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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



Napier possesses a salubrious, equable climate; it is blessed with an abundant artesian water supply, and the sanitary and drainage arrangements are maintained in perfect order. Thus it is a haven for the invalid and for those in delicate health. The large public hospital—referred to elsewhere—is visited by the medical practitioners resident in Napier, and, in addition to this institution, there are a number of private hospitals and nursing homes, conducted by certificated nurses, and patronised by the doctors. The medical men practising in Napier are highly-qualified members of their profession, the druggists and pharmacists are also qualified by examination, and this section of the work is devoted to them collectively.

Bernau, Henry Ferdinand, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., Physician and Surgeon, Napier. Dr. Bernau is elsewhere referred to in the Military section of this volume as Surgeon-Captain of the Napier Guards.

Edgar, John James, M.B., C.M., L.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.F.P.S., Physician and Surgeon, Saville Row, Tennyson Street, Napier. Dr. Edgar was educated at Glasgow and Edinburgh Universities. He obtained his first diplomas in 1896, and graduated M.B., C.M., in 1899. During his college course, he won two medals in anatomy, one in chemistry, and first-class honours in clinicial surgery, and afterwards received the appointment of Junior Demonstrator of Anatomy at the Royal College of Surgeons in Edinburgh. For a short time subsequently he studied at St. Bartholomew's Hospital in London, and for about four years acted as locum tenens in various places. Dr. Edgar then practised for eighteen months in conjunction with the medical officer of health for the town of Maidstone, Kent. He made two trips to New Zealand as surgeon of the s.s. “Wakanui,” and finally, in 1901, settled in Napier, where he has since conducted a private practice. Dr. Edgar is honorary visiting surgeon to the Napier Hospital.

Henley, Ernest Albert William, B.A., M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., Physician and Surgeon, Napier. Dr. Henley was born in County Wicklow, Ireland, in the year 1875, and was educated at Trinity College, Dublin University. During his Arts course he obtained first-class honours in mathematics and in experimental science, and graduated B.A. in 1898, with honours, obtaining a senior moderatorship and gold medal in experimental science. In the medical school he won the Trinity College scholarship in chemistry, physics, botany, and zoology in 1898, as well as first honours and prizes in physiology, materia medica, anatomy, and forensie medicine. In 1900 he obtained the gold medal for operative surgery in the Royal College of Surgeons, Ireland, and in the following year won the Hudson Scholarship and gold medal with first prizes in medicine, surgery, dermatology, and gynacology at the Adelaide Hospital, Dublin. He graduated M.B., B.Ch., B.A.O., in 1901. Dr. Henley is the author of a paper entitled “Notes on a method of measuring the relative opacity of organic substances to the X Rays,” which was published in the “Transactions of the Royal Dublin Society.” He was for a time resident physician and surgeon at the Adelaide Hospital in Dublin, and afterwards practised for a few months in Belfast. In January, 1902, he came to New Zealand, and settled in Napier, where he has since practised. Dr. Henley is honorary visiting surgeon of the Napier Hospital.

Locking, Benjamin, M.R.C.S., L.R.C.P., L.S.A. (London), Physician and Surgeon, Tennyson Street, Napier. Dr. Locking, after practising a number of years in England, came to New Zealand, practised in Nelson for several years, and removed to Napier in 1894. He is medical referee to the National Mutual, Citizens', Australian Widows', and Provident and Industrial Life Insurance Companies; medical officers to the Oddfellows' and United Friends' Lodges, and a member of the honorary staff of Napier Hospital. He is also surgeon-captain to the East Coast Battalion of Rifle Volunteers, and as a Freemason was a member of Lodge Victory, Nelson, and subsequently of Lodge Victoria, Napier.

Moore, Thomas Charles, B.A., M.B., Ch.B., and M.D., Physician and page 368 Surgeon, Tennyson Street, Napier. Telephone, 115. Dr. Moore is the son of the Rev. Dr. Moore, late headmaster of Middleton College, County Cork. He was born in Liverpool, England, and studied his profession at Trinity College, Dublin, where he gained honours and prizes in both classics and English literature. For some time he had charge of the midwifery department of the Rotunda Hospital. On obtaining his diploma he received the appointment of surgeon in the P. and O. Company, and afterwards surgeon in the New Zealand Government emigration service. He came to New Zealand in the year 1884, and settled in Napier. Dr. Moore is medical examiner to the Government Life Insurance Department, surgeon to the Napier Gaol, public vaccinator, port health officer, and surgeon to the Railway Department. He is a Justice of the Peace, a member of the Board of Governors of the Girls' and Boys' High Schools, a member of the Charitable Aid and Hospital Boards, and has been a member of the Hawke's Bay Education Board.


Frost, Harold William, Surgeon Dentist (late University of Penn sylvania, Philadelphia, U.S.A.). Office, Emerson Street, Napier.

Harris, Robert Vaux Comport, Surgeon Dentist, Emerson Street. Napier. Mr. Harris was born at Onehunga, Auckland, in the year 1880, and is the youngest son of the late Captain G. B. Harris. He was educated at public and private schools, and was afterwards engaged in farming for a few years. Mr. Harris was subsequently apprenticed to his profession at the Christchurch branch of the London Dental Company, and some years later, after having qualified, was transferred to the Wellington branch. In October, 1905, he was appointed to the charge of the company's branch, at Napier. A few months later Mr. Harris took over the business, and has, since practised, on his own account.

Bunting, photo.Mr. R. V. C. Harris.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. R. V. C. Harris.

Wilson and Davies (H. C. Wilson and H. Davies), Dentists, Tennyson Street, Napier. Telephone 83. This firm was founded by Mr. Wilson in 1867.

Mr. H. C. Wilson, the senior partner, is a native of Berkshire, England, and studied for his profession under Sir Edward Saunders, dentist to Her late Majesty, Queen Victoria. In the year 1863 he came to Auckland by the ship “War Sprite,” at the time of the Waikato war. He immediately joined Captain Kreptner's German Company, 3rd Waikato Regiment, commanded by Colonel Lyon, and received an ensign's commission. He served all through the campaign, and holds the New Zealand war medal. On the disbandment of the troops, he removed to Napier, established his present large practice, and in 1893 took Mr. Davies into partnership. Mr. Wilson is an enthusiastic bowler, tennis, and golf player, and was connected with the Masonic body for a number of years. His eldest son is house surgeon at the Napier Hospital.


Hawke's Bay United Friendly Societies' Dispensary (T Thwaites, manager), Hastings Street, Napier. Telephone, 167. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. This dispensary was established in the year 1892. Its business is by no means confined to those on the books of the societies, nor to those medicines which are supplied free to the members. All kinds of sundries are kept in stock, and the drugs are imported direct.

Mr. Thomas Thwaites, Manager of the Hawke's Bay United Friendly Societies' Dispensary, was formerly dispenser at the Dunedin Hospital, and is referred to in the Otago volume of this Cyclopedia.

The Napier Pharmacy, Emerson Street, Napier (J. W. Reid, proprietor). This business was established by Mr. Alexander Eecles, and was acquired by the present proprietor in the year 1902. The building has a fine frontage to Emerson Street, and the establishment is well fitted up and the goods neatly arranged. A complete stock of allopathic and homeopathic medicines, drugs, perpumes, and, toilet requisites is carried.

Mr. John William Reid, the Proprietor of the Napier Pharmacy, was born in Dunedin in the year 1865, and is a son of the late Mr. George Reid, a well-known builder. He studied his profession under Messrs B. Bagley and Son, of Dunedin, and in 1883 became assistant to Mr. J. W. Bridge, a chemist of Riverton. Two years later Mr. Reid returned to Dunedin, and was employed for about four years with page 369 Messrs Marshall and Sons, where he acquired a knowledge of homeopathy. In 1889, after six months' employment as locum tenens, he was employed by Mr. Alexander Eccles, of Napier. Mr. Reid then went to Adelaide, where he gained experience in the large retail business owned by the late Mr. Joseph Parker, of King William Street South. In 1891 he returned to New Zealand, under engagement to Mr. Eccles, managed the business for about ten years, and then bought it.

Thomas, Charles, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Emerson Street, Napier. This business was acquired in the year 1905, by the present proprietor, who keeps a complete stock of drugs and druggists' sundries, including toilet goods and patent medicines. Mr. Thomas was born in Dunedin in September, 1877. He was subsequently indentured to his profession under Mr. Loasby, Dunedin, and afterwards held a professional appointment at Leeston, where, in June, 1899, he passed the New Zealand Pharmacy Board's examination. Mr. Thomas then joined the Australian staff of Messrs Frederick Stearns and Company, of Michigan, U.S.A., and afterwards held a similar position in the firm of Messrs Elliott Brothers, of Sydney. Later on he accepted an appointment in the retail business of Mr. Washington Soul, of Sydney, but eventually returned to New Zealand. For some time Mr. Thomas acted as locum tenens, settled at Napier in 1904, and started in business on his own account. Mr. Thomas is a member of the Napier Sailing Club.

Williams, Alexander James, Chemist, Optician, and Photographic Dealer, Hastings Street, Napier. Telephone, 79. Mr. Williams who is a son of the late Mr. Nathaniel Williams, was born in Napier, and educated at the Boys' High School. After studying his profession in Napier, he went to Wellington to gain further experience, and spent some time with Mr. Barraud, and with Mr. G. W. Wilton, Registrar of the Pharmaceutical Society of New Zealand. In 1897 he returned to Napier, and purchased the oldest-established pharmacy in Hawke's Bay from Mr. Henry Owen. Since that time every other pharmacy in Hawke's Bay has changed hands, and Mr. Williams has the distinction of being the senior chemist in business in the district. The optical department is very complete, with a large range of newest lines in lenses and frames, and a special room for the testing of the eyes. The dispensary is under the control of qualified men, and all water is treated by a Pasteur filter before being used. Mr. Williams is a member of the Napier Borough Council.