241
Smith, C. S., Hawera 241
Thompson and Co., Mangaweka 634


Ross, J. McL., Martinb. 761

Teachers Of Music.

Fletcher, A. E. A., New Plymouth 77
Hoben, S. F., Napier 361
Hutchens, R. L., Hawera 234
Golding, E. A., New Plym. 77
Gunter, H. E., Palmerston North 670
Lawson, A., Dannevirke 549
Lehmann, E. C., Napier 361
Massey, A. J., Feilding 648
Toner, T. St. L., Napier 361
Vartha, Miss B., Napier 361
Webb, A., Masterton 739
White, G. H., New Plym. 77

Tent Maker.

Hassell, A. S., N. Plym. 112

Traction Engine Proprietors.

Chapman, W., and Co., Martinborough 761
Newrick Bros., Hastings 472

Veterinary Surgeons.

Danvers, A. T., Hastings 458
Edgar, P. M., Wanganui 599

Watchmakers and Jewellers.

Bright, R. H., Palmerston North 693
Brunette, J., Hawera 247
Collins, F. W., Napier 393
Cooke, A. L., N. Plym. 114
Gilbert, L. J., Stratford 181
McCorkindale, A., Hast. 471
Mortensen, J., Palmerston North 693
Mowlem, H., Palmerston North 693
Oxley, G., Pahiatua 725
Parker, J. H., N. Plym. 114
Petrie, J., Stratford 181
Prosser Bros., Opunake 205
Reid, N. L., Wanganui 617
Short, G., Feilding 660
Wishart, J., and Co., Palmerston North 693

Wheel Traffic.

Albert Stables, Hastings 472
Bradley Bros., Levin 712
Carbine Stables, Hunterville 631
Clark, A., Normanby 222
Coronation Stables, Eltham 196
Coulter, E., Waitara 143
Criterion Livery and Bait Stables, New Plymouth 113
Crowther and McCauley, Napier 393
Denbigh Stables, Feilding 659
Dominion Stables, Palmerston North 692
Egmont Stables, Hawera 247
Empire Stables, Feilding 660
Glenny, W. C., Patea 268
Hawera Stables, Hawera 247
Inglewood Livery Stables, Inglewood 155
Jury, W. A., N. Plymouth 113
Jury, W. H., New Plym. 113
Manchester Stables, Feilding 660
Martinborough Royal Mail Stables, Martinborough 761
Marton Stables, Marton 627
McIndoe's Livery and Bait Stables, Marton 628
Mills, T. M., Dannevirke 566
Opera House Stables, Wanganui 617
Premier Stables, Hastings 472
Railway Hotel Livery Stables, Inglewood 155
Ranfurly and Commercial Stables, Pahiatua 725
Rutland Stables, Wanganui 617
Tattersall's Livery and Bait Stables, Hast. 472
Tattersall's Livery and Bait Stables, New Plymouth 114
Victoria Stables, Feilding 660
Wairoa Livery and Bait Stables, Wairoa 428
Walker's Stables, Bulls 644
West Coast Livery and Bait Stables, Marton 628
West, J. W., New Plym. 114
White Hart Livery and Bait Stables, New Plymouth 113

Wine and Spirit Merchants.

Goldwater, A., N. Plymouth 93
Harrison, A. C., Hawera 240
Humphries, S. L., and Co., New Plymouth 93
Newbegin, E., Hastings 461
Paterson, L. D., Palmerston North 674

Wood Trade.

Awatoto Saw-mill and Timber Yards, Napier 394
Bartholomew, G., and Co., Ltd., Feilding 661
Booth, W., and Co., Carterton 747
Brown, H., and Co., New Plymouth 115
Cohr's Saw-mill, Makaretu 532
Derby Bros. Sash, Door, and Timber Factory, Stratford 181
Eltham Timber Yard, Eltham 196
Gamman, G. A., and Co., Dannevirke 566
Hawera Sash and Door Factory, Hawera 247
Hawke's Bay Timber Co.'s Mills, Puketitiri 417
Holt, R., Hastings 473
Holt, R., Napier 395
Koru Saw-milling Co., New Plymouth 115
Mangaweka Sash and Door Factory, Mangaweka 635
Manson and Co., Hast. 473
Mason and Co., Tikokino 509
New Plymouth Sash and Door Factory and Timber Co., Ltd., New Plymouth 115
Ngamoko Saw-milling Co., Norsewood 537
Pahiatua Sash and Door Factory, Pahiatua 725
Parsons, W., Norsewood 537
Payne and Co., Palmerston North z z z693
Prouse Bros., Ltd., Levin 713
Rangitikei Saw-millers' Co-op. Association, Taihape 637
Shannon Land and Saw-milling Co., Ltd., Shannon 705
Shuttleworth Bros., New Plymouth 115
Taranaki Saw-millers' Co-operative Association, Ltd., Stratf. 182
Tariki Road Saw-mills, Tariki 160
Te Aute Saw-mills, Te Aute 486
Toko Saw-mill, Toko 187
Wairarapa Saw-millers' Co-op. Association, Masterton 734
Weraroa Saw-mill, Levin 713
West Coast Saw-millers' Co-op. Association, Levin 708
Wingrove Road Saw-mill, Ngaire 189
Zajonskowski, J., Marton 628
Zajonskowski, J. L., Marton 628

Woolbrokers and Fellmongers.

Christiansen, A., Patea 267
Dean Bros., Woodville 575
Fellmongery and Woolscouring W'ks, Clive 440
Pahiatua Fellmongery, Pahiatua 723
Tucker, R., and Co., Clive 441
Weaver, A., Hastings 469