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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]


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Lambert, W. H., and Company (W. H. Lambert and Charles Sutcliffe), Land, Estate, Stock, Station, Financial, and General Commission Agents, and Hotel Brokers, Rangitikei Street, Palmerston North. This business was founded in the year 1906. The firm employ two clerks, several travellers, and have agents and correspondents in all parts of New Zealand. They deal principally with the sale of large estates, and have one of the most important connections of this kind in the North Wellington province.

Mr. William Harold Lambert was born in Dunedin in the year 1878. In 1885 he removed, with his parents, to Wellington, where he was educated, and then went to Auckland, where he was employed in clerical work for some years. Mr. Lambert joined the Second Contingent for service in the South African Boer war. Soon after his return he was appointed chief accountant in the head office of the “New Zealand Times,” Wellington, where he remained until 1905, when he removed to Palmerston North, and established his present business.

Moffatt, William, and Co, Land, Estate, and General Commission Agents, Cuba Street, Palmerston North. This firm have an extensive business connection and a large number of properties pass through their hands, especially stations and native lands, the proprietor being a licensed interpreter. The business was established in the year 1902, and developed to such an extent that the local office was enlarged in 1905, and at the same time a partner was taken in and a branch office opened in Wellington. In 1906 the partnership was dissolved, and the Wellington office placed in charge of a managing clerk. The firm have on their lists a large selection of stations, farms, timber and flax areas, business and residential sites, etc., have agents in all parts of the Dominion, and employ six travellers. They are also agents for fire and marine insurance companies.

Mr. William Moffatt was born in Palmerston North in March, 1880, was educated at Te Aute College, and was afterwards articled to the legal profession under Mr. Fitzherbert and Messrs. Hankins and Loughnan. A complete breakdown in health, however, compelled him to give up his profession, and some years later he established his present business. Mr. Moffatt is also one of the proprietors of the Whakatane Flax-milling Company, which has rights over 6,000 acres of flax-bearing country in the Bay of Plenty, and works two large mills. He is a member of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association and various athletic clubs. Mr. Moffat married Miss McGlone, of the West Coast.

Ravenhill and Company (H. G. Bagnall and G. C. Keeble), Land, Estate, Insurance Agents, and Share-brokers, The Square, Palmerston North. This business was founded in the year 1885 by Mr. E. B. Pearce, and was acquired by the present firm in the year 1906. The firm are agents for the Royal Fire Insurance Company, the Ocean Accident Insurance Company, the Colonial Mutual Life Insurance Company, and Messrs. Baldwin and Rayward, patent agents.

Mr. Henry Gordon Bagnall was born at Edgbaston, Birmingham, England, in the year 1875, and was educated at Malvern and Uppingham College. In 1891 he came to New Zealand, and soon afterwards entered the service of the Union Bank of Australia, Limited, in which he spent several years in Wellington and Palmerston North. Mr. Bagnell is a member of the Agricultural and Pastoral Association, and of the Masonic fraternity. He is married, and has two children.

Mr. George Clisham Keeble was born at Longburn, near Palmerston North, was educated at the Wanganui College, and afterwards spent a short time in the service of the Bank of New Zealand. He then went to Sydney, where he was engaged in the shipping business, and on his return to New Zealand joined Messrs. Abraham and Williams, with whom he remained four years, first as auctioneer, and latterly as branch manager at Wellington. Mr. Keeble subsequently joined Mr. Bagnall in their present firm.

Rodgers and Company (T. J. Rodgers), Land, Estate, Stock, Insurance, and General Commision Agents, Main Street West and Andrew Young Street, Palmerston North. This business was formerly conducted by Messrs. George Mason and Son, and was acquired by the present proprietors in the year 1902. The premises consist of a large general business room and a private office. The firm act as agents for the Australian Temperance and General Mutual Life Society, Limited, the Royal Accident Insurance Company, and the Star safety razor.

Mr. Thomas Rodgers, of the firm of Messrs. Rodgers and Company, was born in the year 1876 in the Upper Hutt, Wellington, where he was educated at the public and Catholic schools. For some time afterwards he farmed in the Manawatu district, but subsequently sold out and took over his present business. He is a member of the Liedertafel Society and the Debating Society. Mr. Rodgers' father, who resides in Palmerston, was the first white child born in the Wellington province, in recognition of which he received a Crown grant.