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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Hair-Dressers, Tobacconists, Etc

Hair-Dressers, Tobacconists, Etc.

Price, G. H. and Company, Hairdressers and Tobacconists, corner of Hastings Street and Tennyson Street, Napier. The premises in which this business is conducted contain a shop with three show windows, and a well-appointed saloon fitted up with four chairs. The shop carries an assortment of the best English goods in tobacconists' wares, leather and fancy goods, brush-ware, toilet requisites, and fishing tackle, and is fitted up in excellent style. A good business is done, and four persons are employed by the firm.

Messrs. Ross & Co.'s Premises.

Messrs. Ross & Co.'s Premises.

Mr. Gilbert Henry Price, the managing partner, was born in Napier on the 2nd of April, 1874, and was educated at the Napier public school. He was afterwards trained to mercantile pursuits in Napier and other parts of the colony, before taking up his present business. Mr. Price is a member of the committee of the Hawke's Bay Kennel and Poultry Club.

Ross, J. R., and Company, Hairdressers, Tobacconists, and Importers of Sporting Requisites, Hastings Street, Napier. Mr. Ross, the popular proprietor of the business of J. R. Ross and Company, is evidently determined to keep in the front rank in his own line, and few saloons in New Zealand are more attractive than his. The building is situated in a portion of the Masonic Block. Large plate-glass windows, with ornamental margins of beautiful tints, contain a large display of fishing tackle, tennis, cricket, football, boxing, and other sporting requisites, and massive double glass doors open into the artistically fitted and dressed shop. At night especially, when the whole is brilliantly lighted with incandescent lamps, it presents a striking appearance. The walls of the shop are ornamented with large and handsome glass cases, page 381 filled with goods arranged with business-like taste. From the shop, access to the gentlemen's hair-dressing saloon is gained through a pair of plate-glass doors. This room, thirty-two feet by fourteen feet, is elaborately appointed with all the most recent improvements, combined with comfort and ease. Five of the latest Archer patent chairs, handsome shampooing basins, and large and numerous mirrors, are among the many features of the saloon. The shop is stocked with all the latest goods, particular attention being given to the sporting requisite branch of the business. Fishing tackle is an important feature of the stock, and it is the firm's boast that their tackle is of the highest class. Hardy steel-centred split cane rods are stocked in all lengths, perfection and silex reels in all sizes, and there are flies of every description, quite a number of patterns of which are made to the firm's special order. An adjacent room is used as a surplus stock room, and for the tobacco-cutting machinery. A catalogue of the goods kept is issued in September of each year, and is posted to all parts of the colony. Altogether the establishment is most up-to-date and complete in every respect, and will compare favourably with any place of its kind in New Zealand.

Interior Of Messrs Ross and Co.'s Premises.

Interior Of Messrs Ross and Co.'s Premises.