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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Accountants, Agents, and Auctioneers

Accountants, Agents, and Auctioneers.

Aldridge, J. J., Taihape 638
Ashton, W. M., and Co., Wanganni 601
Atkinson, A., Hawera 238
Atkinson, A. H., Feilding 648
Balfour, T. W., Napier 372
Barry, J. T., and Co., Feilding 648
Bauchope and Webster, New Plymouth 87
Bewley and Griffiths, New Plymouth 87
Bond, Newcombe and Co., Wanganui 601
Boyes and Walsh, Eketahuna 728
Brice, Broad and Co., Marton 626
Brown and Co., Feilding 648
Central Labour Agency, Wanganui 602
Couper, J., Napier 373
Cowern, W., Hawera 239
Datson, J. C., Eltham 193
Ferguson, J. H., Napier 373
Fraser, J. A., Hastings 460
Gatenby and Thompson, Wanganui 600
Gilmour and Pattie, New Plymouth 87
Gillies and Nalder, Hawera 238
Gurr, N. L., Dannevirke 552
Hirst. J. W., Hawera 239
Hoadley, C. B., and Son, Ltd., Napier 373
Holloway, Hogan and Caddy, Ltd., Wang. 602
Horner, E. C., Patea 266
Howell, R. E., and Co., Masterton 735
Hudson and Marriott, Levin 708
Husband Bros., Pahiatua 718
James, S. H., Stratford 173
Jay, T. M., Hawera 238
King, N., New Plymouth 88
King, N., Stratford 173
Lambert, W. H., and Co., Palmerston N. 673
Latham and Co., Woodv. 572
Longdill and Co., Taihape 638
Mackay, E. O., Feilding 649
Major, C. E., Hawera 239
Maxton, Mark and Co., Greytown 751
McGarry, W. H., and A., Eltham 194
McGlashan, A. J., Hast. 460
McKay and Co., Waipuk. 518
Mills, C. T., New Plym 88
Mitchell, Griffith and Co., Pahiatua 719
Mitchell, J. K., Patea 266
Moffatt, W., and Co., Palmerston N. 673
Monteith, H., Woodville 572
Morison, J. D., Stratford 174
Murray, F., Weodville 572
Mynott, J., New Plymouth 88
Newman, W. L., New Plymouth 89
Nicol, J. R., Masterton 735
Nolan, Tonks and Co., Hawera 238
Otterson and Pickering, Wanganui 603
Park, Mountfort and Co., Wanganui 603
Paterson, Mossman and Co., Napier 374
Percival and Messenger, Inglewood 150
Phillips and Greaves, Wanganui 603
Prior and Caldwell, Feilding 649
Rae Howard and Co., Foxton 697
Ravenhill and Co., Palmerston North 673
Read, S. E., Wanganui 604
Richards and Jones, New Plymouth 89
Rodgers and Co., Palmerston North 673
Ross and Co., Masterton 735
Rose, W., Dannevirke 553
Russell, H. F., New Plym. 89
Saunders, J., Wanganui 604
Shaw, W. J., and Co., New Plymouth 90
Smart, D., Levin 708
Smith, F. G., and Co., Napier 374
Stewart and Corrigan, Manaia 217
Stewart and Corrigan, Stratford 174
Sussex and Co., Hawera 239
Thompson, J. H., Stratford 174
Tipping, S. K. S., Waipukurau 518
Todd, R., New Plymouth 90
Vickers, A. T., and Co., Taihape 638
Watson, F., New Plymouth 88
Webster and McKellar, New Plymouth 91
Webster, W. D., New Plymouth 90
Wells, B., New Plymouth 90
West Coast Farmers' Trading Association, Ltd., 246
Wilson, J., Waitara 138
Wilson, T. E., Taihape 639
Wilson, T. E., Waverley 623
Young, E. E., and Co., Feilding 649