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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Cycle Engineers, Etc

Cycle Engineers, Etc.

Adams, Limited (late Star Cycle Company), Motor Car and Cycle Engineers and Importers, The Square, Palmerston North. Head office, Christchurch. This branch was established in Palmerston North in the year 1904. The business is conducted in a fine two-storeyed brick building, which includes a large shop (with plate glass windows), a roomy workshop, and a large yard at the rear. A two-storeyed brick garage (measuring 100 feet by 40 feet) has been erected in Rangitikei street. The firm are agents for the famous “Clement Talbot,” the “Beeston Humber,” the “Coventry Humber,” and the “Miuerva” cars, and carry a large stock of fittings for these motors. They are also agents for a number of leading bicycles, including the “Beeston Humber,” the “Swift,” “Birmingham Small Arms,” and “Eadie Star.” An extensive trade is done in the sale of cars and bicycles, and several qualified mechanics are employed in the repairing department. Over twenty motor cars and 180 bicycles were sold by the firm in 1906.

Mr. Charles John Adams, manager of Messrs. Adams', Limited, Palmerston North branch, was born in the year 1876, in Christchurch, and was educated at the East Christchurch School. He afterwards entered the firm of Adams, Limited (then the Adams Star Cycle Company), and, after gaining a thorough knowledge of all departments of the trade, spent two years in England. On his return, in 1902, he took charge of the Wanganui branch, and two years later removed to Palmerston North. Mr. Adams is a member of the Feilding-Rangitikei Cycling Club, is an enthusiastic motorist, and a keen sportsman.

The Nonpareil Cycle and Motor Company (E. S. Pees and C. S. Pees), The Square, Palmerston North). Branch business at Wellington and Newtown. This firm, which now stands well to the front in the Wellington province, was established in Ghuznee Street, Wellington, in the year 1902, and the Newtown branch was opened in 1905. In November, 1906, the firm bought out the retail cycle business of Messrs. J. B. Clarkson and Company, Limited, of Palmerston North, and removed the headquarters of the firm to that town. The premises are amongst the finest in the
The Nonpareil Cycle and Motor Company's Wellington Branch.

The Nonpareil Cycle and Motor Company's Wellington Branch.

Interior View of Show-room, Palmerston North.

Interior View of Show-room, Palmerston North.

page 685 town; they have 2000 square feet of floor space, are fitted up and appointed in the most up-to-date and attractive manner, and comprise a commodious showroom (capable of displaying 100 machines), a suite of offices, and large workrooms. This firm make a fine display in their showrooms of the “Nonpareil” cycle (their own manufacture), also the “Centaur,” and “Premier” cycles, for which they are agents. A large stock of accessories is kept, and repairing is also done on the premises; in which latter connection the firm have a good reputation for reliable and trustworthy workmanship. The Wellington and Newtown branch shops are also spacious and up-to-date, and both carry a fine stock of bicycles, etc. The firm do an extensive trade in all parts of the North Island, and employ twenty-five persons. Agencies have been established in Foxton, Otaki, and Shannon.

Mr. Eric Stanley Pees, the managing partner, was born at Hamp-stead, London, in the year 1882, and was educated at Hornsey Grammar School. He then had two and a half years' clerical experience in a land and estate office in the West End of London, and at sixteen years of age came to New Zealand. For some time he followed farming pursuits in Taranaki and in the Waikato. He then went to Australia, but soon afterwards returned to New Zealand, and after a short time spent with Messrs. Panning and Company, land agents, of Wellington, he, in partnership with his brother, established the above business in Wellington. After acquiring the Palmerston North branch, and making it the head office, Mr. Pees removed to Palmerston North, where he has since resided.

Bunting, photo.Mr. E. S. Pees.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. E. S. Pees.

Mr. Charles Sydney Pees, was born in London in June, 1880, was educated at Hornsey Grammar School, and then apprenticed to the engineering trade, after which for four years he filled the position of engineering draftsman to the firm of Messrs. Haywood Bros, and Eckstein, London. In 1902 he emigrated to New Zealand, and followed farming pursuits in the Waikato until he joined his brother in their present business. He resides in Wellington, and manages the branch there.

Bunting, photo.Mr. C. S. Pees.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. C. S. Pees.

Reynolds, E., and Company, Limited (H. Spiller, manager), Cycle and Motor Importers. The Square, Palmerston North. This branch was established in the year 1905. The premises occupy a site near the entrance to Coleman Place, and consist of a two-storeyed building, measuring thirty feet by sixty feet. The ground floor contains the shop, the showroom, and the manager's office. The showroom carries a fine stock of bicycles, including the “Rudge Whitworth,” “New Rapid,” “Robin Hood,” “Rothwell.” and “Birmingham Small Arms” cycles. The F. N. motor cycles, a large quantity of accessories, and duplicate parts are also stocked, and repairing is done on the premises. The first floor contains the workrooms, supplied with the latest machinery and appliances for building, enamelling, and repairing. Five persons are employed in connection with the business.

Mr. Horart Spiller, Manager of Messrs. E. Reynolds and Company's Palmerston North branch, was born in Napier in May, 1886, and is a son of Lieutenant T. R. Spiller, whose portrait apears in the picture of the Waikare-Moano military expedition on page 285 of this volume. He was educated at the public schools, and then spent five years in the Napier Harbour Board's offices, before as-cepting his present appointment. Mr. Spiller was for some years secretary of the Napier Garrison Band, is solo horn player in the Palmerston North Band, and is secretary of the Palmerston North Cycling and Touring Club.

Bunting, photo.Mr. H. Spiller.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. H. Spiller.

The Scott Motor and Cycle Company, Limited, Palmerston North. Head-quarters, Wellington. The motor department of this extensive business occupies a fine building adjoining Messrs. Holben and Kirk's in Rangitikei street. It was established in the year 1906, prior to which the motor department was conducted in conjunction with the cycle business in the Square, and George street. The premises have a frontage of forty-five feet and a depth of 210 feet, and contain a fine showroom, a manufacturing, and a repairing room. The Harvey-Frost vulcanising plant, repairing and retreading page 686 plants (complete with all the latest appliances), and dynamo for recharging accumulators are worked continuously, the power being provided by a six-horse power Tangye engine. The firm are direct importers of tyres, fittings, and all motor requisites, carry a large stock in all branches of the business, and employ twelve persons. They are sole agents for the famous “Argyle,” “Rolls Royce,” and “Unic” motor cars, also stock the “Gladiator,” and are agents for power and foot lathes, and drilling and gear cutting machines.

Major Charles Dunk, J.P., Manager of the Palmerston North branch of the Scott Motor and Cycle Company, Limited, is also chairman of directors of the company. He was born in the year 1849 at Horton Priory, Kent, England (where he resided until leaving for New Zealand in 1881), and was educated at Woodchurch and at Mr. John Clark's Grove House Academy, Folkestone. He was brought up to farming and engineering pursuits, assisted on his father's farm for some time, and subsequently started on his own account. In 1882 he came to New Zealand, settled in the Manawatu district, and bought 1,500 acres on the Foxton line, now known as “Bainesse.” In 1900 Mr. Dunk leased his farm, and soon afterwards established the well-known ironmongery business in Palmerston North, now conducted by Messrs. Permain and Gilchrist, but afterwards sold out and joined the Scott Motor and Cycle Company, Limited. He takes a keen interest in public and social affairs; he was mayor of Palmerston North, and for two years councillor, was the founder and for many years chairman of the Sluggish River Drainage Board, president of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, was chairman, secretary, and treasurer of the Oroua Bridge Public School Committee, and chairman of the Winter Show from its inception. In the volunteers he was captain of the Manawatu Mounted Rifles for twelve years, was in command of the New Zealand mounted troops at the time of the visit of the Duke and Duchess of York to Australia, had charge of the fifth Contingent in Wellington, prior to their departure for South Africa, and acted as major of the Mounted Battalion for some years. In 1874 Mr. Dunk married the daughter of the late Mr. T. A. Davenport, of Boulogne-sur Mer, France, and has one son and two daughters.