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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Music Teachers

Music Teachers.

Hoben, Sydney Francis, Teacher of Music, Napier. Mr. Hoben was born in Sydney, Australia, in the year 1866, and came to New Zealand as a child. After appearing as a juvenile phenomenon, and going on tour, he finally went to the Royal Conservatorium of Leipsic. There he appeared at the “Abends” within three months of his arrival—an unprecedented thing for a new pupil. He had as masters in pianoforte vortrag, Dr. Carl Reinecke; for technique, Professor Zwintscher; for theory, Professor Gustav Schreck; and for voice production, violin, languages, etc., other eminent members of the professorial staff. After his return to New Zealand he settled in Napier, where he is engaged in teaching his profession.

Lehmann, Ernest Clemens, Teacher of Violin, 'Cello, and Singing, Tennyson Street, Napier. Herr Lehmann was born at Wilsdruff, Saxony, in November, 1865, and comes of a musical family, his father being a professional musician, and his brother the director of the Heidelberg Orchestral Society. He was educated at his native place, where he also took his first lessons in music. Herr Lehmann then studied for five years at Leipzig, at which place he was subsequently conductor of the Crystal Palace Orchestra. For two years afterwards he studied at Frankfurt, and after having completed his professional training, accepted an appointment as conductor of the Kur-orchestra at Selisberg, Switzerland. In the year 1895 he came to Australia with a concert company, and soon afterwards started as a teacher of music in Adelaide, where for a time he also conducted the German Musical Society. Herr Lehmann settled in New Zealand in 1898, taught his profession in Wellington for six years, and then removed to Napier. In 1901 he married Miss Beatrice Vartha, a well-known pianist of Christchurch.

Bunting, photo.Herr Lehmann.

Bunting, photo.
Herr Lehmann.

Vartha, Miss Beatrice (Mrs. E. C. Lehmann); Pianiste, Tennyson Street, Napier. Miss Vartha is a native of Christchurch, where her father was formerly in charge of the Addington workshops. She commenced the study of music at the age of five years, under Herr Lund, and, later, studied under Herr Hirschburg, of Christchurch. At the age of seven years she played Hummel's concertos, and, three years later, Liszt's concerto, before public audiences. Miss Vartha subsequently taught music on her own account for some years in Christchurch. She afterwards travelled through the colony with Miss Bessie Doyle, Miss Fanny Wentworth, de Konski, the Boston Concert Company, and the Ernest Toy Concert Company, and played in Christchurch for Madame Dolores. Miss Vartha finally settled in Wellington, where she had the distinction of playing before the Duke and Duchess of York, in Parliament Buildings. In 1901 she was married to Herr Lehmann.

Bunting, photo.Miss Vartha.

Bunting, photo.
Miss Vartha.

Toner, T. St. Lawrence, Teacher of Singing and Voice Production, Napier. Mr. Toner was born in the year 1872, in Dublin, Ireland, where his father held a commission in the Royal Irish Constabulary. For some years he was taught by Professor Dowling, M.A., and afterwards went to the French College at Black Rock. At an early age, however, he showed great musical talent, and entered Trinity College to prepare for the musical profession. His first master was Professor Stein, under whom he studied pianoforte music and harmony, and he then took lessons from Professor Monypenny. Mr. Toner subsequently went to London, where he studied for two and a-half years under Signor Negroni, the celebrated pupil of Lamperti. page 362 Shortly afterwards he came to New Zealand, and was appointed private secretary to the Hon. James Carroll, and in this capacity accompanied the Earl of Glasgow on his tour through the Urewera Country. Resigning his private secretaryship, Mr. Toner went to Auckland, where he resided for twelve months, and was a member of the Auckland Liedertafel and Savage Club. In the year 1900 he married Miss Tole, niece of the Hon. J. A. Tole, Crown Solicitor for Auckland, and for two years afterwards travelled in Australia. He finally settled in Sydney, and became choirmaster of St. Mary's Church. While in Australia Mr. Toner received the offer of an engagement from Mr. J. C. Williamson, which he declined on account of his dislike for the stage. In the early part of 1901 he returned to New Zealand, and established himself in Gisborne, where he had as many as sixty pupils; but, in March, 1905, owing to his wife's failing health, he removed to Napier, where he is engaged in teaching his profession.

Bunting, photo.Mr. T. St. L. Toner.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. T. St. L. Toner.