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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Hotels and Boarding Houses

Hotels and Boarding Houses.

Anderson's Private Hotel (D. Anderson, proprietor), David Street, Palmerston North. This is one of the oldest unlicensed boarding houses in the Palmerston North district. The hotel is a two-storeyed wooden building, and contains three comfortable sitting rooms, a dining room (with seating accommodation for seventy guests), and twenty-four bedrooms. There is also hot and cold water laid on. The whole house is well furnished, and guests receive every care and attention. A good table is kept, and the tariff is moderate. Anderson's Private Hotel is situated close to the railway station, and is largely patronised by travellers.

Mr. Duncan Anderson, proprietor of the Private Hotel, was born in the year 1859, in Perthshire, Scotland, where he was educated. He learned the bootmaking trade and afterwards the grocery trade. He came to New Zealand in the year 1885, and for sixteen years was a partner in the firm of Messrs. Dutson, McCly mont and Company, general storekeepers, of St. Andrews, South Canterbury. Mr. Anderson subsequently sold out, and was employed by the Marshall Proprietary Company, Limited, chemical manufacturers, Dunedin, until 1907, when he resigned in order to take up his present business. He is a member of the Masonic Order, is married, and has one child.

Bunting, photo.Mr. D Anderson.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. D Anderson.

Clarendon Hotel (Mrs. J. Tait, proprietress), Palmerston North. This hotel has recently been rebuilt in brick, and is one of the most up-to-date hotels in the town. It contains forty-two rooms, including dining, sitting, and smoking rooms, bedrooms, and four bath rooms. The best of wines, spirits, and ales are kept. The cuisine is excellent, and the tariff moderate.

Bunting, photo.Mrs. J. Tait.

Bunting, photo.
Mrs. J. Tait.

Mrs. Johanna Tait, proprietress of the Clarendon Hotel, was born in Melbourne, Australia, came to New Zealand in the year 1875, and went to Dunedin with her parents. In 1882 she married Mr. William Maien Tait, of the Commercial Hotel, Blenheim. Mr. and Mrs. Tait afterwards removed to the Masonic Hotel, in the same town, where Mr. Tait subsequently died. Mrs. Tait continued to conduct the business for ten years, and then removed to Wellington, where she took over the Princess Hotel. Two years later she sold out, went to Manaia Hotel, which she carried on for five page 681 years. Mrs. Tait then sold out, settled in Palmerston North, and took over the Clarendon Hotel, which she has since successfully conducted.

Club Hotel (H. B. Tucker, proprietor), The Square, Palmerston North. The freehold of this hotel was acquired by the present proprietor in the year 1900, and it is one of the best commercial hotels in the Dominion. It contains fifty bedrooms, bathrooms, etc., a fine dining room, six private sitting and drawing rooms, a large commercial room and writing room, and twelve sample rooms. The cuisine is good, and guests receive every attention. There are also wholesale wine and spirit vaults in connection with the establishment, and all wines and spirits are obtained direct from bond. Mr. Tucker conducts a farm at Hokowhitu in conjunction with the Club Hotel.

Mr. Henry Brabridge Tucker, proprietor of the Club Hotel, was born in Devonshire, England, in the year 1857. He came to New Zealand in 1880, and proceeded to the Lawrence district, where he carried on an hotel business for about six years. He then removed to Balclutha, but, owing to failing health, returned to England. Subsequently, however, he came back to New Zealand, and settled in Carterton, where he took over the Marquis of Normanby Hotel, which he retained for seven years, during which time he thoroughly renovated the premises, and established up-to-date livery stables. In 1899 he sold the freehold, and in the following year removed to Palmerston North. Mr. Tucker married Miss Caroline Langler, in 1885, and has four sons and three daughters.

Bunting, photo.Mr. H. B. Tucker.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. H. B. Tucker.

Bunting, photo.Mrs. Tucker.

Bunting, photo.
Mrs. Tucker.

The Commercial Hotel (T. Childs, proprietor), Corner of the Square and Main Street, Palmerston North. This hotel is a fine two-storeyed building, within a few minutes' walk of the railway station In order to meet the demands of a growing business, it has twice been enlarged since it was taken over by the present proprietor. It has long been known to the travelling public as one of the best houses in the Manawatu district, and is repleta with all the latest conveniences. Only the best liquors are kept in stock, the cuisine is good, and the tariff is moderate.

Mr. Thomas Childs, proprietor of the Commercial Hotel, was born in London, England, in the year 1865, and came to New Zealand with his parents in 1876. He was educated at the East Christchurch School, and afterwards entered the Government service in the Telegraphic Department. He subsequently retired from the service, and then served his time to the blacksmithing trade with his brother in Christchurch. Later, he was employed by Messrs. P. and D. Duncan for two years, then went for a trip to Sydney, returned to New Zealand two years later, and took over his brother's business, which he successfully conducted for seven years. Mr. Childs finally sold out, removed to the North Island, and settled at Kaponga, where he conducted business for five years He again sold out, acquired the Albion Hotel at Patea, and finally took over the Commercial Hotel. Mr. Childs takes great interest in all kinds of sports, and has been president of various local clubs. He married Miss E. Hill, daughter of an old settler, and has five sons and two daughters.

Railway Hotel (J. Hurley, proprietor), Main Street West, Palmerston North. This hotel was taken over by the present proprietor in the year 1905. It has recently been rebuilt, and is up-to-date in every respect. The cuisine is excellent, the tariff is moderate, and only the best wines, spirits, and ales are kept in stock. Travellers, tourists, and others may rely upon receiving the best attention.

Mr. John Hurley, proprietor of the Railway Hotel, was born in Cork, Ireland. He came to New Zealand in the year 1876, and landed in Wellington, where he was employed on the City Council works for eighteen months. He then proceeded to Feilding, where he worked on a farm for four years and a half and subsequently found employment on Orodown station for four years. Mr. Hurley then started farming on his own account at Kairanga, where he remained for twenty years. He finally disposed of his farm, and acquired the Railway Hotel. Whilst resident at Kairanga
Bunting, photo.Mr. and Mrs. J. Hurley.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. and Mrs. J. Hurley.

page 682 Mr. Hurley was a member of the school committee for five years. In 1879 he married Miss Hannah Bradow, and has seven daughters and three sons.

The Royal Hotel (G. Searle, proprietor), Corner of the Square an a Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North. This popular hotel was taken over by the present proprietor in the year 1906. It is a two-storeyed wood and brick building, with a balcony on two sides, and contains sixty rooms. There is a private entrance from Rangitikei Street, and on the ground floor there is a well-appointed office, a commodious dining room, and two sitting rooms. The first floor contains a large sitting room (opening on to the balcony), several well-furnished bedrooms, bathrooms, and lavatories. The house is well furnished throughout, and thoroughly well conducted, every kindness and courtesy being extended to visitors by the genial proprietor.

Mr. George Searle, proprietor of the Royal Hotel, has had an extensive experience of hotelkeeping in various parts of the Dominion, and was formerly for several years in the service of the Colonial Bank of New Zealand. He is referred to at length on page 1003 of the Canterbury volume of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand, and on page 1105 of the Otago volume.

Royal Cafe (W. Cotton), Cuba Street, Palmerston North. In conjunction with the Royal Cafe Mr. Cotton also conducts a large bakery and confectionery business, and makes catering a specialty. He was born in Nelson, was educated at the Central School, Nelson, and was afterwards apprenticed to the bakery trade, under Mr. James Anstice, for two and a half years. He subsequently went to Wellington, and for nearly three years found employment with various large firms. Mr. Cotton then removed to Palmerston North, worked for twelve months with one firm, and then entered the employment of Mr. Whitehead, confectioner, with whom he remained for five and a half years. He then decided to start on his own account, and established his present business, which he has since suecesfully conducted. He was president for three years of the Palmerston North Journeymen Bakers' Union, is a member of the Palmerston North Master Bakers' Union, an Orangeman, and a member of the Orders of Druids and Oddfellows. In the year 1890 Mr. Cotton married Miss L. M. Melson, and has two daughters and one son.

Bunting, photo.Mr. and Mrs. W. Cotton.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. and Mrs. W. Cotton.