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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



The Hawera Caledonian Society was established in the year 1894, and is the outcome of an athletic society which formerly existed from 1876. Committee for 1906: Messrs W. Duirs (president), W. K. Wallace and M. F. Purser (vice-presidents), with a general committee of about twenty-five. Mr. W. A. Quin is secretary and treasurer. The society organises and conducts sports on New Year's Day at King Edward's Park, near High Street, and the prize list amounts to about £125. There is a large attendance of town and country people, and the sports are followed in the evening by a concert at the Opera House. The society is in an excellent financial position, with a considerable fixed deposit.

The Hawera Acclimatisation Society was founded about the year 1886. Its fish ponds and hatcheries are on the Waihi stream, about two miles to the north of Hawera. The land owned by the Association consists of four acres, and there is a splendid supply of water available for fish hatching and rearing purposes. The buildings include a large hatchery fitted with the latest devices. Water is brought in by iron pipes and a race, and the hatchery is capable of dealing with about a million ova. There are five large concrete ponds for the stock fish and yearlings, and about a dozen small races for rearing fry. Rainbow trout, together with Lochleven, Scotch burn and salmon are propagated at the hatcheries. The output in 1906—the first year's hatching—was, roughly, 50,000 fry, sold to neighbouring, societies, and 30,000 yearlings liberated by the curator, Mr. W. R. Thornhill, who resides in a cottage on the grounds, The site, which is prettily laid out is surrounded by a wellkept hedge and planted with shrubs. Board of Management for the year 1906: Messrs H. J. Day (president), F. J. Rigley (vice-president), and a committee. Mr. C. A Budge is honorary secretary and treasurer.

The Hawera Agricultural and Pastoral Association was established in 1885. Officers for the year 1906; Messrs Charles Washer (patron), F. C. Livingston (president), Henry P. Best (vice-president), A. R. Young, M.R.C.V.S. (hon. veterinary surgeon), H. W. Sutton (treasurer), and C. A. Budge (secretary). There is a membership of about 600, and a committee of twenty-four. The annual show is held in the month of November of each year, and lasts two days. The Association owns a freehold of fifty-two acres in the boroungh, with a grandstand, a produce shed, and-publican's booth, cattle and sheep pens and horse boxes, and there is a splendid show ring. The show is a popular one, and is attended by from 5060 to 7030 people. At the meeting of 1905 the amount paid in prize money was about £750.