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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

“The Napier Daily Telegraph”

“The Napier Daily Telegraph” was established on the 1st of February, 1870, by a company, for the purpose of providing an independent newspaper, untrammelled by party or sect. The company did not live long, as its shareholders failed to realise the difficult nature of the task they had undertaken. Before the year had expired Messrs Alex. Kennedy, T.
Mr. Knowles' Residence.

Mr. Knowles' Residence.

page 365 K. Newton, G. E. Lee, and E. W. Knowles became the proprietors of the journal, which they determined to carry on as an exponent of the Liberal policy originally announced in its first issue. In the year 1880 the present proprietor, Mr. E. W. Knowles, became sole owner, and since that time it has been managed by him. At the commencement of its career the “Daily Telegraph” was under the management of Mr. R. Halkett Lord, and the editorial chair was filled by Mr. Hayes. The latter gentleman was shortly afterwards succeeded by Mr. Robert Price, who ably edited the paper until 1893, when he resigned the position to enter into pastoral pursuits. Mr. Price was succeeded by Mr. R. Martin, a capable journalist, well-known in Otago and Southland, whose connection with the “Daily Telegraph” was cut short by sudden death from heart disease, and he was succeeded by Mr. John W. McDougall, the present editor. The “Telegraph” is a well-written and outspoken paper, of democratic principles.