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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Builders and Contractors

Builders and Contractors.

Christiansen, C.H., and Sons, Builders and Contractors, Dannevirke. This business was established in the year 1887, by Mr. C. H. Christiansen, who subsequently took his four sons into partnership. Among the many contracts carried out by the firm may be mentioned the buildings erected for Messrs Campbell Thompson, Gordon Lloyd, Greenaway, Gamman, Hart-gill. Guy, Patterson, Neagle, Snell, and H. M. Blakiston. Plans, specifications, and estimates are given on all classes of building and joinery work.

Mr. C. H. Christiansen, senior partner in the firm of Messrs C. H. Christiansen and Sons, was born in Germany, on the 29th of October, 1842, was brought up to the building trade under his father, and subsequently for three years conducted a business on his own account in his native land. He then came to New Zealand, and landed at Napier, whence after working as a journeyman for fifteen years, he removed, in 1887, to Dannevirke where he has since conducted a successful business. Mr. Christiansen is married, and has four sons and two daughters.

Henderson, photo. Mr. C. H. Christiansen

Henderson, photo.
Mr. C. H. Christiansen

Fairhurst, John Henry, Builder and Contractor, Dannevirke. Mr. Fairhurst has carried out contracts in various parts of the Wellington page 554 and Hawke's Bay provinces. Among the more important of these may be mentioned the erection of Mr. John Duthie's premises in Victoria Street, and Mr. Martin Kennedy's premises in Cuba Street, Wellington, a large number of private residences in Wellington, the business premises of Messrs Barraud and Abraham, Williams and Kettle, and E. Lloyte, in Dannevirke, the private residences of Messrs Armstrong Brothers at Akitio and Glengarry, and the Hawke's Bay Club, Napier. Mr. Fairhurst was born in Cheshire, England, on the 9th of August, 1869, and came to New Zealand at an early age. He was educated at public schools, and subsequently learned the building trade. He served an apprenticeship of six years under Mr. J. Hopwood, was then employed for several years as a journeyman in Wellington, and in 1896 established himself in business on his own account. Later, Mr. Fairhurst went to South Africa for two years, and was engaged in contract work, chiefly at Durban and Petermaritz-burg, at which latter place he erected the Government Asylum. In 1902 he returned to New Zealand, and settled in Hawke's Bay. Mr. Fairhurst was for three years a member of the Melrose Borough Council, is vice-president of the Melrose Football Club, and a member of the Wellington and Hawke's Bay Builders' Association. He takes a keen interest in horticulture, is vice-president of the Wellington Rose and Carnation Society, and is an exhibitor at the local flower shows.

Scott, John Linton, Builder and Contractor, Dannevirke. Mr. Scott's premises are situated on the railway line, near the intersection of High Street, and include an office, a workshop, storage sheds, and a large timber yard, which carries a valuable stork of timber. Mr. Scott has erected a number of the chief buildings in Dannevirke, among which may be mentioned the court house, and the municipal abattoir, the business premises of Messrs F. C. Farrow and Company, Morgan and Company, Mr. Thomas Bain, Mr. William Rose, and the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited, the Coffee Palace, Jeffery's pharmacy, the private school of Mr. Edkin, and the private residence of Mr. W. E. Andrews. Mr. Scott was born in Glasgow, Scotland, in the year 1858, and is the son of a builder. He came to New Zealand in the early “sixties,” in the ship “D. G. Fleming,” was educated at public and private schools in Christchurch, and afterwards learned the building trade. He entered the employment of Mr. Daniel Reese as secretary, afterwards became assistant manager, and remained with him for fourteen years. He was subsequently employed for three years by Mr. Stocks, builder and railway contractor, Christchurch. In 1895 he removed to the North Island, and settled in Dannevirke, where he has since conducted a large and prosperous business. Mr. Scott is married, and has two sons and two daughters.