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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]



Rahotu lies on the coast, near Cape Egmont, thirty miles from New Plymouth; and is in the Parihaka
Lake Dive, Mount Egmont.McAllister, photo.

Lake Dive, Mount Egmont.McAllister, photo.

page 207 riding of the county of Taranaki. The district forms part of the Opunake survey district of the Tarauaki land district. Rahotu has a hotel, a store, a blacksmith's shop, a butchery, a public school, a post office with a telephone burean, and a town hall; there is a resident officer in charge of the police station, and a resident minister in connection with the Methodist church. The Western Egmont Forest Board has its headquarters at the settlement, which has also a nursery garden.

The Rahotu Public School is under the care of a headmaster and an assistant teacher, and is well situated in the township. There is an attendance of about eighty children.

Mr. John Taylor Campbell, Headmaster of the Rahotu public school, was born in Fifeshire, Scotland, was educated at Edinburgh University, and trained for the teaching profession, He came to New Zealand by the ship “Pomona,” in the year 1876, and handed at Dunedin. Mr. Campbell entered the service of the Otago Education Board, and for six years was engaged in teaching in Otago. In 1882 he was appointed master of the Woodville school, and hold the position until he took charge of the Lepperton school in 1885. Mr. Campbell subsequently received his present appointment. During his residence at Lepperton he was for some time secretary of the Lepperton Dairy Factory, and his daughter was clerk of the Waitara West Road Board.

The Rahotu Methodist Church and Coast District is in charge of the Rev. H. Foston, who was appointed in the year 1905, and is further referred to on page 853 of the Wellington volume of the Cyclopedia of New Zealand. At present the district, which is twenty-four miles in length, and from three to twelve wide, includes Rahotu (where the minister resides), Okato, Warea, Pungarehu, Tataramaika; and services are also held in schools and halls in various places. The church property at Rahotu consists of three acres and ahalf, with the church and the parsonage.

Rahotu Hotel (Alexander William Hood, proprietor), Rahotu. This hotel has been established for about thirty years. It is a two-storied building, and contains twenty-two rooms, including two sitting rooms. Tourists are specially catered for, and the Mountain House on the west of Mount Egment is about fourteen miles distant. At the Rahotu Hotel every comfort is provided for travellers; there is a good table, the liquors are of the best brands, the tariff is moderate, and the accommodation is good. The stables in connection with the hotel have accommodation for twenty horses, and horses and vehicles are on hire.

Mr. Alexander William Hood, the Proprietor of the Rahotu Hotel, was born in Auckland, in the year 1870. He was brought up to the butchery business, and afterwards was employed as a plumber. For thirteen years he was in the employment of the firm of Hellaby Brothers, and was for part of the time manager of one of their shops. Mr. Hood took, over the Rahotu Hotel in June, 1905. He is a member of the local sporting and athletic clubs, is an old footballer, and a member of the Order of Druids, Lodge No. 2, Auckland, Mr., Hood is married, and has four children.

Guy Brothers (John Guy and William Arthur Guy), General Butchers. Wholesale and Retail, Rahotu. This business was established in the year 1898 by Messrs Guy Brothers, who supply a wide district. Two delivery carts are employed. Messrs Guy Brothers own about ninety, acres of land, on a portion of which they do their own slaughtering.

Mr. John Guy, of the firm of Guy, Brothers, was born in Penarrth, Wales, in the year 1872. He came to New Zealand at an early age, and after finishing his education, learned the trade of a butcher. From 1891 he was butchering in various parts of Taranaki, and in 1898 started his business at Rahotu. Mr. Guy is secretary of the Hall Committee, a member of the Domain Board, Rifle Club, and Opunake Mounted Rifles, and for many years was a member of the Opunake Football Club. He is married, and has one daughter.

Mr. William Arthur Guy, of the firm of Guy Brothers, was born at Wainui-o-mata, near Wellington, in the year 1876, and was educated in the Taranaki district. He afterwards learned butchering, and in 1898 started, in business at Rahotu in conjunction with his brother. Mr. Guy is a member of the Hall Committee, chairman of the Rahotu Sports Club, and was for many years a member of the Opunake Football Club, and for a long time its captain. He was captain of the Taranaki representative team in 1905, and was a North Island represetative in the match played between the North Island and South Island at Christchurch. Mr. Guy is married, and has two children.

Hughson, Thomas Pole, General Storekeeper, Baker and Confectioner, Rahotu. This business is conducted in two separate buildings, and there are departments for groceries, bread and confectionery, drapery, dressmaking, tailoring, ironmongery, seeds and manure, boots, crockery, and agricultural implements. Six persons are employed, in addition to Mr. Hughson's family. Mr. Hughson is agent for the Royal Insurance Company, and for the leading weekly news-papers. He also owns the line of mail coaches—New Plymouth to Opumake, in connection with which four persons, thirty-two horses, and three coaches are employed. Mr. Hughson was born in the Shetland Isles in the year 1862, and was employed in his father's store until he was seventeen years of age. He then came to New Zealand, and for six years served with the Armed Constabulary, at the time the road was being put through to connect with Opunake Later, Mr Hughson went to Auckland for a short time, but soon returned to Taranaki, and took up a farm at Okato, which he still holds. While resident at Opunake, before dairy factories were established, he devised a scheme for the packing and disposal of butter, and for some time managed the business created by the system. He afterwards went to Okato, where he was manager of the branch business of the New Plymouth Co-operative Association, until taking it over on his own account. He sold out in 1902, and subsequently acquired his present business. Mr. Hughson is chairman of the Rahotu school com- page 208 mittee, a member of the Hall Committee, Recreation Grounds Committee, Cemetery Board and Court Waireka. Ancient Order of Foresters' New Plymouth. He is also a local preacher and a steward of the Methodist church.