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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Builders and Contractors

Builders and Contractors.

Bull Brothers (H. J. and E. J. Bull), Builders, Contractors, Timber Merchants, and proprietors of the Napier Brickyard. Messrs Bull Brothers were born in Wiltshire, England, and arrived in Auckland with their parents on the 27th of April, 1867, in the ship “John Scott,” after a voyage of 137 days. They were educated in Auckland, and were then apprenticed to Mr. John McColl, of Newmarket, where they learned the building trade in all its branches. Mr. H. J. Bull subsequently carried out several large contracts for his employer, and then removed to Hawke's Bay with his brother in the year 1887. After working in various places for two years, they established their present business, which has steadily increased, and now ranks as one of the leading firms in the district. The firm subsequently took over the Napier Brickyard, in order to more effectually carry out the work entrusted to them. Messrs Bull Brothers employ about 100 persons, including carpenters, bricklayers, plumbers, painters, and carters, and can thus carry out the whole of any building contract with their own workmen. Among the many buildings erected by Messrs Bull Brothers may be mentioned the new Government offices in Shakespeare Road, several of the large wool stores at Port Ahuriri, and a number of substantial buildings in all parts of Hawke's Bay. Messrs Bull Brothers are past masters of Lodge Victoria, No. 21, N.Z.C., and members of the Victoria Royal Arch Chapter. In the year 1896 the two brothers married daughters of Mr. W. Denholm, one of the earliest settlers of Hawke's Bay.

Griffin, John, Contractor, Brick and Tile Manufacturer, Napier. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence, Havelock Road. The works are situated on North Street, off Hyderabad Road, and contain a Hoffman's kiln of the latest design, capable of an output of 20,000 bricks daily. These bricks, which are of a bright cherry colour, are of a uniform quality, and are held in high estimation by builders. 500,000 were used in the erection of the Masonic Hotel, Napier. Adjoining the brickyards, Mr. Griffin owns a freehold property of eight acres, with unlimited beds of clay. He produces a lime of a very superior quality, which took the second prize in the London Exhibition against all comers, and was placed next to the Blue Lids, which are the finest in Great Britain. The qualities of both the brick and the lime are well known in the North Island, and the principal buildings in Hawke's Bay are erected of these materials. Mr. Griffin was born at Maybole, Ayrshire, Scotland, learned his trade in Glasgow, and was engaged in contracting previous to his departure for New Zealand, in the ship “Staad Haarlem,” in 1878. He obtained employment on the Wellington corporation works, in the manufacture of concrete blocks and attending to the drainage. He subsequently settled in Napier, where he established his present successful business. The concrete wall outside the Marine Esplanade, of one and a-half miles in length, was built by Mr. Griffin. In road work he has also been very successful, and completed a road of eleven and a-half miles from Kuripapango Bridge to the Rangitikei, an important and successful undertaking. In connection with the Napier harbour works he did a large amount of quarrying; one of his blasts took two tons of powder, and brought down 100,000 cubic yards of debris. The cylinder bridge across the Rangitikei river, which he constructed, is a credit to him. It has two spans of 127 feet each, and two of seventy-five feet, and is well constructed in every detail. He also built the Omaha bridge, and in connection with his various works employs about seventy men. Mr. Griffin was a member of the Napier school committee for several years, and of the Scinde Lodge of Freemasons for a considerable period. He is also a director of the Napier Star-Bowkett Company.

Mr. J. Griffin.

Mr. J. Griffin.

Messrs Mott Brothers, Stone-Masons and Sculptors, Emerson Street, Napier. This business was established in the year 1896 by Mr. C. H. Mott, the senior partner, and was carried on for some years in Dickens Street. In 1905, however, it was removed to its present site, where it occupies a large section. A good stock of marble and granite, imported from Italy and Scotland, is maintained, and a fine display is made of sculptured stones of various artistic and ornamental designs. There is a substantial shed for the workmen, and an attached office. Messrs Mott Brothers are trained and experienced sculptors, and their work is well known throughout Hawke's Bay. Mr. Charles Horace Mott was born in London, England, in the year 1876, and came to New Zealand with his parents at the age of six years. He was educated at the local public schools, and was trained as a stone-mason and sculptor under the late Mr. Tom Waterworth. He then started in business on his own account, and soon afterwards was joined by his brother in partnership.

Mr. C. H. Mott.

Mr. C. H. Mott.