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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Cordial Manufacturers and Brewers

Cordial Manufacturers and Brewers.

Long and Barden, Cordial Manufacturers, Wanganui, Napier, Hastings, and Christchurch. This business was first established in Napier in 1904, and met with such success that branches were established in Christchurch, Hastings, and Wanganui. A great variety of beverages is made, and they are manufactured only from the purest herbs and ginger.

Mr Thomas Henry Barden was born in the year 1881, in Kaiapoi, Canterbury, where he was educated. He afterwards worked for some time at the Kaiapoi Woollen Mills and the Belfast Freezing Works. In 1902 Mr Barden left with the Eighth Contingent for service in the South African Boer war, and on his return was employed by Messrs. Simmonds and Osborne, cordial manufacturers, Wellington, until establishing his present business in conjunction with Mr Long. Mr Barden is married, and has two sons.

Swan, J. G., and Company (J. G. Swan, G. H. Swan, and W. R. Tuck), Brewers, Malsters, Bottlers, and Malt Vinegar Manufacturers, St. Hill Street, Wanganui. This firm is the largest of its kind in Wanganui, and does a large business throughout the Dominion. It was established in the early “sixties,” by Mr J. Bennie, who conducted it for over thirty-five years, and was taken over by the present proprietors in 1900. The brewery is a three-storeyed wooden building, where sixteen persons are constantly employed. The bottling and malt vinegar factory is a two-storeyed building, situated on the corner of Ridgway Street and Wilson Street, and there eight persons are employed. The annual output is about 2,500 hogsheads of beer, and 200 quarter casks of malt vinegar. The firm's “Ferro-Stout,” which is known for its invigorating and refreshing qualities, is brewed in Wanganui, and, by arrangement, also in the Great Northern Brewery, Auckland.

Mr John George Swan, managing director of Messrs. J. G. Swan and Company, is the eldest son of Mr G. H. Swan, a former mayor of Napier, whose notice appears on page 303 of this volume. He was born in the year 1866, in Napier, where he was educated at the Napier Grammar School, and at seventeen years of age joined his father in the Napier Brewery. In 1900 he removed to Wanganui, acquired his present business from Mr Bennie, and two years later was joined in partnership by his father.