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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Wanganui Harbour Board. — The Wanganui Harbour Board

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Wanganui Harbour Board.

The Wanganui Harbour Board was constituted in January, 1877, and has control over an area which extends from the Heads to a point sixteen miles up the Wanganui River. The Board has a handsome revenue, which is steadily on the increase. For the year ending December 31st, 1886, the total income was £3,521; ten years later it was £6,048, and for the year ending 1906 it had increased to £9,046. Besides this revenue the Board had a substantial balance of £4,122 from the previous year, making a total of £13,168. Among the principal items of expenditure may be noted £2,995 for dredging and snagging, £2,546 for internal training wall, £2,020 interest and sinking fund, £973 for pontoons, and £681 for the tug “Mas-cotte.” Originally the Board borrowed £60,000 at 6 per cent on its debentures in London. In June, 1904, this loan fell due, and was paid off by an accumulated sinking fund of £30,000, and a similar amount obtained from the National Bank of New Zealand. The Wanganui Harbour Board Act of 1905 authorised the Board to borrow £30,000 to pay off the bank, and an additional £30,000 for harbour improvements. Good wharfage accommodation is maintained at the town and Heads wharves, which are valued at £10,000. The dredge is kept busy dredging the flats between the town wharves and the Heads at Castlecliff. The average depth of water at the wharves is from thirteen
Denton, photo.The Wharves, Wanganui.

Denton, photo.
The Wharves, Wanganui.

page 594 to fourteen feet at ordinary tides. The Wanganui Harbour Board consists of ten members, six of whom are elective, four by the ratepayers of the district, and one each by the counties of Waitotara and Wanganui; and the remainder are ex-officio members, namely, the Mayor of Wanganui, the Chairmen of the two County Councils, and the Collector of Customs at Wanganui. The members for the year 1907 are:—Messrs. J. B. Murray (Chairman), A. Higgie, W. G. Bassett, A. G. Bignell, C. F. Millward, N. Meuli, C. E. Mac-kay, W. Ritchie, D. Mason, and A. Elliott. The officers of the Board are:—Messrs. W. Rodwell (Secretary and Treasurer), A. Irvine (Harbour-master), C. Pope (Assistant-Harbour-master), J. R. Sutherland (Foreman of Works), C. J. Swan (Dredgemaster), and L. Reynolds, C.E. (Engineer).