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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



The Tyser Line, Limited, Australasian Head Office, Emerson Street, Napier. Captain Richard Todd, Colonial Superintendent; Head office, 16 Fenchurch Avenue, London. New York representatives, Messrs Funch, Edye and Company, Produce Exchange. The Tyser Line, which was established in the year 1887 by Messrs Tyser and Company, for many years ship owners in the East India trade, is one of the most important shipping corporations engaged in the New Zealand trade. The fine vessels at present running between New Zealand and London are s.s. “Hawke's Bay,” s.s. “Tomoana,” s.s. “Marere,” s.s. “Niwaru,” s.s. “Mimiro,” s.s. “Star of New Zealand,” s.s. “Star of Scotland,” s.s. “Star of Ireland,” s.s. “Star of Australia,” s.s. “Indraghiri,” s.s. “Indradevi,” s.s. “Indralema,” and a new steamer recently launched. All these steamers are insulated for the carriage of frozen meat and produce, they each make two trips per year, and they call at all the principal New Zealand ports, from Auckland in the north to the Bluff in the south. The New Zealand agencies are: Auckland, Messrs Heather, Robertson and Company; Gisborne, Messrs Williams and Kettle, Limited; Wellington, Messrs W. M. Bannantyne and Company; Wanganui, Mr. James L. Stevenson; Napier, Messrs Williams and Kettle, Limited, Wenley and Lanauze, and the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Co-operative Association, Limited; Lyttelton, Messrs Kinsey, Barns, and Company; Dunedin, Messrs J. W. Swift and Company; Bluff, Messrs Henderson and page 396 Batger. The Australian agents are: Melbourne, Messrs Ostermeyer, Dewez, and van Rompaey; Sydney, Messrs Tyser and Company. The steamers are all very fast, the record trip for insulated cargo vessels being made by the “Star of New Zealand” in forty-two days from New Zealand to London. The company also claims to hold the record for carrying cargoes of meat in the best condition. A new departure has been made which entitles it to the heartiest support of all New Zealanders. Arrangements have been completed for a service of first-class cargo steamers from New York at regular intervals, taking cargo for Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Wellington, Canterbury, and Otago. The value of this service to New Zealand can hardly be over-estimated, and the Tyser Line is to be complimented on having the enterprise of pioneers in this most important trade. That the colony will reap immense advantages from the connection with the United States being thus formed there can be no two opinions, and it is clearly the duty of all concerned to remember practically the Company which has been the means of securing these advantages. The steamers engaged in the United States trade are all of modern type, classed 100 A1 at Lloyds, and thoroughly equipped to satisfactorily deliver their cargoes.

Captain Todd, the Colonial Superintendent of the Tyser Line, Limited, is a well-known and popular commander. He served his apprenticeship in the East India trade, and for twenty years, ending 1887, commanded ships of the Shaw Savill Company in the New Zealand trade. In 1887 Captain Todd was appointed marine superintendent to the Tyser line, and Colonial Superintendent on the death of Mr. Robert Dobson, in 1893. Captain Todd is highly esteemed and exceedingly popular. His private residence is in Thompson road, Napier.

Captain Todd.

Captain Todd.

The Union Steamship Company Of New Zealand, Limited . The Napier branch of the Union Steam Ship Company was opened at Port Ahuriri in the year 1878, and a few years later the present substantial two-storeyed building was erected on Bridge Street. The Napier office, however, was not opened till about 1895; and this is now (1906) domiciled on the ground floor of the old Colonial Bank buildings, opposite the Post Office. Most of the customs and shipping business is conducted at Port Ahuriri, and the passenger trade is managed at the Napier office. The Company's passenger steamers call at Napier on their way north on Tuesdays and alternate Fridays, and on their way south on Mondays and alternate Thursdays; and in addition to these, the “Haupiri,” the “Wanaka,” and other cargo ships visit the port on varying dates.

Mr. James Weir Cargill, Manager of the Union Steam Ship Company at Napier, was born in London, England, in the year 1863, and came to New Zealand at the age of eight years. He is a grandson of the late Captain Cargill, first Superintendent of Otago. Mr. Cargill was educated at the Otago Boys' High School, and joined the staff of the Union Steam Ship Company as a clerk in the Dunedin office.

Union Steamship Company's Offices, Port Ahuriri.

Union Steamship Company's Offices, Port Ahuriri.