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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Charitable Institutions

Charitable Institutions.

The Palmerston North Hospital and Charitable Aid Board manages the charitable finances of an extensive district. It levies contributions on the counties of Manawatu, Oroua, Kairanga, Pohangina, and Kiwitea, and on the boroughs of Palmerston North, Feilding, and Foxton, and the town boards of Halcombe and Rongotea. The total revenue for the year ended 31st March, 1907, was £4,430 12s 10d, of which £626 6s 11d represented voluntary contributions. The chief items of expenditure were £1,423 for drugs, furniture, bedding, provisions, and sundries; £2,133 for erection of new wards; £1,530 for salaries; £1213 for charitable aid; and £2,961 credit balance carried forward. The Board consist of twelve members, namely, two representatives from each of the county councils of Manawatu, Oroua, and Kairanga; one representative from each of the Pohangina and Kiwitea County Councils; three representatives from the borough of Palmerston North; and one representative from the boroughs of Feilding. Foxton, and Halcombe. Members for the year 1908: Messrs. J. G. Wilson (chairman), G. Kendall (Manawatu County Council), R. Essex, H. Haydon, and S. W. Luxford (Borough of Palmerston North), W. G. Pearce, and J. H. Vincent (Oroua), L. R. Bryant and C. Voss (Kairanga), F. L. Jackson (Pohangina), H. Fowler (Kiwitea), and S. W. Fitzherbert (Boroughs of Feilding and Foxton). Mr. Walter Rutherfurd is the secretary.

The Palmerston North Hospital occupies a fine site of nineteen acres in Terrace Street, about half a mile out of the town. The main building, which is constructed of wood and iron, was erected in 1893, and considerable additions have been made from time to time. In 1907 a two-storeyed brick building was crected as a female ward. There is a home for the nurses, which was built in 1906, a ward for infections diseases, and an isolation ward. During the year ended December, 1907, 518 patients obtained admission to the hospital. The medical staff consists of Dr. A. A. Martin, Dr. G. Wilson, Dr. J. H. L. Macintire, and Dr. F. Monckton (honorary surgeon). Miss McLagan is matron.