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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



The Court House, Hawera, was destroyed by fire in August, 1895, and in the following year the present building was erected on the old site. The court room is commodious and well fitted up. There are six other rooms in the building, which was built on the co-operative principle, and cost about £1200. Mr. Andrew Turnbull is Stipendiary Magistrate, and Mr. Alfred Trimble is Clerk of the Court. In addition to regular sittings of the Magistrate's Court, periodical sittings of the District Court are held in Hawera.

Mr. Alfred Trimble, Clerk of the District Court and Magistrate's Court, Receiver of Land Revenue, Registrar of Electors and Returning Officer, Hawera, is the eldest son of the late Colonel Robert Trimble, of Ingle-wood. He was born at Garston, near Liverpool, England, in 1857, and was educated at the preparatory school of Mr. and Mrs Lakin, Grassendale Park, and at the Royal Institution school, Liverpool. In August, 1873, he entered the office of Messrs Lamport and Holt, managers and Part owners of the Lamport and Holt line of steamers, trading between Liverpool, Brazil, and River Plate ports. When fourteen years of age, Mr. Trimble began to attend the parades and heavy gun drills of the 15th (now 6th) Laneashire Artillery Volunteers, of which his father was Lieutenant-colonel; in 1874 he passed his examination for a captain's commission, and was gazetted sub-lieutenant. Towards the end of 1874 Colonel Trimble decided to emigrate to New Zealand with his family. He arrived in 1875, and took up land in the neighbourhood of Ingle-wood, Taranaki. Mr. Alfred Trimble worked as a carpenter until 1881. In 1879, when the Maoris ploughed the land of the settlers at Oakura and Hawera, and hostilities seemed imminent, Mr. Trimble was elected captain of the No. 3 Company of the Ingle-wood Rangers. He left Inglewood in February, 1881, and after being a short time in the Crown Lands office at Patea, he was appointed Clerk of the Magistrate's Court and District Land Officer at Hawera. Towards the end of that year further disturbances with the natives eulminated in the “Parihaka affair,” and Mr. Trimble joined a newly-raised volunteer corps at Hawera, and rose to the rank of sergeant. He left that corps in April 1882. Mr. Trimble was appointed Registrar of Electors, and subsequently Clerk to the West Coast Settlement Reserves Trustees, as well as Clerk of the Court. He has been Returning Officer for the district of Hawera since the general election of 1896. In 1886, a volunteer rifle corps was formed in Hawera, and Mr. Trimble was elected captain, and held that rank till January, 1891, when he resigned. In 1893, he was elected a member of the Cyclists' Touring Club (whose headquarters are in London) with a membership of 50,000, and has been consul for a number of years.

Mr. Elliott L'Estrange Barton, Crown Prosecutor at Hawera, is a son of Judge Barton, sometime of the Native Lands Court. He was born at South Yarra, Melbourne, Australia, in the year 1857, was partly educated in the South of France, and at the Otago High School, Dunedin, studied law under his father, in Wellington, and with Mr. F. M. Ollivier, of the same city, and was admitted as a barrister and solicitor of the Supreme Court of New Zealand, by the late Mr. Justice Richmond, in 1881. He shortly afterwards commemeed practice in Patea, and in 1885 removed to Hawera. Mr. Barton, who is an able lawyer, is solicitor for the Hawera Borough Council, Government Insurance Department, Public Trustee, Advances to Settlers Department, Bank of Australasia, and Bank of New South Wales. As a Freemason he is a member of Lodge Hawera, and has page 236 held high office. He is a member of St. Mary's vestry, and, when churchwarden at Patea, was instrumental in clearing off the debt of the parish, and set on foot a movement for building a new church. In 1878 Mr. Barton's father was a candidate for the Wellington seat in the House of Representatives. At that time, when arguing a case before the Chief Justice and Mr. Justice Richmond, he refused to sit down when so ordered by the bench, and was sentenced to a month's imprisonnment for contempt of court. By many it was thought that this would be fatal to his chances of election, but his son, then only twenty-one years of age, promptly took his father's place on the platform, and with such success that the imprisoned candidate was returned at the head of the poll. Mr. Barton takes a lively interest in all movements for the advancement of the district. In 1878 he married a daughter of the late Mr. Brown, of Bothwell, Tasmania.

Atkinson, Harry Temple, Solicitor and Patent Agent, Princes Street, Hawera. This practice was established in the year 1904. Mr. Atkinson is the fifth son of the late Sir Harry Atkinson, and was born in Wellington. He is a member of the committee of the Hawera Chamber of Commerce.

Caplen, Harry, Barrister and Solicitor, Princes Street, Hawera. P.O. Box 95. Bankers, Bank of New Zealand. Mr. Caplen, who is more fully referred to as a former member of the Hawera Borough Council, established his practice in the year 1882 in centrally situated offices, immediately opposite the Post Office. The premises are of brick, and on one occasion this material arrested the progress of a destructive fire. Mr. Caplen was the first in Hawera to build in brick. He has commodious offices, and portions of the building are let to tenants.

Foy, James, Barrister and Solicitor, Regent Street, Hawera. This practice was established in July, 1899. Mr. Foy is agent for the National Fire Insurance Company. He was born in Nelson in the year 1873, and was educated at public schools, and at Nelson College. Mr. Foy subsequently studied law in Wellington, under Messrs Moorehouse and Hadfield for four years, and was afterwards a year with Mr. W. R. Haselden, now Judge Haselden. Later, he removed to Marton, and was about a year with Mr. Fullerton-Smith. He then passed his final examination, and was admitted a solicitor of the Supreme Court in 1899, and a barrister in the following year. Mr. Foy is local preacher of the Methodist church, and is secretary of the Hawera Church Trust. In 1903 he married a daughter of Mr. S. Dixon, of Hawera, and has two sons.

Halliwell, Herbert, Barrister and Solicitor, Regent Street, Hawera. P.O. Box 26. Bankers, Bank of Australasia. Private residence, Victoria Street. Mr. Halliwell is an experienced lawyer, and is always increasing an already good connection. He was born in Geelong, Victoria, Australia, in December, 1861, and is the son of the late Mr. Thomas Halliwell, schoolmaster, of Dunedin, and was educated at the Dunedin High School; was articled to Messrs Duncan and McGregor, of Dunedin, and was admitted to the Supreme Court by Mr. Justice Williams, in 1883. Mr. Halliwell was for nine years with the firm of Duncan and McGregor, and then removed to Palmerston North, where he became managing clerk to Mr. Herbert J. Hankins. On severing his connection with that gentleman in 1896, Mr. Halliwell immediately afterwards went to Hawera to establish his present practice. He was dux of the Dunedin High School during his last year at school, and was awarded the certificate of merit for second place in the final law examination by the Canterbury Law Society. In his younger days he was an enthusiastic footballer, having for some years played half-back and forward in the first fifteen, and acted as captain of the second fifteen of the Pirates Club, Dunedin. He is a member of the management committee of the Hawera Presbyterian church, and honorary secretary of the Hawera Chamber of Commerce.

McCarthy, Bernard, Solicitor, Hawera. Mr. McCarthy was born at Charleston, Westland, in the year 1874, and was educated at the public, school at Manaia, and at St. Patrick's College, Wellington. He studied law under Mr. H. Caplen in Hawera, was admitted a solicitor of the Supreme Court in May, 1902, and since that time has acted as managing clerk for Mr. Caplen. Mr. McCarthy has been a member of the Waimate and Hawera Football Clubs, and of the Hawera Cricket and Hockey Clubs. He has been one of the team to represent Taranaki in cricket since 1894, and also played on behalf of New Zealand against Lord Hawke's team. He has played on behalf of the West Coast against Wellington, and in two inter-provincial matches against Victoria In 1906 Mr. McCarthy married a daughter of Mr. John Mutjens, of Greymouth.