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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Drapers and Tailors

Drapers and Tailors

Paterson Brothers' and Co. (Alexander Paterson, managing partner), Drapers, Clothiers, Tailors, etc., High Street, Hawera. P.O. Box 173. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Private residence of managing partner, Wilson Street. This firm's business, which is one of the best in Hawera, was established in the early seventies, and was for many years conducted by Mr. Sutton, a former mayor of the horough. It was bought by the present proprietors in 1897, and amalgamated with their other established business, which had been previously a branch of Te Aro House, Wellington. There are twenty employees, and the shop is in good favour with the buying public. Mr. Alexander Paterson is further referred to, as a former member of the Hawera Borough Council, and as a member of the Patea Harbour Board.

Rodger, Hugh, Merchant Tailor, High Street, Hawera. This business was established in the year 1901. It is conducted in suitable premises, which contain a shop with a verandah, a fitting room, and a work room. Mr. Rodger is an importer of tweeds and tailors' trimmings, and employs about ten persons. He was born in the year 1871 at Dumfries, Scotland, where he was partly educated. Mr. Rodger subsequently came to New Zealand, and attended school in Dunedin and in Oamaru, where he learned his trade under Mr. J. H. Milligan, with whom he continued for three years. Later on, he worked for four years as a journeyman at Temuka, and for a year afterwards at Christchurch. He then removed to Hawera, where he was employed by Messrs Newcombe and Massey, and subsequently joined Mr. A. Paterson, draper, Hawera, for whom he conducted his tailoring establishment for four years, before starting in business on his own account. In 1898 Mr. Rodger married a daughter of Mr. John Rountree, of Warkworth, Auckland, and has two sons.

Smith. Charles Salmon . Merchant Tailor, High Street. Hawera. This business was established in May, 1902, and is conducted in a shop with a verandah and a workroom. Six persons are employed. Mr. Smith is further referred to at page 550 of the Wellington volume of this Cyclopedia.

Spence, William, Draper, Milliner, Clothier and Mercer, “The Economic,” High Street, Hawera. This business was established in the year 1896, and was acquired by Mr. Spence in August, 1900. It is conducted in a large double-fronted shop, specially erected for the business. The building is lighted by skylight, and contains dress, Manchester, fancy goods, clothing and blanket departments. There is a large showroom at the rear, and on the upper floor are the dressmaking departments. About twenty persons are employed. Mr. Spence was born in Ayrshire, Scotland, where he was brought up to country life; but in 1867 he went to Glasgow, where he was apprenticed to the soft goods trade for four years. In 1871 he sailed in the British barque “Guiana,” for Georgetown, Demerara, British Guiana, where he was employed, first with Messrs Irvin, McArthur and Company, and afterwards with Messrs Playfair and Company. He, however, tired of tropical life, and returned to Glasgow in 1875. In 1879, on account of his health, Mr. Spence sailed from Glasgow in the ship “Auckland” (Captain MacDougall) for Dunedin, New Zealand, and landed on New Year's Day, 1880. After helping to swell the ranks of the unemployed in Dunedin for three weeks, he obtained employment with Messrs Thomson, Strange and Company, with whom he remained for four years. Then he was for a short period with Mr. Gabities, at Oamaru, whence he removed to Ashburton, and was employed to Mr. Andrew Orr for ten years. Mr. Spence subsequently went to the North Island and entered into partnership with a brother in Feilding, under the style of Spence and Spence; and after seven years acquired “The Economic,” in Hawera. In 1885 he married a daughter of the late Mr. Walter Allan, of Balclutha, and has, surviving, four sons and three daughters.

Gungall, photo. Mr. and Mrs W. Spence.

Gungall, photo.
Mr. and Mrs W. Spence.