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The Cyclopedia of New Zealand [Taranaki, Hawke's Bay & Wellington Provincial Districts]

Accountants, Auctioneers, Etc

Accountants, Auctioneers, Etc.

James. Sydney Henry, Land and Commission Agent, Agent for the Alliance Assurance Company and Colonial Mutual Life Assurance Society, Broadway, Stratford. Mr. James was one of the first settlers in Stratford, where he arrived as early as 1880, when dense forests covered the districts and farming was in its most primitive stage. In 1888 he established his present business, which has grown with the progress of the town and district. Mr. James is chairman of the Stratford Chamber of Commerce and the Stratford Farmers' Cooperative Association, Limited, a director of the Stratford Bacon Curing Company, Limited, and has taken a prominent part in promoting the advancement of the district.

Mr. S. H. James.

Mr. S. H. James.

King, Newton, Stock and Station Agent; Stratford branch, corner of Broadway and Fenton Streets, Stratford. Agent for Messrs P. and D. Duncan, Christchurch, the Norwich and London Accident Insurance Company, and the New York Life and Phoenix Fire Insurance offices, etc. The Stratford branch of the well known business of Mr. Newton King, stock and station agent, was opened in the year 1900. The premises are situated in Broadway, and consist of a wood and iron building, which contains extensive offices, and a large general sales' room. In Juliet Street there are three large bulk stores, fitted with a water-power lift and grain crushing plant, in connection with the main establishment. Weekly sales of produce, furniture, pigs, poultry and horses are held each Saturday at the Mart and Haymarket yards; fortnightly stock sales at Mr. King's yards, at the corner of Fenton Street and Portia Street; and regular stock sales at Toko, Kaponga, and Whangamomona. Sixteen persons are employed, including two auctioneers.

Mr. Frederick William Webster was appointed Manager and Auctioneer of the Stratford branch of page 174 Mr. Newton King's stock and station agency business in the year 1900. He was born in 1871, at New Plymouth, was educated at the New Plymouth High School, and entered Mr. King's employment as a lad in June, 1886. Mr. Webster went through every branch of the service before receiving his present appointment. He takes a keen interest in sport of all kinds, is a member of the New Plymouth and Hawera Racing Clubs, and a member and steward of the Stratford Racing Club. In 1902 Mr. Webster married a daughter of Mr. John Glynes, of New Plymouth, and has one son and one daughter.

Morison, John Dugald, Auctioneer and General Commission Agent, Broadway, Stratford. This business was established in the year 1898, by the present proprietor, and is conducted in a wood and iron building, which contains an auction room, and a general store. Mr. Morison does a large business in seeds and is agent for Messrs Sutton and Son, London, Gibbons and Co., of Wellington, the Victoria Fire Insurance Company, Wilson and Co. (Portland cement), Kempthorne, Prosser and Co. (Westfield manure), and R. MeK. Morison (nurseryman). Mr Morison holds a regular weekly sale of farm produce and poultry at his rooms in Stratford. He was born in the year 1863, in Auckland, and is a son of Mr. John Morison, an old settler, who arrived in Auckland in 1842, and was afterwards for many years a resident of Mahurangi. Mr. Morison was educated in Auckland, and was brought up as an orchardist in the Auckland district, where he remained for some years working on his own account, before establishing his present business in Stratford. He was a member of the Stratford Town Board, has been a member of the Stratford Borough Council, and is a member of the Stratford Agricultural Society. In 1886 Mr. Morison married a daughter of Mr. Alfred Catchpole, merchant, of Ponsonby, Auckland, and has one son and four daughters.

McAllister, photo. Mr. J. D. Morison.

McAllister, photo.
Mr. J. D. Morison.

Steuart and Corrigan (Frederick James Steuart and Samuel Bradley Corrigan), Auctioneers and Commission Agents. Head office, Manaia; branch at Stratford. This business was established by Messrs Budge and Good, and subsequently acquired by Messrs Steuart and Corrigan. Regular sales are held at Manaia, Stratford, Otakeho, Kaponga, Strathmore; and an annual sheep fair takes place at Manaia during February. Owing to the firm's large and increasing connection, a branch was established at Stratford.

Mr. F. J. Steuart, Senior Partner of the firm of Messrs Steuart and Corrigan, was born in Edinburgh, Scotland in the year 1849. He was educated at Chatham. England, and afterwards came to New Zealand. In the year 1868, in conjunction with his brother, he took up a station in Otago, where he remained for five years. Afterwards he was in partnership with Mr. Brown for five years, and then removed to the North Island. He took up a large block of several thousand acres of land in Taranaki, in partnership with his father-in-law, and in 1890 took up another 4000 acres in the East Ward. On a part of this property the township of Strathmore was afterwards formed. About 700 head of cattle and 4000 crossbred sheep are depastured. Though not actively engaged in publie life, Mr. Steuart takes a keen interest in all things that bear upon the progress of the district. He married a daughter of a well known settler at Manaia, and has both sons and daughters.

Thompson, Joseph Henry, Public Accountant, Auditor, Land, Commission, and Insurance Agent, York Chambers, Broadway, Stratford. This business was established in January, 1903, by Mr. Thompson. He is agent for the Sun Fire office, the Accident branch of the New Zealand Insurance Company, secretary of the Stratford Electric Supply Company, Limited, Derby Brothers' Stratford Sash and Door Factory, the Taranaki Athletic Association, the Stratford Caledonian Society, and the Stratford Chamber of Commerce. He is also agent for Mr. W. Butler, carrier.

Mr. Thompson was born in 1880, at Feilding, and was educated partly in Feilding and partly in Stratford. He was brought up as an accountant, and for six years was accountant to the
McAllister, photo.Mr. J. H. Thompson.

McAllister, photo.
Mr. J. H. Thompson.

Taranaki Sawmillers' Association, before establishing his present business. Mr. Thompson has also acted as honary secretary of the Stratford Public Library for a year or two.