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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Leather Trade

Leather Trade.

Horne and Elliott, Saddlers and Harness makers, Heretaunga Street, Hastings. This business was established in June, 1905. The premises contain a show-room, with a fine plate-glass window, and the workshop is fitted up with the best and most-up-to-date appliances. A considerable stock of manufactured, and imported materials is kept on hand, and the workshop is kept constantly busy in manufacturing and repairing. The firm have a good reputation for sound and reliable workmanship.

Mr. Alexander Horne, of the firm of Messrs Horne and Elliott, was born on the Mt. Erin station, Hawke's Bay, on the 3rd of October, 1878, and, after passing through the public school course, was apprenticed to the saddlery trade. For thirteen years continuosly he was employed by Mr. Bethell, of Hastings, and then started in business on his own account. Mr. Horne is a member of the Hastings Town Band, and a member of the Order of Oddfellows.

Mr. James Elliott, of the firm of Messrs Horne and elliott, was born in the year 1884 in Hastings. He was educated at public schools, and subsequently learned the saddlery trade under Mr. Bethell, by whom he was employed for six years, before joining Mr. Horne in partnership.

Knight, Sidney Herbert, Boot and Shoe Importer, Heretaunga Street, Hastings. This business was established in the year 1904, by the present proprietor, who carries a heavy-stock of imported and colonical made boots and shoes. A large business is conducted, and five persons are constantly employed. Mr. Knight is further referred to as a former bandmaster of the Hastings Town Band.

Weaver, Alfred, Riverslea Wool Scouring Works, Hastings. This well-known business was established by Mr. Weaver in 1889 at Clive, but, owing to the disastrous floods of 1897, which destroyed the whole of the plant and buildings, it was removed to Hastings, where all the necessary buildings for an extensive trade were erected. The main building is of wood and iron, eighty feet by sixty-eight feet, and contains scouring rooms, a wool-sorting and baling department, and a boiler room and engine house, containing a twelve horse-power boiler and an eight horse-power engine. The scouring-room is fitted with a wool scouring and washing apparatus, patented by Mr. Weaver throughout the colonies, and acknowledged by experts to be superior to that of any other apparatus in use as regards rapidity, satisfactory results, and saving of labour and simplicity in working; there is also a new up-to-date patent extractor by Broadbent and Sons, Limited. The wool after being passed through the machinery is spread on the drying ground, then brought in and baled for the London market. Mr. Weaver was born in Kent, England, where he was educated. he came to New Zealand by the ship “Hudson,” in the year 1874, landed at Napier, and learned his trade with the late Mr. C. Mitchell, of Clive. He was in charge of various wool scouring works in Hawke's Bay until starting his own at Clive, where, by energy and perseverance, he had one of the finest businesses of the kind in the province. Mr. Weaver is, however, rapidly rebuilding his trade. He is a Freemason and a member of the Order of Foresters. His present residence is all that was saved from the Clive property, and was conveyed in sections thirteen miles, and reerected where it now stands. Mr. Weaver is married, and has four sons and five daughters. He is assisted at the works by his two eldest sons.