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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Orders and Friendly Societies

Orders and Friendly Societies.


Lodge Scinde, No. 5, N.Z.C., was founded on the 7th of February, 1858, as Lodge Scinde, No. 419, I.C., but upon the establishment of the Grand Lodge of New Zealand it was decided to work under the new constitution. At Munn's Royal Hotel, at high noon, on the 2nd of February, 1858, the brethren then in Hawke's Bay met to consult concerning the proposed Lodge, and the meeting was attended, among others, by Messrs Michael Fitzgerald, John Alexander Smith, George Sisson Cooper, Edmund Tuke, Daniel Munn and Joseph Lucas Hodges, who became the foundation members. Mr. Michael Fitzgerald was the first Worshipful Master, and the Hon. J. D. Ormond, M.L.C., was one of the first trustees. The earlier meetings of the Lodge were held in an office, on the site now occupied by the Bank of New Zealand. In October, 1861, town section No. 124 was bought, on which a small wooden building was erected, but this hall was destroyed in the great fire of December, 1886. The present hall, in Tennyson Street, was erected in 1890, on the site of the old room, and in the interim the members had met in the hall of Lodge Victoria. Meetings of Lodge Scinde are page 352 held on the third Tuesday in each month. The officers of the Lodge for the Lodge for the year 1906 are, Messrs L. Freedman, W.M.; R. Bestall, I.P.M.; D. A. Baxter, S W.; T. Parker, J.W.; J. P. Thomson, Secretary; and T. W. Bear Treasurer.

Mr. Louis Freedman, Worshipful Master of Lodge Scinde, No. 5, N.Z.C., was installed in his present office in June, 1906. He was initiated into Freemasonry in this Lodge in 1899.

Bunting, photo. Mr. L. Freedman.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. L. Freedman.

Mr. David Arthur Baxter, who was elected Senior Warden of Lodge Scinde, No. 5, N.Z.C., in June, 1906, was initiated in the same lodge in the year 1900. He is further referred to as manager of the Napier branch of the New Zealand Loan and Mercantile Agency Company, Limited.

Bunting, photo. Mr. D. A. Baxter.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. D. A. Baxter.

Mr. Thomas Parker, Junior Warden of Lodge Scinde, No. 5, N.Z.C., is further referred to in connection with the Highland Society.

Mr. Joseph Henry Edmundson, Past Master of Lodge Scinde, No. 5, N.Z.C., was initiated in that lodge in 1897, and passed through all the chairs. He was born in India in February, 1875, and is the son of a major in the Indian Army. At the age of twelve years he came to New Zealand, and completed his education at the Christchurch and Lyttelton public schools. Mr. Edmundson was afterwards apprenticed to the cycle trade with the firm of Messrs Oates, Lowry and Company, of Christchurch, remained at head-quarters for about eight years, and in 1896 was appointed manager of the firm's Napier branch. This position he held until 1906, when he resigned in order to start in business on his own account. Mr. Edmundson is a member of the Napier Bowling Club.

Bunting, photo. Mr. J. H. Edmundson.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. J. H. Edmundson.

Lodge Victoria, No. 21, N.Z.C., which was established over thirty years ago, meets at the Masonic Hall, in Munroe Street, on the first Tuesday in each month, excepting December, when the installation ceremony is held on the second Tuesday. Officers for the year 1906: Messrs J. R. Dickson, W.M., W. A. Wilkie, S.W., J. Redshaw, J.W., R. Lucas, Secretary.

Mr. Joseph R. Dickson, Worshipful Master of Lodge Victoria, was initiated in the year 1899, in Lodge Duke of Albany, 2073, E.C., and passed through all the chairs in Lodge Victoria, Napier.

Mr. Henry John Bull, Past Master of Lodge Victoria, No. 21, N.Z.C., has been a Freemason for many years, and is a Past Master of the Victoria Royal Arch Chapter. He was born in Wiltshire, England, in the year 1862, and came to New Zealand at the age of five years. Mr. Bull was educated in Remuera, Auckland, and served an apprenticeship to the building trade under Mr. McColl, of Newmarket. For some years subsequently he conducted business on his own account, and late in the “eighties” removed to Napier. Two years later he was joined by his brother, the firm being known as Messrs Bull Brothers.


The Loyal Napier Lodge, No. 4596, of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, M.U., was founded in the year 1856, and meetings were first held in a lodge room at Onepoto Gully. Many years later, a property, situated at the rear of the Theatre Royal, was acquired, and the present hall was created. This building is of brick, with a central apartment fifty feet by twenty-five feet. The lodge has a membership of over 300. Over £150 is annually distributed by this lodge in benefits. The officers are: Messrs A. E. Bourgeois, N.G., F. G. Rolls, V.G., W. H. Gordine, G.M., Henry Bull, Secretary.

Mr. Albert Edmond Bourgeois, N.G. of the Loyal Napier Lodge of the Independent Order of Oddfellows, was born in Napier in the year 1882. He was educated partly by his father, and partly at the Napier district school—of which, in 1897, he was dux—and the Napier Boys' High School. Mr. Bourgeois afterwards joined the staff of the Tyser Line, Limited, and five years later entered the employ of Messrs Murray, Roberts and Company, where he is now (1906) on the staff of the wool and insurance department of the Napier branch. Mr. Bourgeois served as a volunteer for about five years, during which time he gained a special certificate at the Military School of Instruction, under Colonel Owen. He is also a member of the Napier Sailing Club.

page 353
Bunting, photo. Mr. A. E. Bourgeois.

Bunting, photo.
Mr. A. E. Bourgeois.

Mr. Henry Bull, who has been secretary of the Loyal Napier Lodge since 1896, was born in Auckland in the year 1872, and is the son of a builder. He was educated partly in Auckland and partly in Napier, having settled in the latter town with his parents in 1885. Mr. Bull afterwards entered the employment of Messrs Banner and Liddle, auctioneers and general merchants. This partnership was afterwards dissolved, and for five years subsequently he worked with Mr. Banner, who carried on the business on his own account. In May, 1902, Mr. Bull entered into partnership with Mr. A. L. D. Fraser, M.H.R., the firm being known as Messrs Fraser and Bull. Later, the firm bought out the business of Mr. Banner, and have since conducted a large insurance and general commission agency. Mr. Bull was for about nine years a member of the Napier Navals (since defunct), and has always closely identified himself with the social life of the town.

Mr. Thorvald Krogh, Past Provincial Grand Master, has been connected with the Lodge since the year 1874. He was born in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 1848, and at twelve years of age went to sea, and served for some years successively in the naval and the merchant service. In 1872 Mr. Krogh came to New Zealand, and took up his residence at Port Ahuriri, which has continued to be his head-quarters. For some years he was engaged in coastal trading, and then established himself in business in Waghorn Street as an oil-skin maker, ironmonger, and general shopkeeper, with a varied stock adapted especially to the needs of a seaport. In conjunction with this business he has recently (1906) captained a lighter engaged in the local trade. Mr. Krogh is one of the oldest members of the Working Men's Club, and was for some years connected with the Port Ahuriri school committee and fire brigade.

Mr. Louis A. P. Krogh, Past Grand of the Loyal Napier Lodge, has been connected with the lodge for about ten years, and is its present auditor. He is the eldest son of Mr. T. Krogh, was born in the year 1880, and was educated at the Port Ahuriri school, of which he was dux in 1893. He then joined the commercial staff of the Napier “Daily Telegraph,” of which he is now (1906) advertising clerk. Mr. Krogh takes a keen interest in musical matters, and is a proficient pianoforte and banjo player. He is a member of the Napier Cricket Club, and secretary of the Hawke's Bay Homing Pigeon Society. For some years he was a member of the Union Rowing Club, the F Battery, and the Napier Guards. Mr. Krogh was also one of the principal promoters of the Hawke's Bay Sports Protection Society.