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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Hotels, Boarding Houses, Etc

Hotels, Boarding Houses, Etc.

The Carlton Club Hotel, (J. D. Rivers, properietor), corner of Heretunga Street and Karamu Road, Hastings. The Carlton Club Hotel is one of the finest and best known hostelries in the province of Hawke's Bay. It is built on modern principles, with the view of obtaining the greatest amount of comfort, convenience, and sanitary efficiency. The ground floor is approached from either thoroughiare, and contains a commodious commercial room, comfortably furnished with writing tables, and every convenience for the transaction of business: a large, handsome, and well-appointed dining room (a most popular place for luncheon), capable of seating eighty guests; a first-class billiard room, fitted with one of Burroughs and Watts prize tables; a number of comfortable card rooms and sitting rooms; public and private bars, supplied with choice wines, liquors, and cigars, for which the Carlton Club Hotel has maintained a good reputation; an efficient office, fitted with a large safe for the convenience of guests; a lavatory, with hot and cold water service; and the quarters of the Heretaunga Club. The latter are luxuriously furnished, and include a billiard room, a reading room, a writing room, a sitting room, and a club room. At the rear of the building there is a large and well-appointed kitchen, a scullery, a storeroom, a laundry, and offices. A number of sample rooms, conveniently fitted up, adjoin the hotel. The upstarirs portion of the house is reached by a fine staircase, and is devoted to bedrooms and private sitting rooms, which are furnished with the greatest luxury and good taste. There is also a handsome drawing room, and a travellers' writing room. Numerous bathrooms and lavatories for ladies and gentlemen respectively, are conveniently placed throuhout the building, and every precaution has been taken for escape in case of fire. The hotel is lighted all through with incandescent gas light, the main entrances are fitted with large incandescent are lamps, and the rooms are page 465 supplied with electric bells. The corridors are wide, and furnished with excellent taste. The office is connected by telephone with Napier, and the reading rooms are supplied with all the leading Australasian weekly and daily papers, and the latest directories. The cuisine of the “Carlton Club” is excellent, and the services of a first-class chef, with a number of assistants, have been retained by the proprietor. The hotel is one of the most popular places of resort in Hastings, and is largely patronised by tourists, commercial men, and the travelling public. It is the meeting place of the Hastings Farmers' Union, the Hastings Golf Club, and the local volunteer corps. Mr. J. D. Rivers is ably assisted in the domestic management by Mrs. Rivers, and both host and hostess co-operate in making things pleasnt and satisfactory for all who are visitors or guests at the Carlton Club Hotel.

Brown and Ross, photo.Carlton Club Hotel.

Brown and Ross, photo.
Carlton Club Hotel.

Brown and Ross, photo. The Dining Room, Carlton Club Hotel

Brown and Ross, photo.
The Dining Room, Carlton Club Hotel

Part Of Heretaunga Club Quarters, Carlton Club Hotel.

Part Of Heretaunga Club Quarters, Carlton Club Hotel.

Mr. J. D. Rivers, the popular proprietor of the Carlton Club Hotel, was born in Wellington on the 5th of June, 1864. He was educated at the Thorndon public school, under Mr. Mowhray, and was afterwards employed for about five years by Mr. McKenzie, as a drover in the Manawatu district. Mr. Rivers subsequently gained considerable experience in the fellmongery trade in Wellington, Hawke's Bay, and Gisborne, and was then employed as barman by Mr. Jull, at Hastings. Five years later he took up a similar position in the Albert Hotel, Hastings, which hotel he afterwards acquired, and conducted on his own account. He then disposed of this house, and took over the Carlton Club Hotel, which he has since successfully conducted. Mr. Rivers is married and has one son and two daughters. He is further referred to as Quarter-master Sergeant of the Hawke's Bay Mounted Rifles.

The Hastings Hotel (Daniel O'Reilly, proprietor), corner of Heretaunga and Railway Streets, Hastings. Telephone, 190. Bankers, Bank of New South Wales. This hotel is a large two-storeyed building, situated in the centre of the town, and near the railway station, post office, and other public buildings. It contains on the upper floor about thirty bedrooms, a ladies' drawing-room, and a number of private sitting-room, all furnished in first-class style. On the ground floor is the dining-room (capable of accommodating ninety guests), commercial and billiard rooms, and six sitting-rooms. The house is much resorted to by country settlers, tourists and the g eneral travelling public. The whole domestic arrangements are under the immediatel supervision of Mrs. O'Reilly.

Mr. Daniel O'reilly, proprietor of the Hastings Hotel, is a native of Cork, Ireland, and came to New Zealand in the year 1878, by the ship “City of Auckland,” which was wrecked on the Otaki beach. Mr. O'Reilly lost all his possession. and was conveyed with other passengers to Napier by the Government steamer “Hinemoa.” He energetically set to work to make the best of bad fortune, and obtained agricultural employment, at which he continued for six years. He removed to Hastings in 1885, started a boot and shoe shop, and carried on that business successfully for three years, when he sold it to the Egmont Boot Factory Company, of New Plymouth. Mr. O'Reilly then opened a drapery business, which he disposed of three years page 466 later to considerable advantage, and in 1892 bought an interest in the Hastings Hotel. He owns a fine little farm of about ten acres, from which the hotel table is supplied with fruit, vegetables, and poultry; and he also owns a large block of land opposite the railway, on which he has erected five large shops. In politics Mr. O'Reilly is a liberal. He has been a member of the Hibernian Society for many years, and of the Napier Park and Hastings Trotting Clubs, Agricultural and Pastoral Society, and Hastings Bowling Club. In 1887 Mr. O'Reilly married Miss Julia O'Neill, and has two children

Hastings Hotel.

Hastings Hotel.

Mr. D. O'Reilly.

Mr. D. O'Reilly.

The Pacific Hotel . (A. J. Ellingham, proprietor), corner of Heretaunga Street and Market Street, Hastings. This hotel has been established for many years, and was acquired by the present proprietor in 1901. The building is a two-storeyed one, of wood and iron, with a balcony. The ground floor contains three sitting rooms, a dining room, a billiard room, a large double bar and two tap rooms, a kitchen and other offices. The first floor includes seventeen comfortable bedrooms, a well furnished sitting room, a bathroom with hot and cold water laid on, and a lavatory. An excellent table is kept, and only the best of liquors are stocked. There is also large stabling accommodation. The business is under the personal supervision of Mr. and Mrs. Ellingham, who exercise scrupulous care in attending to the needs and wishes of their guests. The Pacific Hotel is shortly (1906) to be rebuilt in brick.

Mr. Alfred James Ellingham, proprietor of the Pacific Hotel, was born at Te Aute on the 29th of April, 1865, and is a son of a private in the 56th Regiment. He was educated at Te Aute College, and after assisting his father for a time, was employed as a jockey for many years. His successful record as a jockey is mentioned in the book entitled, “Men of Mark in the World of Sport in New Zealand.” Mr. Ellingham is a member of the Hastings Jockey Club, hunt, bowling, football, and cricket clubs, and is a member of the Agricultural and Pastoral Society, and the Star-Bowkett Building Society. He married Miss Britten, of Waipawa, and has three sons and one daughter.

Brown and Ross, photo.Mr. A. J. Ellingham.

Brown and Ross, photo.
Mr. A. J. Ellingham.

The Stortford Lodge Hotel, situated in Heretaunga Road, was established in the year 1890, by Mr. William Stock, and acquired by the present proprietor in 1904. It is a two-storeyed wooden building, with a fine balcony and a verandah. The ground floor contains several sitting rooms, a large commercial room, a billiard room, and a dining room capable of seating about fifty guests. The upper floor includes fifteen bedrooms, a bathroom with hot and cold water laid on, and a convenient lavatory. The house is well furnished throughout, an excellent table is kept, and the bar is stocked with the best brands of liquors. The comfort and convenience of guests and travellers is the proprietor's first consideration. There are good stables in connection with the establishment, which contain fourteen loose boxes.

Mr. Frederick King, proprietor of the Stortford Lodge Hotel, was born in the Wairarapa district on the 23rd of August, 1872, and was educated in the Greytown North public school. He was apprenticed to the page 467 blacksmithing trade in Masterton, and for thirteen years subsequently was engaged in business as a member of the firm of King Brothers. He afterwards severed his connection with the firm, in order to take over the Stortford Lodge Hotel. Mr. King is a member of the Hastings Bowling Club, the Ancient Order of Foresters, and was vice-president and a member of the Hastings Football Club.

Brown and Ross, photo.Mr. F. King.

Brown and Ross, photo.
Mr. F. King.

The Imperial Cafe, Heretaunga Street, Hastings. This Cafe was established in the year 1901, in premises opposite the Carlton Club Hotel, and was removed to its present site in June, 1985. It is conducted in a handsome wooden building of two storeys, with a fine veranda and two plateglass windows. A large double shop, thirty feet wide, occpies the fore part of the premises, behind which is situated a dining room, twenty-six feet by twenty-seven feet, which has accommodation for over eighty guests. Afternoon tea and lunch is also provided upstairs in a nice room, twenty-six feet by twenty-seven feet, which opens out on to the balcony. There is also a large cloak room, lavatory, etc., for ladies. The rooms are well appointed, and furnished in excellent style, a good table is kept, and about twelve persons are constantly employed, including a chief cook and a head baker. The shop carries a stock of small goods and fruit.

Brown and Ross, photo.The Imperial Cafe.

Brown and Ross, photo.
The Imperial Cafe.

Mr. Henry Seymour Bone, proprietor of the Imperial Cafe, was born at Patangata, Hawke's Bay, on the 4th of July, 1876, and is the son of Mr. H. H. Bone, proppritor of the Patangata Hotel and store. He was educated at public schools, and at fifteen years of age joined the staff of the Waipawa Post and Telegraph Office, where he was employed for two years. For six years subsequently Mr. Bone was employed as a general assistant in Messrs Bihby Brothers' store at Waipawa, and then removed to Hastings, where he found employment successively at the grocery and drapery trades, before starting in business on his own account. Mr. Bone is a member of the Hastings Bowling Club and of the Hastings Lodge of Oddfellows. He married Miss M. Moore in 1904, and has one son.

Brown and Ross, photo.Mr. H. S. Bone.

Brown and Ross, photo.
Mr. H. S. Bone.

The Trocadero Dining and Afternoon Tea-rooms, and Fruit and Confectionery business, Station Street, Hastings, was established by the present proprietor in the year 1904. The premises occupy an excellent site close to the railway station; a large shop occupies the whole of the fore part of the building and carries a varied stock of fruits, sweets, and confectonery; behind this are the dining and afternoon tea rooms, which are well furnished and arranged; an excellent table is kept, and six persons are employed. Mr. Christensen is also the proprietor of a nursery of about five acres, situated on Heretaunga Road. It has two hot houses, and grows a splendid assortment of trees, shrubs, pot plants, and flowers.

Mr. Frederick Ferdinand Christensen, proprietor, was born in Denmark on the 30th of November, 1863. He was educated at public schools, and was brought up as a nurseryman. Mr. Christensen emigrated to New Zealand in 1881, and for sixteen years was employed as head gardener for Mr. William Nelson of Tomoana. He subsequently established a nursery, in conjuction with which he carries on the business of the Trocadero. Mr. Christensen is married, and has two sons and one daughter.